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Hagrid, McGonagall, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC
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Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2010-11-24 9:02pm
Last Chapter
2012-08-05 1:34am
Last Updated
2012-08-05 1:34am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Letter.

Hyacinth turned eleven, gets a letter and a bunch of strange visitors. I rewrote and expanded this chapter to flow better with the ones that follow. If you've read it already please forgive and reread.  They're J K Rowlings toys, I hope she'll forgive me for playing with them.


5,797 10
2 A Trip to London

Hy' goes to London, some more unpleasantness ensues and she meets her Potter cousins.

4,377 7
3 Diagon Alley

It's Diagon Alley, do I really need to say more? :)

8,175 6
4 Platform 9 and 3/4

Summer ends and Hy' catches the train to Hogwarts. She and Lily make a new friend along the way.

7,661 8
5 The Start of Term

Hy' gets sorted, finds out more about the boy she met on the train and starts her classes at Hogwarts. It's going to be a busy, exciting year. :)

8,028 8
6 Of Broomsticks and Best Friends

Warning: This chapter contains Mild Violence.

School is in session and things start getting interesting. Flying lessons, Spelling contest, nasty curses and missing things. Friendships are made and tested. How will Hy', Lily, Alicia and Orion fair through it all ?

9,041 4
7 Where do Missing Objects Go?

There's a thief at Hogwarts! Hy' and her friends get caught up in the search for the culprit when one of them is falsely accused. Hy' begins to wonder if Orion is really a nice person after all?

10,436 3
8 The Wrong Snitch

Warning!: This chapter contains a sensitive topic! More bad news for the Weasley-Potter clan. Far to the South Dudley opens a worrisome letter. Orion and Hy' have a heart to heart that may or may not end up helping the situation.

10,430 2
9 The Forbidden Forest

Hy' finally hears from home, but are the answers she needs there? Or will she just end up with more questions?  Detention in the Forest can be a chancy thing, will the gang make it back out? Well, ok, they make it back out because otherwise there's no story. ;) But what will happen under those darkling boughs is another question.

10,287 2
10 The Ekleptic

Something strange is found lurking in the girls dorm room. Hy's Da' makes an unexpected visit. Will he finally tell Hy' what she wants to know? Orion gives Lily an unexpected lift and Alicia explains what F.W.H.O.T. stands for. Meanwhile Lily gets what she asks for, but will she like what it ends up being?  All this and much, much more!

7,795 1
11 Broken Trust

Tricks are played and trust between friends is broken. Will they be able to put their faith in each other again or has someone finally pushed things too far? Is an innocent accident as innocent as it seems or is something more sinister a foot?  More detentions are handed down from the Headmistress and a strange warning from a former headmaster. Ok,so it's not quite that mysterious, but read it to find out, K? :D

6,525 1
12 Houseless

With my deepest Apologies, now Alicia will explain what F.W.H.O.T. means and Lily gets what she asks for, but it might not be what she wants. Oh, and the Chubs finally open their eyes, but who will they see first? :) And unsurprisingly some of the gang end up in trouble... again.

7,625 3
13 Christmas Break

Christmas brings a break from school, rounds of holiday visits and a chance to catch up with friends and family. What did the boys do with those Pepper Imps? What will the foursome get for Christmas? How are things with Onnie? Has he come to terms with Hy' being a witch yet? Or are things going to get worse? 

7,296 3
14 Can't buy my love.

Sensitive Topic Warning for this chapter. Holiday visits are exchanged. Nana and Grandpa Dursley have their own ideas about celebrating. We find out more about Onnie's school. Christmas presents are exchanged and some new things are learned before it's time for everyone to head back to school. Bit more character developement then back into the thick of things with the next chapter, I promise.

5,539 2
15 A Charmed Life

Warning!: This chapter contains serious subject matter.

The foursome go back to school and straight back into trouble. Clues are discovered and distrubing new information comes to light. There are dark forces aligning, but is one of them with in the foursome themselves? 

7,085 7
16 A Flawed Beginning

WARNING! Chapter contains Parent death and other dark subjects. The foursome return to school and things are still going wrong, but new information is coming slowly to light. Risks are taken, confessions are made and impressions are reassessed.

6,252 7
17 Heart of a Circle

This chapter has been giving me fits for months. I'm sorry to say it's not done, but I've decided to post what I have as motivation to get myself moving forward again. My apologises for vanishing. We almost lost my Dad the end of last year and his recovery has been in fits and starts. Both of my parents are older and I'm their sole caretaker, so my time often gets pulled out from under me with out warning. I'm going to do my best to get better at managing my time, but I'm not making promises any more. Everytime I do. Life eats them.

1,005 1


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