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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, McGonagall, Bellatrix, Voldemort, Draco, George, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Ron/Lavender, OC/OC, Ron/OC
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-11-13 9:37pm
Last Chapter
2011-04-30 9:24pm
Last Updated
2016-06-20 2:40am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 If We Ever Meet Again

He was here! Oh Merlin, I had totally forgotten to warn the Dursley's. That would probably explain why I felt like I would burst out laughing at any given moment. "Good evening, sir. You must be Mr. Dursley - it's very nice to meet you," a female voice sounded through the house. That definitely wasn't Dumbledore, but it was familiar.

4,728 10
2 Temporary Home

"How are you able to see in the dark?" "I can't, I'm just guessing," she said happily, skipping along as she held onto my hand before stopping suddenly. She turned around and kissed me deeply before whispering against my lips, "Keep kissing me. I'm going to Apparate us out of here - someone's watching us."

3,467 10
3 Mine

"LINDSAY! WHAT THE HELL?!" Emily came storming into the room, only a short towel wrapped around her body to prevent anyone from seeing her naked. "Give me my clothes back."

2,699 5
4 Sweet Sixteen

"You're the one blindfolding me, gagging me and tying my hands behind my back!" I yelled at her but it was muffled by the gag. The vehicle stopped and I heard a door open before I was forced out and into another place. It started moving again so I figured it was another car.

4,514 11
5 The Story Of Us

"It's a compliment when it comes from me," I mentioned, giving him a quick peck. "You guys, not at the table," Ginny moaned and I stuck my tongue out at her. "It could be worse, you know. We could be full on making-out - groping and all," I said and she glared at me. "Yeah, that's what I thought. Try not to think about that too much, now."

5,215 15
6 I Hate This Part Right Here

"WHAT?" I screamed angrily. I had packed my suitcases last night so I'd be ready to go, but nothing could've prepared me for what my parents had just told me. "No, this cannot be happening to me...why?"

3,846 17
7 Gives You Hell

He considered me for a moment. "You didn't hear anything I care about, Potter. But while I've got you here..." He stamped hard on my face. I felt my nose break and blood spurted everywhere. I was in agonizing pain and there was no one here to help me - I couldn't move or even call out for help.

4,844 11
8 Face Up

"I would not worry about it too much - like I said, I would just stick to some precautions. Safety in numbers, like they always say," Dumbledore said. "Now, I know you'll be wanting to get back to your friends, so I will let you go."

3,902 10
9 Chemicals React

He sat down, pulling me onto his lap and immediately pressing his lips to mine. It felt so good, I can't even begin to describe all the emotions I was feeling. And then my phone started vibrating in the garter I wore under my uniform so I could keep a phone on me at all times.

4,138 8
10 Stronger

I sprinted some more until I got to the Quidditch Pitch where the trials were just about to start. "Sorry I'm late!" I called out, running to join Katie and Ginny's group. They seemed to be the best choice of groups to hang out with. Besides, I already knew the two of them would make the team. People in the stands started to whisper while Harry looked at me incredulously before walking over. "What are you doing?"

4,074 5
11 Emergency

It was the middle of October, and even though no one thought it would happen, we were having our first Hogsmeade trip of the year. Because of the new security measures and everything that's been happening, no one thought it would be even possible to have a trip, but Dumbledore always liked to surprise people.

3,248 4
12 Ego

"We're allowed to bring guests," Hermione said, who had started turning bright red, "and I was going to ask you to come, but if you think it's so stupid then I won't bother!"

2,523 8
13 Let The Games Begin

"Hey Weasley!" I called out. Ron cast me one exasperated look before starting to walk away. Good thing I had this all planned. I snapped my fingers and a ring of fire appeared around Ron, stopping him from going anywhere.

2,419 9
14 Chasing Lights

"He's over there, the filthy hypocrite," Ginny was saying to Harry. I looked in the corner where she was pointing and in plain sight of everything, Ron stood wrapped so closely in Lavender Brown that it was hard to tell whose hands were whose.

1,631 14
15 The Boy Is Mine

"I'm temporarily moving in," I stated and they all looked at me questioning, but I ignored them, bringing my stuff over to Harry's bed. "Who said you could?" Ron asked from behind me.

1,700 8
16 Not This Year

"Time to initiate stage one of the plan," I muttered to Hermione as she came into the Great Hall with me at dinner. "Are you sure about this?" Hermione whispered to me as we approached where Harry and Ron were sitting with Lavender and Parvati.

3,221 7
17 Love Story

"Mom," I moaned as she made another attempt to get everyone in the rooms, "it's not going to work unless we get more rooms." "And how do you suggest we do that?" she asked. "Well," I said, pulling out my huge book of Fairy spells, "there is a construction spell in here. It's a little mroe advanced than what I usually do for Fairy stuff, but it extends the hall and adds more rooms for a temporary amount of time."

3,105 21
18 Marry You

I stood there, gaping at him. Well, I hadn't been expecting this. What was I supposed to say? We were sixteen. Definitely not old enough to be married - well, technically we could if we got parental consent, but that's a different story. And I couldn't even get married until after my coronation when I was nineteen, according to the Fairy tradition. Was this really happening?

2,778 13
19 Just Can't Get Enough

Emily came tumbling out after me, and I barely caught her before she fell. "Yuck, I hate travelling by Floo," Emily muttered, casting a quick cleaning spell on herself. "McG!" she shouted when she saw McGonagall. She ran over and hugged her. McGonagall looked a little shocked. "How were your holidays?"

3,165 5
20 Can't Always Get What You Want

"Sorry," I told him, giving him a little kiss on the cheek. See how good I've gotten at that? I'm not saying that I don't know, but I'm also not saying that I do. I've gotten so clever. "One of those things that even if you knew you couldn't tell me?" Harry asked. "I don't know what you're talking about," I said simply, smirking a little.

1,832 7
21 The Fear

McGonagall came running inside and up to the girl's dormitories while Emilie and Lindsay came running down. They looked around the common room and upon seeing me, let out a breath of relief. "We thought you had been taken," Emilie said, panting as if out of breath.

2,014 9
22 Died In Your Eyes

"We did," I answered, grinning. "Merlin, you'd think that you guys loved the sport or something." I gave Harry a kiss before planting myself on the edge of his bed, his hand taking its rightful place in mine. "McLaggen won't be bothering you again - I dealt with him. Oh, and the party is in an hour. I convinced Madame Pomfrey to let you two out for it.

2,719 13
23 If This Was A Movie

"Yeah, I've been dealing with some...things," I said vaguely and he nodded, sitting down beside me. "You know, if you ever need someone, I'm here for you," he said, and I gave him a small smile in thanks. "Actually, I wanted to know if you'd like to go to Diagon Alley with me on Saturday."

1,568 9
24 Just The Way You Are

So I sat with Ginny and talked to her for a few minutes before following Cormac out of the Great Hall and to the courtyard where he was sitting on one of the benches waiting for me. "What did you want to talk about?" I asked, sitting down beside him.

1,885 5
25 Tattoo

"So, what did you learn about Voldy today?" I asked, cuddling into him. "Voldy?" He looked at me as if I was crazy. "Yup, my personal little nickname for him," I said cheerfully. "So...?"

2,438 6
26 I Am One Of Them

I looked on the map on the seventh floor and whereas the Room of Requirement wasn't showing up, but Goyle pacing around outside where it would be was. I walked along the corridor, in no real hurry and saw the same little girl clutching her heavy brass scales that Hermione had helped only a fortnight ago. I waited until I was right behind her before bending low and whispering, "'re very pretty, aren't you?"

1,797 12
27 Something About The Sunshine

Two weeks later, and she was still missing. The headlines of every newspaper and magazine were about Emily having gone missing.

4,649 9
28 When It All Falls Apart

He dismissed me to go, a new fire burning in my chest to defeat Voldemort and get this done so I could start living normally again. I turned just before I was about to leave, and said, "Professor, you don't happen to know...if there might be...if there might be some way to find Emily through magic?"

2,180 7
29 Missing

How did I get here? How did I end up like this? I'll tell you, but I warn you, there's nothing glamorous or humorous about this.

1,859 8
30 Where'd You Go?

"Everyone's given up on her, Ginny," I said angrily. "No one cares - they all think she's dead."

2,164 9
31 Trouble

"Don't," Myrtle's voice floated up from one of the cubicles. "Don't...tell me what's wrong...I can help you..."

1,819 5
32 Run

I lay huddled in the corner, licking my wounds, so to speak. Another rough beating. A few broken ribs, a sprained foot, maybe a few broken fingers, and a whole lot of bruises, cuts and scrapes. The sad thing was that I was so used to this by now that it didn't bother me. You know how sad your life is when being beaten within an inch of your life doesn't bother you?

1,936 6
33 This Is Me

I fingered the chain Emily had given me as I looked in the mirror. Just a small reminder that she was still out there somewhere, and that I would find her. Even if it meant taking on Voldemort and all his Death Eaters single-handedly, I would do it just to have her back in my arms.

1,290 6
34 Goodbye To You

Dumbledore led me to his office for a meeting and Harry followed up until the door. "I'm afraid, Harry, that we must leave you here as our meeting is quite private," Dumbledore told Harry apologetically. Harry just nodded as Dumbledore stepped into the office. "It shouldn't take too long," I told Harry reassuringly.

1,572 10
35 Tonight, I Love You

"So you get your own room now?" I asked after Emily had led Hermione, Ron, Lindsay, Emilie, Ginny, Brad and me inside.

2,296 7
36 Don't Forget To Remember Me

"I'm serious." "No, that was your godfather." "That was bad." "I know, but it was funny to me."

2,852 11
37 Stand My Ground

"Time to get organized," I said as Harry's fleeting form sprinted through the portrait hole. "We've got a lot of work to do." "Wait - you actually believe him?" Hermione asked. "Of course I do. I've known he was right all along, but some things I just can't say until the time is right," I said casually. "But you've both probably figured that out by now."

2,817 10
38 Because Of You

I didn't want to leave Dumbledore's side - I didn't want to go anywhere. Hagrid's hand on my shoulder was trembling, making my whole body shake. Then another voice said, "Harry, come on."

2,411 4
39 I Won't Cry

When everyone had seemingly finished talking to me, Harry came over to me, his hands resting awkwardly in his pockets. "I - I really need to talk to you about private," Harry said, taking me by the hand back over to the chairs where there was no one around.

2,697 13
40 White Horse

"Haven't you realized that you're not the only one that Voldemort is after?" Emily demanded.

2,607 10


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