Harry, Hermione, Luna
Crossover, AU
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
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First Published
2010-11-12 14:33:14
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2012-05-14 13:49:28
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2012-05-14 13:49:28
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Bad Day with Bad News

Hermione is having a bad day.  She goes to Hogesmade to get some peace and quiet.  She soon finds out that she's not the only one having a bad day.  But her day goes from bad to worst for they get news that nobody expected.

Chapter image inside made by Sjoeks @ TDA

3158 6
2 Fleeing and Seeing

After Harry gets the worst news of his life, he, with Hermione and Luna, decide to pay a visit to the Ministry of  Magic himself. Meanwhile, in Forks, Alice is enjoying a nice morning when she is hit with something.

3073 9
3 Alice's Vision and Their Plans

After Alice has her strange vision, the Cullens call a family meeting to try to figure out what it means. Meanwhile, back in England, Harry and the others are making arrangements to leave.

2089 7
4 Welcome to Forks

Harry, Luna, and Hermione have arrived in Washington with McGonagall. As they drive to Forks, they don't realize how far word would spread of their arrival. Meanwhile, the Cullens are still surprised by Alice's vision. while Bella remains clueless of what the arrival of the newcomers would bring.  What happens when she meets them?

7244 6
5 The First Day of School

Its Luna's Harry's and Hermione's first day of school. Things start out normally but ends up being pretty interesting.

6414 11
6 Plans, Missing, and Victoria

Wonder is spread through the Wizarding Community as close family and enemies try to figure out where the trio has gone. Meanwhile, an old foe of the Cullens has made an appearance.

2509 2
7 A Promise, A Past Memory, and A Talk

Hermione can't get a certain Cullen on her mind. When Luna interrupts her thoughts, she discovers that Forks was a bigger mystery than she thought. After failing to catch Victoria, the family discusses the newcomers and problems they are currently facing. New details about the newcomers reminds Carlisle of an old memory. Meanwhile, Jacob doesn't understand why Sam needs to have a talk to him.

4198 6


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