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    Harry, Snape, Lily, James, OC, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    James/Lily, Harry/Hermione
    Drama, Romance, AU
    Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2010-10-29 1:58pm
    Last Chapter
    2010-12-14 5:55pm
    Last Updated
    2010-12-14 5:55pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Sixpence Pup

    A small Severus buys a collie puppy

    3,191 5
    2 Two Friends

    Gabriel helps Severus make a new friend

    5,218 3
    3 Of Candles and Ouija Boards

    Severus and Lily attempt to make Halloween candles . . .but something goes very wrong

    4,086 4
    4 Not Without My Dog!

    Sev enters Gabe in a dog show, but then realizes afterwards that he can't bring Gabe to school, will he lose his best friend?

    5,815 3
    5 A Collie Cometh

    Severus, Lily, and Gabe travel to Hogwarts and meet the Marauders

    5,053 4
    6 Accidental Ingestion

    A potions accident causes Gabe to swallow a potion with some unexpected results

    4,989 3
    7 Gryffindor's Mermaid

    Severus and Lily are the vicitms of a cruel prank

    4,584 2
    8 Stalwart Defender

    Snape's worst day

    4,822 3
    9 The Great Werewolf Caper

    Severus reveals what happened that fateful night at the Shrieking Shack

    Note--Profanity warning in this chapter!

    4,626 5
    10 But For A Dog

    Severus reveals how his life was forever changed because of Gabriel

    4,144 2
    11 Eyes and Ears

    The Snapes celebrate Eileen's birthday and also Severus tells Harry about how he became an Eyes and Ears pair during the 1st wizard war

    4,653 2
    12 All Hallows Eve

    The fateful night of Halloween

    5,012 4
    13 Lily's Tale

    Lily tells her side of the story

    7,177 5
    14 Only A Boy

    Severus has some issues with Harry

    5,073 2
    15 Sickness

    Severus' life is threatened by a terrible illness

    4,619 3
    16 Chasing Harry

    The Snapes attend a Quidditch game where Harry plays Seeker and Sev recalls an incident from Harry's childhood where Gabe saved him from running into the street

    *a few swats in this chapter*

    5,043 5
    17 New Neighbor

    The Snapes get a new neighbor--guess who?

    4,471 2
    18 Gabriel's Kitten

    Lily has some unforeseen complications with her pregnancy and Gabriel adopts a kitten from Hermione's cat

    6,951 2
    19 Congratulations Mr. Snape

    Lily finally has the baby, read and find out what it is

    3,927 3
    20 The Helpful Son

    Harry helps out with the twins and someone shows up unexpectedly at the house

    4,871 2
    21 The Lone Wolf Returns

    Severus confronts Tobias and Remus requests a favor

    6,057 3
    22 A Magical Miracle

    Harry's magic finally emerges

    6,659 2
    23 Old Dog, New Trick

    Harry enters Gabe in a treat finding contest

    6,495 2
    24 A Peaceful Goodbye

    Severus writes about Gabriel' s last days and the Snape family celebrates Christmas together.

    5,257 2
    25 Epilogue: The Next Generation

    Five years have gone by--see how the Snape family has grown and changed!

    4,492 6


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