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    Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Tonks, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Remus/Tonks, Sirius/OC
    Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
    Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2010-10-27 3:09pm
    Last Chapter
    2011-02-13 10:41pm
    Last Updated
    2012-07-06 6:19pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Headquarters

    Nora recognized him from millions of pictures - every one of them the same, pasted everywhere for the past couple of years - but his hair was cut to shoulder-length now and his face had resumed a more human appearance. In the fortress of Azkaban, this man had looked like a sunken and waxy shell, void of any life on the inside.

    4,253 15
    2 Visitors and Midnight Wanderings

    Sirius merely smiled, which was more goading than words. "You know, I could use ten thousand galleons," she informed him, looking him right in the eyes. "Isn't that the reward for your head?"

    4,648 8
    3 The Precautionary Plan

    “I have no idea what you think I may know,” he said loftily, his gaze drifting over her head. “But if I did know, you would never know it. And if you knew what I knew, maybe you would wish you didn’t know. Or maybe you would know that I never really knew in the first place.”

    5,670 8
    4 Pox

    Let's see how well you follow orders when you experience a little itch.

    5,905 10
    5 In the Drawer

    Nora embarks on her shift at the Department of Mysteries.

    6,791 10
    6 Like a Bat Out of Hell

    Always expect the unexpected...

    3,388 8
    7 The Tapestry's Demise

    He hesitated, running a hand through his hair – which looked significantly less stringy than she’d ever seen it. In fact, Severus was looking quite dapper in elegant black robes with silver embroidery. “I don’t want to bother you,” he began, “But I was thinking the other day about…a situation.”

    5,592 12
    8 Company

    Who cares about blooming elf rights?

    5,637 9
    9 Christmas

    Believe me, Mum, I forgave you a long time ago for mentally checking out, for allowing yourself to go insane while I was made a burden on every relative we have. Being alone at seven years old is a wretched cross to bear, but I forgave you…

    4,504 17
    10 Peppermint Licorice Wands

    One of the perks of being on the arm of Severus Snape was that he seemed to intimidate everyone within a twenty-foot radius.

    6,600 10
    11 The Dark Lord's Most Loyal

    “What about the rest of you?” Nora barked, searching for an empathetic face. “Does anyone else agree that there is a bigger picture here, and a little risk would be worth it?”

    4,378 10
    12 Excavation

    The universe must have been conspiring against her. Carrow was alive, Malfoy was alive, and now all the others had slipped out of her clutch as well. As for Dolohov – she hadn’t the vaguest inkling where that demon might be concealed.

    5,916 10
    13 Reticence

    Etiquette reproached that Severus should at least ring the doorbell first, but he loathed the idea of stooping to such measures, giving Black the status of superiority, the acknowledgment that Severus was a guest under his roof.

    6,509 11
    14 Opportunity Knocks

    She gave all of herself to everyone; which made it impossibly frustrating because he couldn’t be sure if her affection for him could ever be remotely romantic.

    5,406 10
    15 Of Bloodstone and Homenum Revelio

    She wouldn’t dare be this bold if Tonks wasn’t here to act as a buffer; to add a dash of ridiculousness to everything, and for a second she worried about how to act once Tonks left. She hadn’t been alone with Sirius since last night…

    6,841 6
    16 Smoke Signals

    To this day, none of them know that there was ever a plot to stop them; that it never should have gone through.

    6,048 5
    17 Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs

    He was walking on eggshells in her presence, not wanting to do or say the wrong thing which could become a catalyst for her departure.

    5,028 5
    18 Sirius Black: Stalwart Gentleman

    He didn’t want her getting her hopes up just to become crushed.

    4,924 7
    19 Tension

    You think you’ve fooled everyone into thinking you’re a man of value, you poisonous little paradox, but I see right through your guise.

    5,757 9
    20 Darker Than Black


    4,129 9
    21 Birthday Surprise

    Sirius felt defeated in Cargan’s presence – the boy was young, untethered, and admittedly not bad-looking. He could take Nora out on a date whenever he wanted, wherever he wanted. It was something Sirius could never have done himself.

    4,426 9
    22 Achilles' Heel

    Remus and Sirius exchanged determined looks that plainly meant neither were going to protest. Dumbledore’s life meant more than either of theirs.

    6,455 4
    23 Deja Vu

    Bad things. Very bad things.

    8,607 5
    24 David

    He was still in Grimmauld Place, all alone, and had been stuck in complete solitude since mid-April. It was now almost June, and Nora wondered how things between them would be.

    4,968 5
    25 The Tale of Other-Nora

    “We all have a number. When our number is up, it’s time to go and we can’t avoid it. There’s no use trying to prevent it, or to plague ourselves with ‘what-ifs’.”

    6,476 7
    26 Through the Veil

    The whole world was on the fritz tonight.

    5,983 12
    27 An Epilogue of Sorts


    2,951 41


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