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Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
General, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2010-09-25 2:52pm
Last Chapter
2012-05-28 12:53pm
Last Updated
2012-05-28 12:53pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Break-up's in the Atronomy Tower

Being cheated on really bring's down your holiday spirit...

1,529 4
2 Just a tad tipsy....

Firewhisky really burn going down, did you know that? I certainly didn't. And do suit's of armour appologise for stepping into your path? Not at all. But do red headed boys make great saviours? You bet on it.

1,562 4
3 Bruises and Beans

So its settled, Irish blokes are untrustworthy, you cannot trust any girl who is not your best mate and you should never eat every flavored beans with twin gingers.

1,447 6
4 Durmstrang Boys and Balance Issues

Why must I be harrased by that stupid Durmstrang Boy? Why must I NEED a date to the Yule  Ball? And why must I continue on falling boying in front of that stupid gorgeous ginger?


Did I say gorgeous? I meant annoying.

1,591 4
5 Flying 101

Learning to fly is harder than it looks.... and why is Ron so terrified of spiders?

1,494 4
6 Girl Talk

Girl time with Kelly and Laura gets really confusing, I get asked out by the wrong ginger and did I really just befriend Hermione Granger?

2,050 18
7 Dresses, Gifts and Butterbeer

Hogsmead, you have got to love that place. Where else would I get my chocolate from? I don't have a problem okay? I cant stop anytime I want...

3,195 4
8 The Yule Ball

I bring the meaning to "all dressed up with no where to go" because guess what? I don't have a date! You know why? Because I have to go and break quite a few school rules with George. Do I mind? Not at all...

2,351 9
9 Morning Walk of Shame

I never thought I'd have to do the morning walk of shame... time to get it over with 

1,813 7
10 Letters from my boyfriends mother

Mrs. Weasley is pretty amazing, though George might not think so after that Howler she sent him.

And Snape? He has to be the most evil man in history, enough said.

2,321 7
11 Daddy Dearest and Chocolate

This is what happens when your father is a ... I should have seen this coming. Though I can't tell George, he's still pretty amazing.

Where did Kelly get that Veritaserum?

4,441 7
12 Happy Birthday Me....

Best valentines day/ birthday ever...... not

3,915 8
13 Run

I just ran... only this time he wasn't there to save me. That's why I'm lying here in the hostpital wing, talking to his twin, and dreading every single minute of it.

3,033 9
14 Oh the woahs of pillow sobbing

Really world? What other curve-balls could you throw at me? Honestly, just when I think everything's looking up, I find out I'm being dangled upside down by my toes.

But do you know what the worst thing about it is? Now I have to agree with the voice in my head. What a blow to my pride.

3,794 8
15 Reconciliation

Slowly but steadily, life seems to be getting a whole lot better. Not to mention the fact that I now have a great place to stay during the summer. But whom? Well, wouldn't you like to know.

3,560 7
16 Burrowing unwelcome memories

Where I experience unwelcome memories, welcomed embraces, and head to the Burrow for the summer.

3,645 5
17 The trials of being the girlfriend of a prankster.....

How many people can say that they have fallen down stairs? Been jumped by their boyfriend? Wrestle with a giant spider? Have their hair turned green? Sick their boyfriend's mom on their boyfriend?

Now how many people can say they've done all of these things before lunch?

3,025 9
18 Confusion ensues

It was hard to say goodbye to the Weasleys, especially after how kind they had been to me for the past few days. I should want to move in with my dad. I should be happy that I get to see him for the first time in months. Then why am I dreading taking a step out the front door?

....then why doesn't it feel right to go?.....

2,107 7
19 Hope is lost

There's no hope in running, and no place to hide. I might as well just sit, rhyme, and wait to die.

2,575 10
20 Darkness and Moonlight

The room was so dark, I could empathize for the blind.

The silence was so loud, I could relate to the deaf.

But at least when you're deaf or blind, you're not trapped in a cell and waiting to die.

2,354 7
21 Dreaming of happy endings

It was hard to believe that I was back... that he was back. That we were back together again and didn't have anything to worry about. It fact, it seemed too good to be true.

3,282 10
22 I'm Fine

The first week of fifth year:

Detentions, evil teachers, toast and, and a boyfriend makes for a very eventful (and painful) first week back.

3,743 10
23 Insecurities

This chapter takes place during and after the Hogsmead trip where the DA is established:

Laura chases after Neville (no surprise there), everyone makes stupid jokes at my expense, Hermione makes a special appearance, I get a fancy new 'galleon'..... And then it all falls to bits.

3,307 14
24 Fixed with a Whiz-Bang

This chapter takes place around the time of the Slytherin/Gryffindor Quidditch game in Harry's fifth year.

So, what's going to happen now that George and I are on a break? For one, I'm going to mope around until Kelly and Laura get angry at me. Secondly, I'm going to go to a Quidditch match and almost get involved in a fist fight.

Oh yeah. Remember that voice in my head? The one that annoys me but is always right? She returns.

2,934 12
25 Blackouts and Bad Omens

This chapter takes place on the last day before the break (You know, where Harry and Cho get their snog on and then Harry was a dream about snakes.)

It had been one year. Not since we were official, but since I realised how much I cared for him. So of course, you can cue a reluctant and worried boyfriend, hoffiric black outs, and being caught by a Professor.

3,777 11
26 Holiday Hopelessness

This chapter takes place at Christmas time on the fifth year:

So,let me get this straight. Kelly is in a (sorta mostly snogging) relationship? Laura is crying and refused to tell me why (but I can't exactly blame Neville). My dad is crazy and decided to make pancakes for dinner (though I don't mind) and my boyfriend hasn't sent me a letter in three days?

Cheers. I think I'll just drowned myself in chocolate.

3,714 15
27 Misdemeanours at St. Mungo's

After what had happened on the Knight Bus, I had to do it. I couldn't take it anymore. I refuse to be locked up. It's not like it will hurt anyone. And I mean, I'm sure you would have done the exact same thing if you were in my position. They shouldn't have made the room so easy to get into. I didn't do anything wrong.

But let's not tell George about it, okay?

4,671 6
28 That Fuzzy Feeling

There are two things that give me fuzzy feelings:

1) Love. for example, my darling boyfriend, chocolate, Laura and Neville being okay again.

2) My special little potion friend.

3,806 10
29 You are my favourite memory

Although I can't remember the things I don't want to remember, it's also taking a toll on the things I want to remember as well. But it seems that I won't be needing to practise my patronus' very soon, seeing what happened and all.

And that's where George gets my chocolate from!...... I wonder if they'll ever find Montague?

2,915 9
30 The Great Escape

I was hanging on by a string, and he held it in his hand. He kept me afloat, especially when I knew I was about to go under. Whether he knew it or not, he had cut that string. I was drowning in pain, and rejection, and abandonment.

It might just be better to go with the current that forced me downwards, instead of fighting to stay alive.

2,864 7
31 Temporary Withdrawl

Another hallucination, another round of pain, another lie, another conversation with myself, all to get another bottle. Lately, this seems to be another ordinary day.

2,826 6
32 Remission and Reunion

Exams take place, memories come back, multiple conversations take place in my head, and George makes good on his promise.

2,771 8
33 Ready to go

Of course George would recruit me to help him move into his new flat! I mean, because I'm a girl I'm going to be bloody fantastic at cleaning, right? Well, fortunatly for him, I'm the perfect cliché.

But the time alone gives me some time to think. Things are realised, conclusions are drawn, and actions insue in what George would only call 'Getting clean, and then getting dirty.'

Warning! This chapter contains extremely steamy and sensual material.

4,478 14
34 A nightmare of a different kind

It's funny to think that an absolutely perfect night with a perfect boyfriend could turn out like this.

3,683 8
35 The Daydream

I swear that boy is getting more bonkers every day, but I guess that's what I signed up for, yeah? Of course, that's not the only thing on my mind. There's future career options in mind, along with a very vivid daydream.

Or at least, that's what I thought it was.

3,275 6
36 Nearly Caught

I probably never invite George over while I'm trying to pack, because he just makes it a moot point. But I can't say I didn't have a good time with him.... And as for Kelly and Laura, with insanity like theirs, I'll forget about those potions in no time.

3,205 9
37 Set them up

Checklist of things to do:

1) Get at least an E in NEWTs potions.... Which requires me actually being in the class in the first place.

2) Fight my way through rivers of homework

3) Question my sanity for actually being willing to do the previous task

4) Not take the potion.......

2,595 5
38 Knock them down

Just when I feel like I'm getting a hang of my new life. A life where I don't see George every. A life where I learn to juggle the horrendous amounts of work I get. A life where it's okay to to build book-houses in the common room with my best friends, everything just seems to crumble.

I can almost empathize for Humpty Dumpty.

4,643 5
39 Dear Acelynne

Dear Acelynne,

School must be keeping you really busy, yah? Seeing as your last letter was approximately two lines long.........

5,208 4
40 An Unforgettable Ride

The train ride home for the holiday break holds more then one surprise for the girls this year .....

3,075 14
41 The Unexpected

George and Jacobson never expected Ace to look that that when she came home. When she came home, they didn't expect her to leave her room. when she left her room, they didn't expect her to eat.

Sometimes, it's better to expect the unexpected.


4,081 6
42 All Fall Down

There's nothing anyone can do for Acelynne, nothing Acelynne can even do for Acelynne except dig herself the biggest hole yet.

2,014 7
43 The Wake Up Call

The world had gone black, and stayed black for a very long time. It was like I had been like being in a walking dream, completely detatched from the world as we know it.

But then we wake up and realise, nothing was okay when we fell asleep in the first place.

4,789 8
44 Human

Here I was, thinking that I had become a better person for my experience but it seems that the rest of the school can't see that. To them, I'm a complete loon that should be locked up. Maybe I shouldn't have come back to school....

But if I hadn't of come back to school, he never would have come back into my life.

4,061 8
45 Question and Answer

Some secrets were better left untold, like Ramsey's. Some questions are better left unasked, like Laura's. But there are some things you should always tell your friends, RIGHT KELLY?


2,926 4
46 Responsibility, Reasoning, and Resurfacing

At a time so crucial for Kelly, I really didn't need any of this to be happening. I thought I hid it so well.......

And who knew Laura could be so smart?

2,918 10
47 Saved

 At first came the panic, knowing that I screwed up yet again. But then came the relief of no longer having a secret. That the most powerful wizard in the word was willing to help me. A giant weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. It was no longer my responsibility to protect my friends. All of my problems had virtually been solved.

And it all started with me leaving. 

3,712 12
48 The Dullness of Freedom

When all you have to do all day, everyday is read books, watch the same muggle movies repeatedly, and play with your depressed pigmy puff, boredom is inevitable. It also leaves you with a lot of time to think and reflect.

This is something I should never be allowed to do.

3,639 5
49 All Too Familiar

Several things had become all to familiar to me. Sadness. Departure. Secrets. Danger. And no matter how long I was away from him, so was George.

5,168 18


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