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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Draco, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender
Drama, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2010-09-25 4:40am
Last Chapter
2011-04-02 7:19pm
Last Updated
2011-04-02 7:19pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Everyone Learns Faster On Fire

Hey guys! This is my first piece of literature in a while....a long while. A good few years lets say. Well, I hope you enjoy it and PLEASE leave me some reviews! I really wanna hear what you all have to say, and constructive criticism is welcome!

1,105 2
2 There's a Forest Fire, Burning Bright.

Oh my gosh thank you so much for reading everyone!! You have no idea how exciting it is to be doing this again. I appreciate the positive feedback!!!

1,652 4
3 As we burn, Pretending to fight it...

[Hey guys! Sorry chapter two took so long, I had some validating issues! But here's Chapter Three! Enjoy! :) ]

She could not for the life of her figure out just what was going on here…Draco Malfoy, her arch enemy in school, he had called her horrible names, done despicable things to her countless times. Yet, here he was, bringing her flowers, coming to her house….helping her bring boxes in? Her head spun, trying to wrap itself around the idea.

1,138 2
4 Like Hell We are Anxiously Waiting...

R&R pleasee :)

2,195 4
5 We Toss and Turn...

Thanks for reading! R&R Please!

1,946 4
6 Burn...

**Beware-This Chapter Depicts Substance Abuse**     

What was wrong with her?
Hermione blew out a long stream of air as she started to cry. What was this? It’s not like he was her boyfriend? She could care less about Draco Malfoy, right? Why was he doing this to her…
Hermione wiped her face haphazardly, watching as he kept on walking. Why did she feel this pressure in her chest, like someone had set an elephant on her?
Why did this feel like a break-up?

1,913 7
7 Nowhere to Run, Pointless to Hide

“You know we’re made for each other…”He murmured, his grey eyes searching hers. How could they not be? He had never in his life felt so drawn and so repelled by someone. He had felt it all along. But she had hated him, all this time the Slytherin Prince had been in love with the Gryffindor Princess…

1,766 5
8 Like Starving Wolves, Counting Sheep...

Agh! Sorry it took so long to get this out, i've been pretty tied up with work and family stuff. But here it is! :)

“Is he in the mafia?” Rachel blurted out, looking at her.

Hermione spluttered, gaping at her friend. “No! He isn’t in the mafia.” Well, not really…in a sense maybe…who was she kidding, the death eaters were as much of a mafia as anything.


2,118 6
9 We Close Our Eyes, Pretending to Sleep...

Whoooo over 5000+ reads! Thank you so much guys!


“Oh, so it’s Draco now? What rubbish has he been filtering into your head Hermione?” Came a familiar voice from around the corner. She felt her back straighten as Ron entered. He looked almost as worse as Harry, his red hair a tangled mop upon his head. His sweater was nearly ripped in half, showing partially healed lacerations on his stomach. He had cuts and scrapes all along his arms and a ugly purple black eye. What had happened to her best friends?

1,873 9
10 Descending...

“Anyway, do you really feel safe with him?Living by him?”
“Snogging him? You’ve got no idea what that bloody git could be carrying do you Hermione?”Ron interrupted.“Yes, Harry, I feel safe around him…He’s different now…well…he was always different…he was just forced..”She said, ignoring Ron.
Harry snuffled, sitting back and watching her.“You really believe that Hermione?”He asked softly, after a few moments.She nodded, her face straight.“I do,"


2,575 9
11 Just Lay There and Scream...

-Agh sorry guys! It's been a really rough month! It's kind of a cruddy chapter, but at least i left you with an good cliffhanger! :P Just hold on tight while i get my bearings! And BTW 8500+ reads Woot Woot!! Thank you all so much for being a part of this! You're all wonderful!-

1,521 5
12 Grind Our Teeth in Our…Our Empty Mouths...

Fresh chapter! Woo Woo! I know it's been long awaited, but i've got everything back to normal again so i should be back on track! :D Thanks again you guys for supporting me and staying loyal! You're all amazing!

And this chapter is SUPER CUTE!! :D

1,523 4
13 Crashing Inside You...

“So how long has this been…going on?”Harry asked,following her into her home.Hermione settled herself into her new rocking chair,lifting her slightly swollen feet.“About four months.”She said,sighing and watching her two friends eye her living room.Harry was the first to sit down,his expression concerned.“It’s…his?”Hermione nodded,rubbing her stomach slowly.“So wait…if your four months…You….”Ron, spluttered all of a sudden.“You…you and him…in our cottage?"

1,708 4
14 Sleep So Loud

WOAH 12,000+ Reads! Amazing Guys!!!
She knew that he was aching to say something about Ron and Harry being in her home.Hermione followed him into the kitchen, where he instantly turned around and looked at her.He slipped her wand from her pocket, muttering a quick,“Muffliato,”towards the living room before starting to talk.“What are they doing here?Why did you agree to let them stay here, with you…in your condition?”He asked, as she began pulling pots and pans down from the rack.She glanced at him.“They are my best friends, Draco"

1,622 8
15 Things Took a Turn.

AGHHHH im so sorry about the wait guys, i totally lost my muse and it was just a big mess. BUT no worries, its here.

1,926 8


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