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Snape, Bellatrix, Lucius, Narcissa, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Lucius/Narcissa, Other Pairing
Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2010-09-14 9:18pm
Last Chapter
2015-10-20 9:57pm
Last Updated
2015-10-20 9:57pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Bella

Before Bellatrix Black became a Death Eater, she was young, bored, and went slumming places no other pureblood would go. What she found and who she met was kept secret. Until now.

1,803 7
2 Gabe

Shamefully, Bella was fascinated with this man. She didn't know why, but he was someone she wanted to know better.

1,610 5
3 At Angel's Crossing

She was the last to leave the shop and stood on her tiptoes to casually brush Gabe's hair back from his face.  She pressed a light kiss on his cheek--to thank him for the foot massage, of course.

1,786 5
4 Friends

Narcissa reached out and grabbed Bella's sleeve.  "Come back.  Where do you have to be?"

"None of your damned business."  Bella jerked away and Disapparated.

1,638 4
5 A Black Brunch

Dressing like a Muggle was about as scandalous as one could get in the Black family. Even Bella realized she had pushed things a little too far.

1,927 7
6 The Drum Lesson

A startled Jason opened his mouth as Bella quickly cast, “Tussio!”  Jason was wracked with coughs so violent he was bent in two and in danger of falling off his chair.

2,417 4
7 A Ritual Journey

“Where are we going anyway?” Gabe asked.  “We could’ve done this in my flat.  We aren’t required to say our goodbyes in a special location.”

2,124 2
8 Chapter 8: Wiping the Tears

Jason smudged Gabe from head to foot, starting with his eyes to acknowledge all of the tears Gabe had shed since his partner and infant daughter had journeyed on.

2,257 2
9 Chapter 9: Rain and Autumn Rose

Gabe said, “Our baby was due around the first day of autumn. As the summer went on, Rain’s Grandma predicted a girl so we thought up girl’s names. If predictions were correct, we’d be welcoming Autumn Rose. Not a real inventive name, but we liked it."

1,958 2
10 Two Dreams and . . . An Omen?

“Who are you? Where are we?” Bella tried to appear unaffected by her strange surroundings. 

“You’re in God’s country,” the woman replied, in a definitely non-British accent. “And I’m Rain.” 

2,647 2
11 Chapter 11: No, Not Owls!

“That’s the point. It’s an owl,” Gabe said. “I’ve got to get rid of it, although the damage is done.” 

1,867 2
12 Chapter 12: The Invitations

As the elder Black made an appearance in the doorway, Bella aimed her wand.  “Confundo,” rang out clearly and confidently. 

1,641 1
13 Chapter 13: Prelude to Dinner

Before too long, she garnered the notice of the Dark Lord. He made his way to Bella.  “We are going to be dinner companions. I very much look forward to getting to know you better.” He touched her hand and brought it to his lips. 

1,458 1
14 A Black Dinner with the Dark Lord

“I’d like to be your dinner partner, with your approval of course,” Rodolphus managed as he noticed Bella’s attention waning.

“Oh, that’s not possible,” Bella said quickly. “Cissy spent hours arranging this dinner. She put a lot of thought into seating. She wanted everyone to be seated with the best partner. This is her dinner, you know.” Bella smoothed back a stray curl. “Cissy saw fit to seat me next to the guest of honor, the Dark Lord.”

1,948 1
15 The Dark Mark

Gabe develops a dangerous fascination with the Dark Mark.

2,178 1
16 Chapter 16: Just Like the Wizard of Oz?

"I'm a witch," she blurted.  Oh gods, that wasn't how she planned to say it.

1,394 1
17 Ch. 17: Bella's Secrets

“Now that you mention it, I am curious,” Gabe said. “Did you ‘bewitch’ me? Or, what is the proper term here? We’ve been together for several months and you didn’t think it was important enough to tell me about yourself.."

1,012 2
18 Ch. 18: Isn't That Bellatrix Black?

They left the flat and went down to the alley. Bella took the tiara off her head. “This is a Portkey. Take my hand and put your free hand on the tiara. It won’t take but a couple of minutes and we’ll be in Italy. Remember, keep your hand in mine and keep one on the tiara.”

Gabe nodded. “I think I can do that.”

1,217 1
19 Chapter 19: The Tattoo

 After half an hour, Bella got off the table and admired her tattoo in the full-length mirror.  She looked at her bare hip from different angles, watching the rose open and close. 

“I love it!” 

1,860 2
20 Gabe and Bella Went Up the Hill

Gabe happily paid the down payment for the bike rental not realizing at all what Bella was planning.  He swung his leg over the bike and put both feet down to balance while Bella climbed on behind him.  He turned around and asked, “I almost forgot.  Do you want a helmet?  At home in South Dakota they’re not required so I never use one.”



1,643 2
21 Calcata and Beyond

As the music got faster, so did Bella’s feet and her skirt twirled until it was a blur. She danced around Gabe as if he were a steady and strong pole that she was attempting to sway. When the music ended suddenly, Bella stopped in time with the beat, bowing low in front of Gabe. Surrounding observers clapped.

2,116 4
22 Chapter 22: The Engagement Portrait

“Good evening, Bellatrix. We were about to get started. Do you bring a message from your father?” Tom asked.

Bella inhaled her cigar and blew little circles above her head. “I bring my own message. My father is occupied as you can imagine and I felt the noble House of Black must be represented.”

1,637 2
23 Chapter 23: Gabe Reprimands Bella, What?

“What were you doing with my painting, Bella?” Gabe asked, calmly.

“Darling, you startled me. What a wonderful surprise. I didn’t expect you for two more days,” Bella purred as she approached him. “I missed you so much.”

Gabe continued to stare at her. “That doesn’t explain why you’re running around with my painting.”

1,988 1
24 Chapter 24 Beware a Talented Witch

Tom gazed into her eyes so deeply, it made Bella worry that her Occlumency wasn’t effective. He said, “You’re wasting your talent on these trivial pranks.”

“Am I?” She replied with a cool smile, although her face grew hot.”I suppose that’s my choice to make.”

2,590 1


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