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McGonagall, George, Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Victoire
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius
Humor, Mystery, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2010-09-07 3:11pm
Last Chapter
2011-06-07 7:56am
Last Updated
2011-06-07 7:56am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Back Home

“Roxy? Is it true that if you go in the Forbidden Forest, you have to give blood to a vampire to let you in?” Lily looked at me with a pleading look in his eye. I looked at James, who was nodding and winking aggressively. Only one thing for it...

“Oh yeah, for my birthday, I had a party in the forest, and this gross vampire came up to me and asked me for a pint of blood."


1,319 3
2 Ivy Vines

I plonked myself on the squishy chair and descided to have some shut eye. But something was itching at the back of my mind, I scanned the room again. There was something missing...

"ROXY!!!" There it is.

996 0
3 The Rose and the Ferret

"Hey Rox. Another broken hearted boy put aside by Roxanova?" James was bounding over with a cocky smile planted on his face. Right now, I would like to punch it. "Hey, wasn't that Sam Reeve? You gold digger, Roxanne! Isn't he, what, seventeen?"

"You are such an arse, you know that?" I punched him in the arm, for good measure.

"Ok! Fine! I won't tell anyone about you and Sammy, but please, refrain from snogging in the corridors. I don't think my stomach could take it."

1,018 1
4 Blood on a Broom

Al doesn't like the attention, though. He looks like a trapped mouse when kids are asking him personal questions. I had to save him a few times from creepy boys and slobbering girls. Hogwarts lets any weirdo in these days!

Sounded like a Slytherin then. Never do that again brain!

1,379 2
5 The Mysterious Appearing Weasley

“There you are, where’s Lorcan? Isn’t he coming?” Lucy was jumping up and down in irritation. 
 “No,” I rubbed my eyes, trying to get rid of the tears I didn’t realise I was producing, “He’s busy at the moment.”

“Oh,” I think Lucy noticed my red eyes, “Well, ok. This’ll cheer you up!” She didn’t grab my hand this time; she put her arm around my shoulder and gave me a little squeeze before we set off.

1,051 2
6 Breakfast and Beaters

“Hold your imaginary horses!” Fred grabbed my arm and spun me around before I could run of, “Who are you? The Rox I know would never talk like that about Quidditch!” What have you done with her?”

I rolled my eyes at the pathetic way that James was trying to cheer me up. “I’m just not in the mood, alright?”

1,692 1
7 Bruises and Bittersweet Reunions


“Sorry to interrupt, but Lorc-ey, we have to do our Potions homework, about the Hair Growing Potion and its flaws?”

Ivy had to remind me she existed, didn’t she!

“Oh yeah,” he sighed and bent over his side of the bed to reach my ear, “Why are you mad at me Rocky? What have I done to hurt you so bad to stop you from talking to me?” His whisper tickled my ear, enough for me to stifle a smile. But he never saw it, and walked off.


2,350 3
8 Awkward Turtles, My View on Kidnap and Cunning Plans

“He does that a lot these days; in lunch, in the library, even in a potions lesson once! Studying, huh,” I sighed. “Messes people up.”

Oops! Why the hell did I say that? INFRONT OF HERMIONE WEASLEY!

“Oh, don’t get me wrong... it’s, even!”

“Okay then,” Hermione gave me another concerned look and took a step away from me.

2,062 3


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