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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Draco/Hermione
Drama, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2010-08-27 1:42am
Last Chapter
2015-04-13 3:07pm
Last Updated
2015-04-13 3:07pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Man

We begin with the introduction to Hermione when she recieves her letter to hogwarts, and also get a glimpse at her father

1,135 3
2 Hogwarts

Hermione has her first week at school, and as we all know, it doesn't go well.

746 1
3 Halloween and Christmas

Hermione is settling into life at Hogwarts

1,916 2
4 Discussions in the Dungeons

Hermione finally finds the courage to confront Severus.

1,376 1
5 First Year Ends

I'm getting creative with my chapter titles aren't I? take a guess what it's about.

821 0
6 A Half Memorable Birthday

Second year has begun and Snape is trying to give Hermione a good twelfth birthday

720 2
7 The Polyjuice Potion

 Ron, Hermion, and Harry are plotting once again. Severus will have none of it and looses his temper.

929 0
8 Petrified

 Hermione is in trouble.

946 1
9 Third Year

 Things are going well for once.

536 0
10 The Snoop

 Thanks to the snoopish work of a certain Slytherin, Hermione's secret might be pushed out in the open.

779 1
11 Christmas Blues

 Between Malfoy's rumours, Harry's suspicions, and not being allowed to see her dad, Hermione is having an awful Christmas.

587 1
12 Loch Cottage

 Hermione visits her dad during the summer holidays

1,718 4
13 The Godson

 Draco shows up at the cottage.

951 1
14 The Black Lake

 Hermione confronts Draco, who can't help but ruin it in the end.

732 6
15 The Yule Ball

 Hermione's secret date is revealed, much to Snape's discumfort and Draco's disbelief. 

1,604 5
16 Summer Break

 Hermione and Draco are forced to spend part fo their summer break together at the cottage.

1,788 1
17 The Last Days at the Cottage

 Draco and Hermione are spending one of their last days at the cottage stuck inside because of the rain.

1,239 0
18 Snape's Birthday

 Hermione, Harry, Ron, Snape, Ginny, and the rest of the Order of the Pheonix is staying at grimuald place. Hermione is the only one aware that it is Snape's birthday and this raises suspissions.

1,069 3
19 The End of Summer

Has anyone noticed my chapter titles are extremely to the point? This chapter, Hermione confronts Severus about their honesty and Harry is still being a snoop.

1,061 2
20 Back at Hogwarts

 Hermione and Draco's friendship continues to grow, but can she keep it a secret?

1,678 3
21 An Astronomy Lesson

 for once, Draco is better than Hermione at something. He gives her a lesson under the light of the moon, and the mood takes ahold of them.

855 1
22 Hermione's Birthday

 Hermione sneaks off to have a special birthday lunch with her dad, but will she get caught?

1,259 1
23 A Secret Kept

 Everyone is arguing this week. As Draco and Hermione get closer, Snape has a stern discussion with both of them, which leads to Harry finally confronting Hermione about a few things. 

2,346 6
24 The DA Versus the Inquisitorial Squad

 Having a secret friendship is difficult especially when teenage politics keeps getting in the middle of everything. 

2,051 0
25 Occlumency

 Things come to a head when Harry and Snape have to deal with eachother durnig occlumency lessons. 

559 3
26 End of Fifth Year

 After the fight at the ministry, Hermione wakes up in the hospital to her two favourite people. And Draco does his best to finish the year off well.

2,011 5
27 A Crappy Summer Break

 Hermione starts off the summer rather depressingly, unable to spend time at the cottage or see Draco.

2,176 3
28 The Burrow

 The trio finish their summer at the Burrow, and it's better than the first half of the summer, until they visit Daigon Alley and run into Draco Malfoy.

2,381 3
29 His Dark Mark

 Drama is everywhere! Hermione has a fight with Draco, which leads to a run in with her father, and a misunderstanding with Ron.

2,078 2
30 A Special Birthday Present

 Snape is having a hard time dealing with the task Dumbledore has assigned him and his fear is beginning to scare Hermione

2,202 1
31 Lies

 Hermione's lies are beginning to build up as she tries to help Draco out.

3,076 3
32 Allegiance Changed

After the quidditch match, Ron gravitates to Lavender and sets off a chain reaction that throws Hermione into Draco's path

1,543 1
33 The Astronomy Tower

Hermione has, as usual, found a plan in the library

904 2
34 A Sluggish Christmas

Hermione makes her way to Slughorn's christmas party, and Draco drops in for a chat.

684 4
35 The Memory Chest

Draco needs to tie up some loose ends before he leaves for christmas break.

1,925 10
36 Christmas Break

This chapter is broken up into what Draco , Harry and Ron, and Hermione are doing during their exceedingly different Christmas breaks.

1,425 4
37 I'll Survive

Draco stumbles back to Hogwarts to fall into Hermione's arms. Ron comes back to Hogwarts to apologise to hermione and make things right. He doesn't find her alone.

2,816 3
38 Solidarity and Strife

Ron bursts angrily back into the dormitories and starts explaining what happened, but Harry gives him a piece of his mind instead.

1,112 1
39 A Slip of Paper

Ron and Draco have a scuffle and show just what sides they are on.

1,576 4


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