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Hermione, Snape, Lucius, Narcissa, Draco, Hugo, Rose, Scorpius, Teddy, Victoire
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Lucius/Narcissa, Draco/Hermione
Horror/Dark, Romance, Angst
Next Generation
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2010-08-12 10:30am
Last Chapter
2014-09-29 7:30pm
Last Updated
2014-09-29 7:30pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Darkness

There were no more words in the minute that followed but Ron fought, with all his might, to break the spell that silenced him. He was ready to even beg for his family to be left alone if he could not persuade him by any other means. The Death Eater raised his wand towards Ron’s chest as a jet of green light followed and dissolved into Ron, shutting off everything that made him feel and move. His vacant body fell on the floor, parallel to Harry’s and no one ever saw Ronald Weasley or Harry Potter ever again.

3,613 34
2 The Roses of a stranger

“What?” Hermione looked at her mother in disbelief. They were playing a sick joke on her. That was the only reasonable answer. Hermione looked at all of them as if they were mad. She couldn’t be pregnant. It was true that the night before Ron’s last mission the ticking sound of seconds had been filled with passion, but she took the contraceptive potion she had prepared a day or so before. Hadn’t she?


4,988 39
3 The salvation of an old enemy

Once on Knockturn alley they managed to hide on the smallest and darkest alleyway, and Hermione didn’t care for the cold rain falling on them like a hail of silver bullets. They were safer than they had ever been that day and hugging her children as close as possible to keep them away from the consuming cold, she allowed herself to fall into the comfort of an uncomfortable sleep, her back against the cold stone wall.

8,507 15
4 Malfoy Manor

And yet when the Port Key threw three Weasleys and one Malfoy across the cold, wet hill, Malfoy Manor was the first solid object Rose Weasley cast her eyes upon and even though it was the first time in her short life she glanced upon such a grand building, she knew it was bound to be tied to her life for a long, long time.

5,479 20
5 Of House Elves and Carnivorous Plants

The arrival of autumn made the second veranda garden a mess. There were about ten large pots filled with plants Rose recognised to be regular flora, and strange plants she only came across in her mother’s Herbology books. Most had lost their summary bright colours, and those that did not become rusty were galvanised by a dark blue colour. The only flowers that seemed unaffected by the claws of autumn were the prominent Red Roses, bathing that small garden with a strong, sharp smell which indulged both the senses and the soul.

6,115 11
6 The Portrait of Abraxas Malfoy

“I am clean and fresh,” she started as she reached the far end of the wall. She pushed against it and started sliding in the other direction, back towards Abraxas, “You cannot do me any harm,” she chanted as she nearly bumped into the small library, before starting to slide in the other direction yet again, “I swear so upon the youth of my freckled flesh!”

3,792 15
7 Torn Roses

“We have to keep together,” said Rose drawing him closer. They followed Scorpius down another flight of narrow steps with their small child steps. Rose could not remember how it happened but Scorpius’s warm hand was holding her own, as she felt the surge to blush just a little.

8,231 15
8 Saving Lilies

“Miss Granger,” he acknowledge and it was time for Hermione’s flesh to become paler. She immediately started feeling her face and looking at her arms. “The appearance-alteration charms are still in place, don’t worry. The servant, eh?”

5,658 10
9 Father of Petals

It was the first time he looked at her properly that day and she seemed...tried. No, not tried, but like one of those marionettes at the circus that were once the main attraction, but over time, their paint faded, became dull and their smiles disappeared. She seemed a little like a puppet, forgotten by the puppeteer, her strings loose around her. “I think that...maybe we should...take a break.”

5,677 18
10 Birthday Presents and White Masks

“Good evening,” said Blackwell in a calm and cold voice. Not many people responded. Wilson senior nodded in salute, as did Lucius to keep his spy game going. Draco’s eyebrows were so tensed that they threatened to fly off his face. “I hope we’re not interrupting anything important,” continued Dominus.

6,638 16
11 Of Letters, Brooms and Books

“Rose,” he started seriously, “he is raging with jealousy. Can’t you see he’s trying to get you back? He’s doing this by spitting mud on me. I can’t believe it!” he said angrily when Rose didn’t respond. “I can’t believe you’re taking his side!”

7,030 16
12 The Show Trial of Arthur Wilkes

“I’m sorry,” she said barely above a whisper, her brown eyes finally looking at him.  He said nothing for a moment, not because he was tongue-tied, but because he really did not know what to say. Sometimes the internal battles she fought with herself were out of his reach. He could not always help her, despite the fact that he wanted to be her saviour. If he succeeded being that for her, he saved himself as well. “Draco...I drank...I promised I wouldn’t...”

6,147 15
13 Lilium Longiflorum

The Fat Lady gave Rose a slightly scared look as the latter snapped the password at her and stormed into the Gryffindor Common Room, slamming the portrait door shut and glaring at a few first years that dared to stray across her path.

“What stupid idiot would still love him after that?” she mumbled to herself as she disappeared to the girl’s dormitory. “I guess I would be that idiot.”

6,652 26
14 The Ghost of Gryffindor Tower

And soon she fell asleep, but only half so. She was still aware of her surroundings, still aware of the couch on which she was sleeping and still aware of the rather startling feeling of being watched. Her eyes popped open and she abruptly sat up. She wondered for how long she had been asleep, for the chimney fire was dimmed and the room seemed much colder and more unfamiliar. There was no one around, but Rose still felt the little hairs on her arms standing up alerted and she cursed herself for leaving her wand on the nightstand.

7,000 25
15 A Cottage Left Behind

The red haired witch started out of the window. And yet perhaps daydreamed is a better description, for her eyes focused on nothing in particular. The room she was in was empty, save for the neatly arranged suitcases by the door. They dared leave nothing behind, not even the furniture, not even the dust. Nothing that could give clues as to what they were planning to do. Nothing that could reveal their identities.  And in the world in which they lived, even dust had unwelcoming eyes. 


6,694 7
16 The Transfer Student

"Why would you care?"

"Because I happen to be your..."

"Girlfriend?" he interrupted, placing a sort of distorted emphasis on girlfriend. "Keep telling yourself that."

6,064 4
17 A Trip to Hogsmeade

 “You saw…”

“Yes, I saw.”


“So nothing.”

“I thought you were fine with it. You’re in a relationship anyway, why would you care?”

Was in relationship.”


5,647 4
18 Flowering Secrets

 It was only rationality, hanging by the thin thread of uncompromising reality that stopped Rose from running back to Hogsmade to find the little girl whose identity she was fairly certain matched that of her long lost cousin.

4,479 0
19 The Unbreakable Vow

“Yes, I should have,” he said. “That’s why I’m apologizing. I didn’t mean to mislead
“I can’t believe you’re doing this again.”
“Again? May I remind you, you’re the one that broke up with me!”
“Because you were snogging another girl!”
“I was drunk.”
“That is not an excuse!”

5,437 1
20 Christmas Confessions

“I will,” she said slowly. “Rose listen to me,” started Hermione as she made Rose look at her. The latter’s face was red and blotchy. “You will not be all alone. I know it doesn’t seem like it but you have Draco. He promised to take care of you and Hugo until you can take care of yourself. You can always turn to Malfoy Manor, promise me you’ll always remember this. You can’t let your pride come in the way. Do you understand?” Rose nodded angrily. “I hate Malfoy Manor!” she cried.

4,916 2
21 A Dangerous Encounter

“Good evening,” he said in a deep voice. He was very tall, Rose had to look up at him. She offered him a cold smile but said nothing.  “I was hoping you might do me the honour of this dance, miss….?”

7,207 2
22 The Elder Wand

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but I’m here because…” started Rose, but was soon interrupted by Snape’s icy voice. “I know why you are here. Your brat of a brother burst in earlier this morning and told me about your situation.”
“Hugo told you about my situation?”
“You are very perceptive, Weasley,” said Snape sarcastically. “As it is, I may be able to
help you.”

4,981 6
23 Confrontations

Do not call me a coward!” said Scorpius through gritted teeth as he came very close to Rose. He was close enough to see her fighting the urge to let the tears in her eyes get too big. “Look Rose—“
“Just go, Scorpius,” she said and turned away from him. 

5,822 4
24 The Nameless Stone

 She seemed, in that moment, unbearably small and vulnerable to him, her read hair caged by the blonde of his family, for apart from her and Hugo, there were only Malfoys present at the funeral. 

4,537 5
25 Punishment

“Hugo!” she called after him. “Please come back! I’m sorry, I was just bored!” she said suddenly becoming convinced that her earlier intrusion had done more damage than she could imagine. And she was convinced that the slightly familiar look on the ghost man’s face had something to do with that. But how did he know her name? 

4,340 2
26 Revelations

 “Let’s go,” whispered Scorpius after Jugson and Carrow passed their spot at the table. One by one and with heads bowed down they made their way towards the Room of Requirement, their customary meeting place. The wall opened and closed for them like always before, not questioning their needs, but protecting them from other walls of Hogwarts, walls that had both ears and eyes. Once inside they all let out an involuntary sigh of relief. 

4,607 9


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