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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-07-25 4:01am
Last Chapter
2011-05-25 1:48pm
Last Updated
2011-05-25 1:48pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: Sirius Black, in the Library, with the Bookworm

Hi, I'm Artemis.  You probably already figured that out.  I'm sitting in the library, grateful that I've finally taken my O.W.L.'s.  I'm probably the only student inside on a beautiful day like today.  The door to the library opens and another student comes inside.  No, I can't be seeing this right.  Sirius Black, in the library?!

2,902 12
2 Chapter 2: Just Your Average-- Today's Hogsmeade?!

I thought my day would be normal.  Well, then Black told me it was Hogsmeade today.  And Randy wants presents.  There goes my quiet day.

5,769 8
3 Chapter 3: Bubble, Bubble, Trains and Trouble

The End of Term Feast.  One of the handful of times I eat dinner in the Great Hall.  Can I just get a train compartment to myself now and go home?

4,104 5
4 Chapter 4: I've Got Mail?

I have two months to make up lost time with my Muggle friends.  My true friends.  So if everyone's here with me, who's left to write me a letter?

5,402 6
5 Chapter 5: I'll Miss You

I hate September 1st.  I do.  I have to leave my family and only friends until Christmas.  Just two more years, Artemis, and you'll be. . . why is Remus looking in my compartment?

4,584 4
6 Chapter 6: I Was Just Minding My Own Business, I Swear!

First week back as a sixth year.  N.E.W.T.'s must be really nasty if the professors are already hounding us about them and loading up the homework.  Oh well, at least I'm a step closer to being a Healer.  I really should start on that mountain of- wait, did I just see a disembodied foot?!

3,361 5
7 Chapter 7: "I'm Sorry" Isn't Good Enough

I may be the only girl who's not a fan of the Marauders, and they should know that.  I don't need to be their friend, so they should just leave me be.  Whatever happened the other morning should be left in the past.

5,894 6
8 Chapter 8: Forgiveness- Artemis's Way

Curse this darn pride of mine!  Just look at those boys!  They're trying their hardest, and now I'm starting to think they really are sorry.  But if you'd ask my Muggle friends, they'd say Artemis Monroe only forgives others on her own terms.

5,592 5
9 Chapter 9: I'm Missing 5 Hours and 38 Minutes of My Life

My plans were as follows: get up, have breakfast, and hang around the Hospital Wing after lunch.  You know, the usual for a weekend.  I don't remember doing any of that.  The first thing I do remember is walking down a corridor with no idea how I got there.  And an empty stomach.  Obviously, I missed a meal.  This is just too weird.

3,919 7
10 Chapter 10: Okay, I Can Live With This

Hm, that strange memory-blank-thingie hasn't happened all weekend, but I'll still keep an eye out for it.  But aside from that, I have the Marauders to deal with.  And by 'deal,' I mean hang out.  I don't think there will be a prank war between us any time soon (though I've been warned I'll never get the better of them again- maybe that's a challenge. . . nah).

4,161 5
11 Chapter 11: This Time I Know I'm Not Crazy

If something happens three times, does that make it a pattern?  Because now that I think of it, I have three distinct gaps in my memory, but I can't link them together.  Honestly, I'm not crazy, but it's also not normal to feel that someone's constantly looking over your shoulder, right?

3,473 10
12 Chapter 12: It's Not Eavesdropping if You Were There First

I was hungry.  Peeves found me and chased me through the castle, chanting my name and throwing clay at me.  He's not too original if you ask me.  Anyway, I made it to the kitchens when I heard someone tickle the pear outside. . .

3,510 8
13 Chapter 13: I Am the Dumbest Girl to Walk the Planet!

Why didn't anyone tell me?!  Lily saw it!  The Marauders saw it!  Merlin, even Randy saw it, and he's not even here!  I bet you saw it too!  Remus. . . Aaaahhhhh!

4,815 18
14 Chapter 14: To Date a Goddess

Okay, so I guess we're now a couple.  I mean, that's a good thing, right?  But Remus now wants to have a date in Hogsmeade.  I've never been on a date before, so I'll just be myself.  What could go wrong?

5,579 10
15 Chapter 15: It's Actually the Second Quidditch Game of My Life

Yeah, remember how I got sick at the first year game of Quidditch?  Well, I haven't been to a game since.  But James and Sirius are on the team.  And Remus is asking me to go with him.  Oh well, at least it's not raining.

6,638 8
16 Chapter 16: He is the Biggest Idiot in the Cosmos! . . . !!!

I thought things were fine!  Peachy, dandy, terrific!  I mean, we get along great.  I'm spending less time in the library to be with him.  He knew what I was like before we started dating, so he shouldn't have been scared away.  Remus . . . Aaaahhhhh!

4,314 14
17 Chapter 17: I Just Wasted Three Months

Okay, Artemis, breathe.  I can get through all this madness happening around me.  I was perfectly happy for five years, just being by myself.  And Remus was with me for only three months.  I can adapt.  I can go back to how I was before this year started.  Yeah, I just need to keep telling myself that.

5,153 11
18 Chapter 18: I Was Out for How Long?!

I'm in a room.  The Hospital Wing.  On a bed.  It looks dark outside.  Why am I here?  My head hurts.  There's someone sitting next to my bed.  It's Remus.  Merlin, what just happened?!

6,144 14
19 Chapter 19: It's Not a Matter of 'If,' but 'How'

So yeah, I know we're back together.  But I haven't actually told Remus.  How can I without seeming pathetic while letting him know that he can never do that to me again?  Eh, I'll think of something.

3,107 10
20 Chapter 20: Without a Trace

December 13th.  I love the number.  So many things relate to the thirteenth.  Like today, we've just had our first real snowstorm.  Yay!  I love snow!  Everything looks much better covered in snow, like the castle, the trees, the grounds, the lake . . . uh, guys?  I don't really ice skate.  Guys?  Listen to me!

3,962 18
21 Chapter 21: Mixed Emotions

Pro: It's finally Christmas Break!  Con: I have to leave school for two weeks.  Pro: I'm going to see my friends!  Con: I'll miss the Marauders.  Pro: I'm going to London for Christmas shopping!  Con: Randy probably won't let me drive.

5,850 13
22 Chapter 22: Lovely London

I don't think I could be happier than when shopping in London with Randy.  But sometimes, it takes one thing to start off a chain reaction.

5,307 14
23 Chapter 23: Where Are We?

I'm in a room I don't recognize.  The windows only show a forest outside covered in snow.  Randy is here, so it can't be that bad.  But who would lock us in a room without any clue on how we got here?

5,391 10
24 Chapter 24: Silver and Gold

This is certainly not what I envisioned Christmas Break to be like before I left school.  Randy knows I'm a witch.  Jake and Ken are probably still lost in the Ministry.  Nothing else can go wrong before Christmas.  Right?

5,893 13
25 Chapter 25: What's the Point?

I should have been there for them.  If I were. . .  How can everyone act like nothing's wrong?  How is the world still spinning?  Merlin, how can I pretend nothing's changed?!

4,189 8
26 Chapter 26: I Am Not Afraid of Slytherins

Is it me, or did we get more Slytherin students over the Christmas Break?  Honestly, everywhere I turn, there they are.  If only they knew name-calling and taunts don't affect this girl.

4,301 9
27 Chapter 27: Not Again!

Okay, so I do not have a several-day gap to my memories like last time.  That's good.  But I'm still finding myself somewhere without remembering how I got here.  That's bad.  I need to figure this out!  To the library!

3,560 8
28 Chapter 28: It's the Most Horrible Day of the Year

There's no other day like it (thank Merlin!).  What is it with people and this day in particular?  Don't they have any self-respect?  Anything better to look forward to?  Ugh, I hate this day!

5,423 12
29 Chapter 29: I Blame My Lack of Creativity

Okay, full moon's tonight.  This time, I know what will happen to me.  Unfortunately, I haven't figured out what I could do about stopping the missing memories from happening again.  Makes me wonder what I've been doing with myself for the past month.

3,722 15
30 Chapter 30: An Example of Poor Judgment

Okay, so I can’t really solve my problems. I just seem to make them more complicated than they should be. I don’t even want to think of the full moon right now. Maybe if I focus on a different problem, it might help me solve my own mystery later.

4,498 13
31 Chapter 31: If Only I Could Retrace My Steps . . .

Better plan?  Yeah, got that.  Idea on how to actually stop losing my memories?  Yeah, not yet.  But I'm working on it.  But I know that I have to get moving on solving this mystery.  I must- ooh, a muffin!

5,199 17
32 Chapter 32: Do I Need to Solve Everything?

I can't take this!  Sirius does one stupid thing and the others won't speak to him?  It's not bad enough that they won't tell me what Sirius did, but they're not acting like Marauders anymore!  Something has to be done.

4,029 14
33 Chapter 33: Ignorance is Bliss (Wished I Believed it Sooner)

Honestly, I get O's on all my papers but I can't figure out why I'm missing memories once a month for the past eight months?  If this goes on much longer, I might have to handle this situation at home.  Can't someone just tell me?!

3,126 23
34 Chapter 34: Under the Full Moon

I- I can't believe it!  Me?  A . . . I can't even think of it.  I just hope I'll remember this night come morning!

3,924 15
35 Chapter 35: The Morning After

Okay then, let's review.  I'm an idiot.  Remus is the werewolf.  James and Sirius are animagi.  I just collapsed a secret passage that's been around for about 900 years.  So where do my missing memories fit in?

6,794 17
36 Chapter 36: Missing Memories

Finally, I'm going to find out what's been happening to me.  Where I've been and what I've been doing.  Okay, anyone but me nervous about finding out?

9,172 19
37 Chapter 37: Now What?

Now what?  Where do I go with this?  I've learned so much today, but I don't think this last question is too hard to answer.

5,663 21
38 Epilogue: November, 1981

Four years, five months later . . .

6,561 76


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