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Neville, Luna, Ginny, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
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General, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2010-07-21 11:42pm
Last Chapter
2012-04-04 4:32pm
Last Updated
2012-04-04 4:32pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Disarmed

Mostly just an introduction to a friendship.

2,248 8
2 Mimbulus Mimbletonia

Fun with plants! This one's a little shorter...

1,489 3
3 Attack

 Quite long, sorry, so get yourself settled before you start reading! Hope you enjoy it!

2,456 6
4 Courtyard

 Terribly sorry about the terrible title, and also about how dull this chapter is. Pleasantly dull, though - or at least I'm hoping so. Enjoy!

2,195 2
5 Sharp

 A bit dullish again, sorry. But... in a nice way? I hope so. Enjoy!

1,654 1
6 Rallying The Troops

 A long wait, but a long chapter to make up for it - Enjoy!

1,901 2
7 Cute

 Sorry, I just had to slip in my view of the Neville/Luna ship at some point - Hope you enjoy it!

1,660 2
8 The Carrows Are Coming

 I'm terribly sorry for the lack of Neville here, but... hey, there's action!

1,830 3
9 On Eggshells

 A short chapter stuffed with lots of bits to set up for the next few - Enjoy!

1,793 2
10 Representative

 I have not been giving you enough Neville recently, so here: have a nice long chapter full of him. Enjoy!

2,527 2
11 Graffiti

 Sorry: a long, but one of those necessary, in-between-y chapters.

2,337 4
12 The Broom Cupboard

 They end up in a broom cupboard. Ta-da! Enjoy.

2,256 3
13 The Break-Out Plan

 A bit of an inbetweeny chapter, and a little short, because it was split from the next. The DA get to fulfilling that graffiti.

1,597 3
14 Planning

 A plan within a plan? INCEPTION! Another short filler, but I swear the next will be more action-packed.

1,420 5
15 Split

 A bit of a bumper chapter, as an apology for being so boring recently. Hannah, Neville, Ginny, and Luna go on the hunt for Gryffindor's sword.

2,809 4
16 Severus

 The aftermath of the break-out and the break-in. 

2,336 2
17 Closer

 A kind of ridiculously long chapter to make up for the gap between posts. A little fluffy; Hannah finds herself getting a little closer to Neville and his friends.

3,689 3
18 Cruciatus

 Hannah watches the more severe punishment rule come into action.

2,135 7
19 No Recklessness

A last DA meeting before the Christmas holidays turns out not to be what Hannah was expecting.

2,550 4
20 No Comparison

A night in the Room of Requirement for Neville, Seamus, and Hannah.

2,433 4
21 The Posters

 Posters; to take or not to take, an in-depth psychological look.

1,771 5
22 Hogwarts Express

 The train ride back into school after the Christmas holidays brings an unwelcome surprise.

1,821 7
23 Hannah Hufflepuff

Plotting and planning and discussing for the DA. [Fun Fact: Hannah was listed as Hannah Hufflepuff in the rolling credits of CoS]

2,019 6
24 A Letter

 Bit of a bumper-chapter for the delay: Hannah is faced with a surprise-filled two days. 

2,528 6
25 Elizabeth

 Things are happening. Deep things. 

2,299 4
26 Sunflowers

 Exceptionally long, but with good reason. Hannah's still reeling after what she's just found out.

3,052 8
27 Dragon Days

Unfortunately, there's always got to be a cloud inside that silver lining. Not the aftermath that Hannah was hoping for...

2,136 3
28 Keeping It Together

 Things still aren't looking up, but it's not just Hannah's that feels like falling apart.

2,214 3
29 About Time

 A title to reflect both the chapter and my speed of posting it. It's sub-plot time! 

2,150 5
30 The Fourth Team

 Let's get down to business! (if you sang that, I like you) 

2,408 6
31 Go Left

The fireworks go off, in more than one sense. 

2,419 4
32 Lost

 Hannah faces yet another aftermath, but this might just be the worst one yet.

2,789 6
33 Found

 Hannah is left with Neville until someone else can come to help, but in the meantime, he's got something he'd like to get off his chest. [sorry for the long wait!]

3,003 3
34 Delivery Girl

There's all sorts being delivered: clothes, food, and some surprising information for Hannah. (sorry it took to so long to post!)

2,387 5


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