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Harry, Hermione, OC, Ron, Snape
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No Warnings
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First Published
2004-03-18 1:03pm
Last Chapter
2004-04-25 11:54am
Last Updated
2004-06-12 10:28am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 School supplies

Harry, Ron and Hermione have all grown up and have had children. The story follows the adventures of Dylan Weasley as he, his brother and sisters go through school with the Potter children and encounter troubles of a very familiar kind (follows on from Fortress of Shadows, one of my previous fanfics but you don't need to have read it)

3,243 21
2 Swamps and Stunners

Dylan attends a dinner with the Potters and his own family. Colette Potter teaches Dylan to stun, to Piper's disgust.

2,600 9
3 The Shool Train

Dylan gets on the Hogwarts Express for the first time ever.

3,100 12
4 The Sorting

Dylan is sorted into his house, with the rest of the first years

3,229 8
5 The First Day Of School

It's teh first day of school and Dylan's already getting himself into trouble. Rachel confesses something about her mum and they play a truth game

3,521 6
6 School and Detention

The first week of school for Dylan and his friends. Dylan also over hears something while attending detention with Harper.

3,196 6
7 The Forbidden forest

The day after Dylan's first post-quidditch party he and James ventures into the forest

3,015 20
8 Consequneces of the adventure

Dylan gets out of the forbidden forest pretty unscathed but James has a few problems to face.

3,050 10
9 The return of the Marauder's Map

The Minister of Magic comes to talk to Harry while Dylan is presented with a very special piece of Parchment

3,014 7
10 The Wedding Invitation

Dylan finds a room that hasn't been used in a long time and receives a wedding invitation from someone close to him

2,995 10
11 Plus One

Who will be Dylan's plus one to the wedding? a special moment between Piper and James, just for Bregmaniak (You'll love it), Colette gets some courage to confront Piper.

3,340 9
12 Christmas make ups

This has got to be like the 4th christmas chapter i've written this month! It's christmas and the Potter and Weasleys have a very interesting christmas dinner...the evil of the world hasn't quite made Harry a dull boy yet

3,107 8
13 A wedding to remember

It's the wedding! it's something to remember! guess what happens! no actually, don't guess....just read.

3,213 15
14 Nighttime Horrors

Dylan hears more stuff he's not supposed to....he really needs to kick that habit doesn't he?

3,292 18
15 A new Defence teacher

There's a new DADA teacher....can't remember what else happens

3,696 11
16 Valentine's adventure

Dylan talks to Piper about his dreams and then Valentine's day, Rachel and Dylan will go on a small adventure.

5,146 6
17 The new Dark lord

Dylan has to get out and finds some clues as to who the new dark power is

3,553 11
18 Issues

After the incident with Rachel, Sophie has a few issues with Dylan while Rachel has issues with everyone else (i think)

2,787 10
19 Release of Lestrange

Dylan has yet another dream but this time in History of Magic, there feature 2 characters from stories of the paaast.

3,296 10
20 The Love Letter

Harper and DYlan scheme while someone will get a love letter

3,407 8
21 The Prisoner escapes

Snape's reaction, a Hearing and the return of the first year students

3,004 14
22 Quidditch finals

The quidditch finals are coming up and Snape's reaction to the Love letter and what happens when he finds out

3,148 17
23 The Hearing

Dylan's hearing about Lestrange and what that banner said

3,241 13
24 Don't get into the arguement

Dylan makes a bit of a mistake and agrees to help Harper and Amy sort out their problems

3,319 11
25 Going off home

The last chapter, Sophie reveals some of her feelings, time to go

2,360 35


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