Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Drama, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
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2010-07-03 16:00:28
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1 Part I: Prologue: In The Art Of Troublemaking

“So are you going to?” asked Fred.

“Am I going to what?”

“You know, cut it out, stop the jokes, be serious.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” scoffed James, “what would we do for fun around here? Besides if we’re going to become the next marauders there’s no way I can stop.”

4486 20
2 In The Art Of Freedom

“Well I’d like to know how you happened to be in the perfect spot to grab my snitch at the perfect time," asked James, raising his eyebrows.

“Well I just happened to be there, happy?” I snapped.

“Not exactly.”

7029 20
3 In The Art Of Discovery

“Are you saying you can beat me?” asked James, glaring at me.

“Definitely,” I answered.

“Well,” said James, taking a step closer and looking me straight in the eye, “Let the games begin.”

4705 12
4 Part II: In The Art Of Competition




3631 27
5 In The Art Of Payback

She flicked her long dark hair in my direction and smiled angelically, “Hope you don’t mind Potter.”

My mouth was still hanging open.

Damn she’s good.

Charlie winked at me. I glared back at her.

5359 19
6 In The Art Of A Bad Reputation

I don't care how many detentions McGonagall gives me, when we're done with this embarrassment, I'm going to kill Peakes.

Detention tonight sounds like a good idea. Cleaning the dungeons. I can accidently on purpose smash his head with a heavy cauldron and so easily claim it was an accident...

7614 23
7 In The Art Of Unity

“This does not make us friends, buddies, comrades in arms, partners in crime or anything in the friendship...criminology department,” she continued, her blue eyes filled with suspicion.

“Absolutely not,” I agreed, “We’ll just be enemies with a common goal.”

4326 13
8 In The Art Of Secrets

"Well," he said, getting up from his seat, "I guess I'll see you all at practice. Goodbye friends." He offered a wave and nodded curtly at me, "Walker." 

"Hey," said Albus, "It's your friend Walker now."

Potter looked ready to vomit.

How nice.

5599 14
9 In The Art Of Revelations

"Can't you see I'm busy Potter?"

"You've drawn a picture of a...is that supposed to be a hippogriff on roller skates?"

"It's art Potter," she snapped, "Personal expression and all that."

5283 6
10 In The Art Of Change

It's ridiculous. Who would buy shoes, that obviously can't even keep you upright, for that much money?

Crazy psycho brides, that's who.

3788 25
11 In The Art Of Surprise

It appears my best friend has gone into full psycho mode.

Let us all pray for our lives.

4003 14
12 In The Art Of Complication

"No one could spend five minutes with you and think you have no feelings," he said, "You're way too angry to be soulless."

"Thanks Potter," I said grumpily,  "You're just full of fuzzy love aren't you."
"Part of my charm," he offered a quick grin.

"What charm?" I asked in genuine confusion.

5415 10
13 In The Art Of Confession

"Merlin Charlie, are you thick?"


4662 8
14 In The Art Of Rejection

Merlin I wish my friends would get their love lives in order. I'm getting tired of wasting time trying to sort them out.

5607 25
15 In The Art Of Confrontation

James Potter and Charlie Walker were snogging.

Pigs have officially flown.

5999 18
16 Part III: In The Art Of An Aftermath


I folded my arms, feeling very annoyed, "Well, sorry for the inconvenience. I'll make sure not to disappoint next time I fall off my broom."

4222 22
17 In The Art of Realisation

Owen sighed and got up from his seat, slowly approaching her and Fred, who were still shamelessly going at it. He brought his face very close to them and yelled.


I swear to Merlin he will pay for that.

4703 26
18 In The Art Of Victory

I stared at her, gobsmacked. I'd previously thought the word 'friend' wasn't in Walker's vocabulary.

5577 12
19 In The Art Of Transformation

"You should do what Doris says, Walker, and start being a little nicer. Don't you agree?"

She narrowed her eyes and hissed, "If I agree with you, then we'll both be wrong."

5333 15
20 In The Art Of Self Pity

Ever since he and Max had broken up he had been moping around as though he had just been condemned to a life living in the basement with our Uncle Percy and his three cats. According to Fred, what he was feeling was worse. It made me shudder to contemplate such a horror.

6192 16
21 In The Art of Metamorphosis

I smirked, "Wow, you're an even crappier boyfriend than you are an ex-boyfriend."

Fred glared, "Don't you have some cats to kick?"

8320 19
22 In The Art Of Misery

"Did you come here to argue?" Zach snapped, "Because if you did James is still around here somewhere, and I'm sure he'd love to do the honors. You both clearly love it, so why not just go and do it? So, unless you came here to drink and bask in your own failiure, I'm not interested."

Well, he was clearly in a foul mood.

5060 26
23 In The Art Of Returning

 "You look nice," I said to her suddenly, without even thinking.

OK, I sounded creepy. I sounded really creepy.

She looked slightly taken aback. Then she composed herself. "Thank you."

"It's…um, nice dress."

Seriously, stop talking.

"And your hair. It's nice."


5176 17
24 In The Art of Disclosure

 My great uncle Vernon always said we could never trust the french. Now I saw what he meant.

7319 14


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