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Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, Regulus
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Romance
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-06-22 6:00pm
Last Chapter
2013-10-08 10:22am
Last Updated
2013-10-08 10:22am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Christmas Eve in the common room

“Sirius are you…are you okay?”

“Do I look okay?”

“Well no, that’s why I asked.”

He laughed his frightening, bark-like laugh. “Thank you for your concern, “ he said in a mock-polite tone “but I’m afraid it’s none of your business.”

1,541 8
2 Train journey back

“Padfoot, since when do you talk to Lily Evans?” James demanded.

1,514 4
3 A missing invitation

“What party?”

Louisa looked at her bemusedly.

“What do you mean what party? Sirius's seventeenth – everyone’s going – I thought you’d have been one of the first to be invited.”


1,796 4
4 Sirius's Seventeenth

“So, what do you want then?” she asked provocatively, with a shake of her head. She was slightly tipsy and couldn’t help the feeling that there was something leading in this situation. It was this thought that was giving her butterflies.

3,259 4
5 In The Three Broomsticks

“If you didn’t want it to go any further between us you could have just said.” Lily told him..."I don't chase after boys who don't want me."

"But I do want you," he said, and before she had a chance to respond, his lips were on hers. 

2,788 5
6 No smoke without fire

“So,” she pressed. “Is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“You, and Sirius Black?”


1,706 6
7 Apparition

“Get off me Black,” she almost shouted, shrugging his hands off her shoulders and spinning out of his grasp. She tripped backwards over the hoop and fell into the arms of James Potter, who happened to be the closest person to her. Could this get any more embarrassing?

2,553 5
8 At the match

“Merlin, I hope Potter’s all right.” Mary muttered to Lily, who had gone white as a sheet. “The force of that could have cracked his spine….”

Lily made a strangled noise.


2,131 8
9 An argument

“He knows it seems a bit much…” Lily invented hurridly, with a flustered glance at Sirius.

“A bit bloody unreasonable!” Sirius shouted at her. “And why’s he asking you to talk to me? Does he even know you? And - more importantly –
Why are you listening to him?”

2,489 4
10 Regulus

 The Slytherins smoothly formed a line across the corridor, blocking their way.

“What’s the password?” smirked Macnair. Mary pulled out her wand.

“How about, get the hell out the way, or I’ll hex you into next week?”


2,544 4
11 Pyjama Party

“What’ll it be Prongs?” Sirius anticipated, a little too enthusiastically. James thought for a moment.

“Kiss.” he said, and whirled the empty bottle round, with his thumb and first finger.


2,527 3
12 Breakfasts and brooomsticks

“Do you mind if I join you for breakfast?” he asked, mock-politely.

“Yes.” said Lily.

“That’s a shame.” Sirius answered. “Because I’m going to anyway. Sorry about that.”


1,751 4
13 A trip in the twilight

The night air was cold and awakening as it rushed at her face and whipped her hair out behind her. She clung tight to Sirius’s waist as they sped across the grounds towards the castle entrance, realising only at the last minute that the gates were locked.

“Oh my GOD, Sirius!!” Lily yelled down his ear, “Slow down! We’re going to crash!"


1,754 4
14 Lancelot and Guinevere

“Of course there will be a summer party!” enthused Slughorn. “What can you think of me? And of course you’ll bring a plus one – maybe Mr. Black....? But then, well, it’s nothing to do with me. However I do think someone may be a little disappointed if you were to take this young man” (he gestured towards Sirius) instead of him.”

1,587 3
15 After Easter

So, did you see much of her over Easter?”


“Lily, of course!” James laughed. “Should I take that as a no then?”

Sirius laughed awkwardly. “No, no – I saw her quite a bit actually..."


1,940 6
16 Inevitable revalations

“Nothing you do ever surprises me.” he said, making Lily smile. It reminded her of the old Severus, the boy she had used to respect and look up to, as having superior knowledge of the wizarding world. Unexpectedly, Severus smiled back. Lily put a hand on his folded arms.

“Thank you.” she said. “For saving my life.”


2,140 3
17 The restricted section

“The restricted section.” he muttered into her ear, as he pushed her back against a bookshelf and lowered his face to hers. “How appropriate.”


1,860 4
18 What Lupin learned

Out of the corner of his eye, Sirius glimpsed Remus’s exasperated expression.

“I’m not sure I can cope with this.” Lupin said. “Not both of you.”


1,566 7
19 A turning point

“Look,” he said. “You can still go and have a good time with your friends can’t you?”

“I’ll go, but not with my friends,” Lily retorted, her mind made up. “If you can have a date then so can I.”


2,591 4
20 Discoveries

“Look, Lily.” Sirius began, his eyes boring into her. “I think it’s about time you made your mind up – me or James.”


“I can’t tell whether you know you like James or what, but a lot of the time it feels like you’re just wasting time with me – that it’s him you really want.”


2,216 9
21 Dance lessons

“Did you see the Prophet this morning?”

Lily started. She’d attributed Sirius’s bad mood simply to watching her and James together, but maybe she was being vain.

“No,” Lily answered. “What’s happened?”

James pushed back his hair, looking upset. “ Regulus again.” He said.

1,901 6
22 The May Day Ball (part I)

 Lily let the others go first as they neared the foot of the staircase, hoping for a few more moments to figure out how to greet Sirius and James. But then James looked up.

“Oh merlin.” whispered Alice. “the way he’s looking at you Lily.”


3,523 4
23 The May Day Ball (Part II)

" I hate it when you’re mean to Severus." Lily said. "You’re so nice, it’s horrible to see you acting like an idiot. Why do it?”

James opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, Sirius had cut in.

“Why do you think, Lily?” he sneered, contemptibly. “And what gives you the right to lecture him? It’s not like you’re the saint you pretend to be, is it?”


3,484 8
24 Into the forest

“Well why should you be any more use than me?”

“Because Lily... you should have figured this out by now. Merlin, I used to think you were smart!” and to prove his point, he transformed, suddenly, into a large black dog. 

2,223 5
25 The Three Musketeers

Suddenly the air was filled with a horrible cacophony of sound. Growling and grunting and howling, and beneath Lily, a tangle of bodies burst forth into the clearing.

(just a note - ive made it so when sirius and James transform back and forward into animals they're fully clothed - just so it isnt awkward :) 

1,611 3
26 A lot to learn

“Remus –" said Lily, "Is that the reason they stopped picking on Severus so much? Because they were scared he would tell everyone the truth?” The thought horrified her. She had believed the marauders had changed, but perhaps they hadn’t...

2,259 5
27 Allegiances

“Lily, you’re an idiot.”

Her eyes flashed.

“Don’t talk to me like that.”

“You need to be talked to like that. And you are an idiot if you let him get away with this. He’s a Death Eater – get that into your head.”


2,258 7
28 Decisions

“Sirius don’t be like this. You know you’re the one I...”

“What, the one you chose? But that was before.”

“Before what?”

“Before,” said Sirius, “You fell for James.”


1,408 3
29 The Fallout

 There was a moment of silence, then Sirius drew himself up tall, ready to face James’s anger like a man.

“And I’m sorry James. I’m just – so sorry.”


2,136 7
30 Secrets, a Shiner and Sledgehammer Sensitivity

“Oh my God Lily!” said her Ravenclaw friend, “Did you see Sirius Black’s face this morning? And you know, I think it was James Potter, of all people, that did it. I mean don’t take my word for it, I’m just guessing, but I’m usually right about these things. They were acting very wierd at breakfast.”

1,800 4
31 By the fireplace again

 Sirius laughed. “C’mon Lily,” he said. “Talk to me. We both know that you sabotaged my friendship with James, and I dumped you and broke your heart. But we’re still mates aren’t we?”


1,802 1
32 A Feel for the Facts

“Lily,” James continued, softly, urgently. “I need to know something.” His eyes remained fixed on hers.

“Yes?” Lily whispered.

James hesitated, not awkwardly, but as if he was considering. “Do you love Sirius?”

2,921 3
33 Consequences

“Lily,” James said. “I’m going to say this before I chicken out, or common sense kicks in.”
Lily held her breath.
It's the penultimate chapter! Bit of a long one.

3,367 5
34 A Feast and a Fight

 “You’ve got to fight for her, Prongs.”
“Got to?”
Sirius looked down at his feet. “Nah, not got to. To don’t
have to do anything.” 

Ok, not the last chapter - had to split it in two! but the next one really is.

2,572 2
35 The Right Marauder

The final chapter!!

2,744 6


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