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Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Sirius/OC
Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-06-11 12:15am
Last Chapter
2011-10-18 8:58pm
Last Updated
2011-10-23 10:08am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Under the Stars

Tradition is never lost on those born to the rich and pure, and Elsa would never give up tradition regardless of what it meant to her social standing with other purebloods. Friendship means the world to her. 

2,957 38
2 Potion Hazard

Potions was one of Elsa’s favourite classes, often finding it a way to clear her mind and focus on something that wasn’t as mindless as History of Magic or Divinations. In Potions she found a startling peace and clarity that her other classes lacked.

3,127 27
3 Disastrous

Charms class is a disaster, and Elsa soon finds out that some spells were not meant to be used on witches.

2,620 22
4 Quidditch Fun

Quidditch is meant to be fun, and fun is exactly what Sirius and James have in mind when they convince the new Flying Professor to let them play a mock game against some of the second years.

3,358 18
5 Of Lies and Duels

Swept up in her own lies, Elsa tries to make amends with her friends and survive Defence Against the Dark Arts.

3,538 15
6 Truth Be Told

“Elsa,” he began calmly, “you must never speak of this. What happened in the woods was nothing more than a bad dream. I will not have you or Dominic ruining our family’s reputation with this. For your safety, I am asking you to let this go.”

5,110 15
7 Cooling Off

A walk in the rain is exactly what Elsa needs when her friends don't react to her secret quite like she expected them to.

2,993 12
8 Hogsmeade

It had taken Elsa a lot to keep her date with Damon, for the most part she wanted desperately to cancel it. There was only so much of Damon that she could take, helping him in classes seemed to leave a wear on her nerves she never thought possible. He wasn’t all that bad, she remembered, but it only helped his cause slightly.

3,799 14
9 Forgiveness

Saturday faded into Sunday morning and reminded Elsa that she had a lot to do, like getting Sirius to talk to her. Though she had no idea how she was going to manage that, she knew that by the end of the day if she hadn’t succeeded she was going to stop at nothing to get him to acknowledge her presence. If James Potter could be the most annoying and infuriating prat that walked the Hogwarts halls as Lily so graciously reminded him on a daily basis, then Elsa was going to become the female equivalent.

3,292 10
10 Complications of the Heart

For a moment, Elsa contemplated what was bothering her. It wasn’t Sirius, who had finally given in and apologized for being a prat; nor was it Damon, who had been incredibly sweet to her the last few days. She couldn’t even blame her addled mind on Dominic, since he hadn’t bothered to torment her since their father had dragged him out of Hogsmeade.

3,217 7
11 Egyptian Heat

She had always read about Egypt and its wondrous history, of its Pharaohs and Queens, of the pyramids and lost cities. It had always been a dream to travel here and immerse herself in the history and culture of ancient times. She had never expected that she would be given such a chance while still in school. There was so much to see and do that she found herself sitting on the edge of her chair with anticipation.

3,872 6
12 Alexandria

Standing under a flickering streetlight where they were told to meet Naveed, Damon wrapped his arm around Elsa’s waist as they nervously waited. Time seemed to stand still as night crept along while the forgotten teens anxiously searched the tourists for a familiar face. Gareth wouldn’t have left them there, they knew, but fear had a way of wiggling its way in.

4,808 9
13 Egyptian Demon

His mind thrummed with unanswered questions, the most worrisome of which: where was Elsa? He had searched the whole of his four by four cell and found no evidence that she had ever been there. No scrap of clothing, no hidden message scratched into the wall. Nothing. Had she managed to escape his captors? He hoped so.

4,485 4
14 Unforgiving Fear

The less she knew the more afraid she was. If only someone would tell her the truth. Maybe...she wondered. If she could get Sirius or Cordelia to find out what had happened, how Damon managed to escape they could tell her. Though, she wondered, was it really fair to ask them to tell her the truth when she had every intention of lying to them again?

3,791 4
15 Dangerous Territory

She wanted nothing from him but his friendship. She didn’t care that he had turned against his family. Or that he hated everything he had been raised to believe in. It didn’t bother her that he had been disowned and the only money he had to his name was what his uncle had left him. Nor did it matter that he was a Black, from a noble and ancient pureblood home. Money and infamy matter little to her. She was his friend for who he was, not who he was related to.

3,293 8
16 How to Ruin Christmas

Sirius pushed off the door, and guiding her out of the room, led her to the parlour. She knew he wasn’t stupid, nor could he ignore her moods. If he left her in there, she knew she would say or do something that would land them both in trouble.

5,226 8
17 Treachery

“He’s lucky to have you,” Elsa said faintly. “I don’t think I’ve seen a friendship as strong as yours before.”

“I have,” James said, turning to look at her. “He’d die for you.”

“For us.”

4,425 3
18 Nightmares and Recovery

Evil was leaking its way into her everyday life. Where she should have felt safe at Hogwarts, she felt confined, afraid and uncertain of how she was going to survive until her final year.

3,622 6
19 Absence of Light

“Dumbledore...Death Eaters....delayed...” she coughed, realizing that she had an audience. Her legs wobbled, and for a moment she thought she might collapse.

3,670 4
20 Hogmseade Burns

Thunder rumbled in the distance, effectively stopping their game. They all turned to look towards Hogsmeade and waited. Again the noise rumbled, but it was not thunder they were hearing. Running towards the front of the school, the group stopped and watched as smoke began to billow up into the sky.

2,871 3
21 The Scorched Man

Badly burned by the fires, and on the brink of death, Elsa was barely able to hold back the tears. This man, who ever he was, was someone's father or brother. Someone would report him missing, and find that he had been injured in Hogsmeade. But what if he's a Death Eater? She wondered as she sat by his bedside late into the night.

3,846 4
22 A Father's Plea

Elsa glanced down at the vial in her hand again. It was so small compared to the rest of her hand. How could something so easily broken, a plain glass vial, contain the only memories her father wanted her to have? She wasn't even sure they would have anything to do with what had happened. For all she knew the vial contained memories from her childhood. What can it hurt? She thought and nodded.

4,597 4
23 Peace Agreement

Somehow Damon knew Sirius wouldn't give up, but he knew he had had to try. Eventually he hoped that Sirius would understand how much he was putting Elsa at risk by loving her. Of all the people Elsa had to love, why it had to be Sirius Black was beyond Damon's recollection. They were nothing alike and Sirius was all wrong for her. How many times had he, this year alone, managed to make her cry? Sirius had spent weeks not talking to her. He would never understand Elsa the way Damon would.

3,989 3
24 Accidents Happen

Promising to give herself time to adjust to the incident that had nearly killed them all before making any rash decisions, Elsa closed her eyes and tried to clear her head. She had no idea what had happened to Damon, and every time she tried to move the room blurred and spun dangerously.

5,182 4
25 You're Not Alone

There was a warmth about the room that forced a smile to her lips. It felt comfortable. It felt safe. It felt like home. With the thoughts of home, fresh tears forced their way down her cheeks. Her knees buckled and she sank to the floor. Sirius was at her side and together they sat on the floor while she cried. His arms around her made her feel better. He made her feel better.

4,576 6
26 Rebuilt, Reopened, Returned

“Mr. Avery.” That voice sent a chill down Damon's back. He'd had numerous nightmares where the owner of that voice had killed Elsa. Now he was positive, those nightmares were coming true. Except, Elsa would be safe and he would not.

3,411 4
27 Game Day

A sudden thought had Sirius tracking down his friend in the middle of the locker room. Something had made this game different than the others, something James wasn't sharing with the rest of them. And Sirius wasn't about to let it go until he found out.

5,565 3
28 Consequences

 Elsa screamed into the night air. It felt like her body was being ripped into shreds. Was this how a Cruciatus Curse felt?

5,330 3
29 Epilogue

 Somehow she knew that their summer wasn't going to be one of hiding. She could almost guarantee it. 


651 7


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