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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Pansy, Krum, Teddy, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Krum, Ron/Lavender
Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-04-25 11:01am
Last Chapter
2013-10-04 1:50pm
Last Updated
2013-10-04 1:50pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The way things are

It is a mindset so engrained into the wizarding families that a single young wizard of good job and fortune must need a witch to make him complete. Regardless of the feelings of the wizard himself on matrimony and relationships, this view is so entrenched in the wizard families as to make all the single wizards fair game.(Funny how some things are the same whether muggle or magician) And it was such with two of the most eligible wizards in Britain, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. When two beautiful witches come into their lives will these two wizards ruin their chance at love?

967 31
2 Reflective Beauty

A heartbroken Hermione prepares for the ball and reflects on her relationship.

1,119 17
3 The Masked Ball

Hermione arrives at the Social Event of the Year, the Weaslesy Wizarding Wheezes Masquerade Ball.

649 12
4 Meeting of the Minds

A chance meeting with a beautiful, intelligent witch has Malfoy seeing stars

1,819 11
5 Can you trust a Pureblood?

Hermione discovers more unlikeable parts of Rons character and is getting closer to her mystery wizard

1,278 11
6 Presents and Birthdays

More Weasley products are revealed and three witches are trying for Dracos attention.

1,452 13
7 Answers and Questions

Hermione and her Dream Wizard (Draco) take a moonlight stroll.

876 10
8 Jealousy and Misunderstandings

A first kiss, a second dance and a third meeting arranged between Draco and his Dream Witch (Hermione)

932 10
9 Too much for one day

COnversations with Kingsley and Harry and more unpleasant aspects of Rons Character are revealed.

786 12
10 Joys and Disapointments

Hermione and Ginny meet for lunch and each has some big news for the other.

1,357 9
11 A new candidate

Draco is under pressure to find the new candidate for the next  Mrs Malfoy. Astoria is out but who is in?

759 8
12 Dinner and Designs

Hermione pays a visit to her parents and they have a surprise in store for her

1,882 4
13 Christmas

It's Christmas at "The Burrow" and one of teh family recieves an unexpected and surprising invitation.

537 3
14 Malfoy Manor

Draco prepares for a very frosty Christmas at Malfoy Manor

707 5
15 Growing and Changing

A few unexpected greetings occur at the Manor and Hermione reaquaints herself with a few old Hogwarts students

831 8
16 Competition?

As all guests are assembled at the Manor for Christmas dinner the rivalry between Pansy and Hermione soars to new levels

1,301 5
17 Discovery

Someone finds out the identity of their Weasley Ball admirer..... and boy are they surprised!

651 7
18 Another Dance with Disaster?

Another ball, another dance and another confrontation

1,361 7
19 The Pure Bloods Return

A surprsing return and Hermione meets with her Wolfy wizard again. Will she find out his identity?

1,033 10
20 Belle of the Ball

We find out who is the Belle of the Ball and someone gets an unexpected surprise

1,645 12
21 Happy New Year

Draco reflects on his change of opinion and the changing nature of his relationship with Hermione

897 9
22 Future Plans, Past Discretions

The after effects of that one kiss lead Draco to reflect on how he and the Wizarding world have changed.

1,745 7
23 Acceptance

Hermione discloses to Ginny the events of the past few days. Ginny also has some news, some good and some bad

764 8
24 Rita's Revenge

The Witch Weekly article comes out and there are some very strong reactions indeed.

1,133 10
25 Scooped!

Ron seeks to revenge himself against Rita and Hermione, but gets more than he bargained for.

771 13
26 The Interview

It's time for Hermiones interview for The Sunday Prophet. But thats not the only intersting bit of correspondance she recieves...

1,593 11
27 The Darkest Hour Comes Before the Dawn

Hermione deals with the aftermath of Ritas article - and she isn't the only one.

1,254 10
28 New Wings

It's the opening of the new Malfoy Wing at St Mungos, but there is more than one surprise in store for Draco

1,277 9
29 Breaking the Ice

Hermione gets an interesting invitation and Draco and her get closer

1,858 14
30 Settling

A few  characters have to make a decision - go for your dreams or settle for something else?

2,561 12
31 Selection

Ginnys side of what just happened

772 12
32 Words of Love

Harry leaves for camp, but do Ginnys words of love reach him in time?

1,024 6
33 Chosen Ones

This is it! The chapter You've all been waiting for! Hermione and Draco attend the Harpy Selection Party and there is more than one surprise announcement made

2,071 12
34 The wolf unmasked

Draco finally reveals his identity to Hermione and has a few other problems to sort out.

1,899 7
35 Explanation

Hermione receives the letter and gets more than one surprise

1,255 13
36 High Flier

Ginny is a sucess with the Harpys but she amd Hermione are still feeling the effects of Dracos interferance with Harry. Hermione is still torn about Dracos proposal.

1,369 8
37 Reparo

Draco makes amends for some of his past actions.

1,127 12
38 Second Chance?

It's Valentines Day and Hermione gets a chance to reflect on her dreams and hopes,  as Ginny prepares for her date with Harry.

1,707 7
39 The Offer of the Spotlight

Harry and Ginnys engagement becomes public and has some interesting consequences for Hermione.

1,490 12
40 Andromedas Choice

Its time to for Draco to have serious thoughts on his future and he turns to Andromeda for advice

1,358 12
41 Trip of a Lifetime

Theres been a change in plans and Hermione has been called in for a special favour

1,053 15
42 Meeting a new friend

Hermione and her parents visit the Manor and make a new and unexpected friend

2,227 14
43 An Offer You Can't Refuse

Lunch at Malfoy Manor with all the Grangers and Draco makes an unexpected offer, an offer they can't refuse.

1,836 11
44 Disaster by Design

Malfoy and the Grangers sit and talk business, but not everything goes smoothly.

1,958 20
45 The Grand Plan

Draco's grand plan is revealed.

1,466 18
46 Discovered

Pansy has been found out, and now Hermione knows

1,056 19
47 Misunderstandings

Hermione finally decides whether or not to accept Rons proposal and it causes heartache for more than one person

2,149 17
48 A Cause for Celebration?

Hermione finally admits her feelings ..... but is it too late?

2,605 16
49 Over My Dead Body

Narcissa and Hermione face off over Draco, who will be the victor?

2,046 16
50 At Last

The chapter you've all been waiting for. Draco and Hermione meet face to face once more, a meeting that will decide their destiny.

1,749 30
51 Epilogue

Sixteen Years Later

1,109 90


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