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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, James, Lily, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort
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Action, General
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First Published
2004-03-14 7:18pm
Last Chapter
2004-08-11 3:15pm
Last Updated
2005-05-04 1:49am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Vicus Eo

Okay, who agrees with me that this banner is completely AWESOME?!?! Thank you so much, Night Wind!!! I love this banner! James and his fellow Marauders are always looking for a new prank to cause chaos at Hogwarts. But what will happen when the Marauders start messing with their very future? Only time will tell!

1,876 31
2 219,144 Hours into the Future

To the Marauders' surprise, the spell works! But who, of all people, will greet them with a shock when they find themselves 219,144 Hours into the Future??

1,709 18
3 Flamingos and Unusual Letters

Something happens at breakfast that is truly a blast from the past for Snape, so then why is he blaming Harry? And why is even Dumbledore confused when he gets two letters from some very unlikely people?

1,351 18
4 Tripping Up

James and the Marauders continue to see how well they are remembered, but McGonagall seems to remember more than they think. They take a look at Harry's life, and when they run into an old "friend", there are more surprises than either Harry or the Marauders ever expected...

1,422 11
5 Overdue Library Books

Harry and his friends have to be careful about what they say... they could ruin the past, present, and the future if the Marauders knew too much! Sirius is interested in why he is "gone" in the words of Hermione, and Remus has a large price to pay for his overdue book, but will it cost the Marauders being stuck in the future?

1,375 16
6 Solutions and a Bonding Experience

Lily knows the Marauders are up to something, but where could they be?? Hermione thinks she's found the answers. Sirius learns from Ginny the finer points of collapsable swamps. And James and Harry go off to bond while doing something they both love...

1,785 12
7 A Vortex, a crater, and a Makeover for Snape

With four groups of people trying to find a way to transport the Marauders back to their own time, they should be going back in no time (lol) at all, right? Harry and James express their creative inspirations on Snape, and Sirius has blown a hole in the floor instead of the fabric of time. Will Ron realize the elevator music is playing?? (random, yes I am aware of this fact! :D)

1,965 11
8 The same place, different time

James and Harry find themselves examining some unusual fabric... and it leads them to the exact same place they just left! Or has it? Ginny and Sirius find themselves thinking the exact same thing, and both sets find themselves meeting up with people they least expected, or even dreaded...

1,504 19
9 The Guest Room

Ginny and Sirius find themselves in a new predicament of getting back legally, and find themselves face to face with another old friend. Lily jokes and tells James he is something that is rather unusual considering the circumstances, but if she only knew...

1,936 16
10 A Serious Person and A Homeschooled Harry

Hermione and Remus set off to search for the person Myrtle described as "serious", but find that they will have to look in a very different place. Ginny and Sirius just want to eat some waffles, but someone doesn't think so. And Harry has to put up an unusual charade for Lily while James searches for his "partners in crime".

1,917 13
11 Familiar Places and Anger with a Pocket Watch

Ginny and Sirius find themselves in an unusual place- is it more than a myth, or the place Ginny fears most of all? Lily gives Harry the grand tour, and tries to express some odd emotions... And Ron and Peter are fed up with books, but too much anger and a strange pocket watch give them more than they bargained for...

2,404 19
12 A New Generation and Dumbledore's Tripping Up

Hermione and Remus are missing a pocket watch, and have a shrewd idea of where it has gone... Ron and Peter find themselves in an unusual time with some oddly familiar people... and Harry and James get ready to say their goodbyes, but Dumbledore makes an unusual mistake....

2,688 18
13 No Where to Run

Harry and James need to find the Dumbledore of 1943, but Dumbledore's looking for someone also. James knows Harry is hiding something from him, but what could it be? And when old and new friends meet up, it's too bad that there's no where to run!

2,381 13
14 Settling once and for all

Hermione and Remus don't like being left behind, and when Hermione makes the same mistake Ron did, Colin Creevey will be out of luck for his photo oppertunity. Peter's blundering tales to Ron's children are hard enough for Ron to keep quiet, but they just might know a way... and Harry experiences some major dejavous in the Chamber of Secrets.

2,286 21
15 Absolutely Right

Ron wants to know, but he doesn't want to know... and Snape mistakes him for someone else. That could only mean trouble in the future! And Harry has a plan, but will it work in the past, and will they get there in time to save Ginny?

2,195 13
16 Memories and Reunions

Hermione and Remus find themselves with some old and new friends. The Marauders, members of the trio, and the future generation never cease to be amazed at Dumbledore. And of all the times anyone has ended up so far, the adventure is far from over!

3,339 18
17 Difficult Goodbyes

The moment Harry's been dreading arrives: it looks like it's time to say goodbye. But has Dumbledore sent them to the right time?

3,120 25
18 Errands, Rivers, and Forgetfulness

The alternate universe Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione have found themselves in holds more surprises than they could have ever guessed. Death Eaters running the library and retiring where?!?! And Hermione is having some memory problems...

3,530 18
19 The Prisoner in the Tower

Harry finds himself face to face with a person that is more familiar than any of the others he has met on the adventure thus far. And the others soon begin to notice: something is very different about Harry...

4,164 15
20 Dejavous and Predicaments

Alternate Harry gives Ron, Hermione, and Ginny an explanation. They meet up briefly with some good friends for a little more confusion, and everyone hopes that they can find the real Harry... before Voldemort does.

4,092 13

One hectic adventure in 1943 later... Harry and his friends think it's finally time to go home. Well?

3,873 10
22 Harry's Tirade

Has Dumbledore goofed again? Lily wants to know why Harry has changed his clothes, and Harry is brooding on goodbyes again. But he's shouting a little to loudly...

2,122 18
23 Family Photographs and Loyal Friends

Okay, the Marauders have just found out about the future, so how will they react? Will they change things? And are Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny home at last?

3,252 15
24 Good To Be Back?

Who of all people awaits Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny in Dumbledore's office when they return? And what could possibly be in the envelopes that the person has for Harry?

3,541 95


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