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Harry, Molly, Ginny, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-04-06 12:48pm
Last Chapter
2011-04-13 7:05am
Last Updated
2012-07-22 1:27pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1: A Mixed Reception

Get the champagne out. James is coming home.

1,063 20
2 Chapter 2: Showdown

“I’m not kidding, James. Get your stuff and get out.”

2,072 18
3 Chapter 3: Hypocrisy

“He needed a place to stay. I said he could stay here,” Hermione mumbled. Ron scoffed.

“More like nobody else would have him."

2,220 17
4 Chapter 4: Gossip

“No, best not,” she muttered, ducking away and pulling the belt of her gown tighter. “Let’s not pretend you’re coming back.”

2,420 13
5 Chapter 5: The Invitation

“When did our little Hufflepuff get so brave, hm?” James said, crossing his arms and leaning on the side of the porch with a teasing grin. “I live here, alright? Let me in.”

2,486 18
6 Chapter 6: Champagne Supernova

Not a soul cried. He wasn't worth the tears.

3,346 8
7 Chapter 7: Aftermath

“You sound like my mother.”
“No, I don’t,” she said coolly. “If I sounded like your mother, you’d be on the street.”

2,270 7
8 Chapter 8: Shattered

This was not the way things were meant to go.

2,519 5
9 Chapter 9: Epiphany

Had he always had this motive, even when he was fifteen?

2,725 6
10 Chapter 10: A Family Touch

It was up to her to get him out.

2,929 6
11 Chapter 11: Baby Steps

“I don’t want them to hate me anymore.”

3,206 6
12 Chapter 12: One Step Back

None of them cared and so, in turn, nor did he.

4,044 6
13 Chapter 13: Decision

“Will you just grow up?”

2,286 5
14 Chapter 14: Stage One

It was tricking himself, tricking his family and tricking Ella. He wouldn’t do it to any of them.

3,341 8
15 Chapter 15: Stage Two

"I don't want to do it alone."

2,520 8
16 Chapter 16: Stage Three

There were two sides to every story.

3,028 7
17 Chapter 17: Trying Again

"Rose is a good girl," she said, "but she’s not a miracle worker."

2,790 5
18 Chapter 18: Second Impressions

She’d said it a thousand times but he truly was one of the best boys she knew.

2,545 4
19 Chapter 19: Tomorrow

He had once perfected the art of hiding, of concealment but he had no desire to do so now.

4,045 13


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