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Ron, Hermione, Scorpius, Albus, Hugo, Rose
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, General, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-04-05 6:11am
Last Chapter
2010-11-14 5:47am
Last Updated
2010-11-14 5:47am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Your Betrayal

Family gatherings really were the worst. I’d rather kiss Scorpious Malfoy on the mouth, both of which were things which I despised the idea of. I shuddered. On second thoughts, I had it lucky here... I just had to stick it out a while longer.

2,037 3
2 The Howling

Something came to threaten my cynical happiness from that first night of my fourth year, and my knight in shining armour did not save me yet.

A high pitch scream, almost like a howl, tore into the open night of the Forbidden Forest and before we left for bed, it was once more stressed that, “Under no circumstances must you enter the forest. Do not enter the forest.” The hall was vacated at last.

1,968 1
3 Dreams Can Come True

“I’m perfectly fine. Thank you,” I glared and gritted my teeth as I spoke, seething inside. I heard a familiar sniggering from the back of the class, coming from Scorpious Malfoy and his cronies, and that made me more angry than ever. Only the little voice of determination in the back of my head kept me in my seat and away from the door. I could do this even if it took me all year to perfect.

1,998 2
4 Embrace My Curse

Of course, he didn’t know what was on the horizon, around the corner for him then, or he might have had a distraction planning his revenge. But, for then, he settled for going to bed, where he tried counting sheep, reading books, everything, but the problem wasn’t that he was tired: he could see perfectly well that he was tired. It was that every time he closed his eyes, Romeo. Thought. Of. Juliet.

2,014 1
5 Tiny Dancer

“What happened?” I asked. I remembered fainting, but anything beyond that was a mystery to me.

“You’ve been out for two days, love. You fell and cracked your skull open-“

“And broke your arm!” Hugo butted in.

“Hugo,” hissed Lorcan Scaramander, thumping him in the arm, and I grinned.

2,021 2
6 Wild Animal

“Trying to seduce someone, eh?” a smooth voice butted in, which came from off-side, and my cousin James. “Who?”

“None of your business.”



“Malfoy?” James snorted, “Why would you want to be with that slime ball?”

2,007 1
7 Panic Insect

There was a blood curdling scream and just as I was about to look around to see where its origins lay, I realised it was I who had let out the terrified scream, and all for a little insect. But I couldn’t stay any longer, not while it was there, and not while Malfoy rolled about on the floor laughing at me.


“You know what, Scorpious Malfoy? You are so up yourself!”

1,936 2
8 A Lack of Colour

First of all, I focused on that little dream, the spark of hope hidden beneath my bed, of my parents, family friends, of the puma, and finally (through no fault of my own), a little spark of energy shot through me as I remembered that moment down by the lake, when his arm gently brushed against mine. “No!” I shouted, and in the same moment as I forced the image of the puma back into my mind, I was down on all fours, my body morphing painfully into the wildcat I had been trying to perfect for a good couple of months by now.

2,068 1
9 In The Secret


“Why? What does it mean?”

“Someone is going to stop you in your tracks, but under no circumstances must you back down, do you understand, Miss. Weasley? Under no circumstances whatsoever.” She was very determined in her voice, which was now barely above a whisper, a very serious hiss against the stillness of morning.

1,949 1
10 No Rain, No Rainbow

We sat there in silence, in a soft, calm sort of misery together for a long time, staring into the fiery flames as they flickered in the darkness. I shuddered, for it was still cold, nearing winter now, and he pulled me into his arms. It was a strange sort of feeling, so wrong and yet so right all at the same time. It all happened before either of us knew what was happening.

2,041 1
11 This is the First Night

Albus politely refused to sleep in the middle, shoving me closer to Malfoy, the one place where I most disliked to be, and as the twinkling stars fell over our heads, and they fell softly in their snores and dreams, I could only lie awake and think of the mess which I’d left behind.

1,980 1
12 This Killer

I sneaked a peak: it was albino, nothing like any werewolf I had seen, perhaps two or three times the usual size, and stood on its hind legs. It stopped, and then leapt. I screamed, couldn’t take it any longer, giving away our position in exchange for Victoire’s own. “Great, now look what you’ve done,” Scorpious yanked my arm and started to run.

2,008 1
13 Cinderella's Kisses

“You’d do all that for a Weasely?” Scorpious had gulped. As much as he hated to admit it, he would indeed have given everything, even his own family and his own life just for her safety. “Well son, that’s your choice,” he had been shocked to hear his father’s voice through the fireplace, echoing off the walls. It was almost approving. “But we won’t be here when you get back. This is it for you.”

1,996 1
14 Ghosts

It wasn’t time for me to give in yet, I hadn’t been given my soul back, hadn’t earned it back, so for now- I’d just have a small nap. Snored embedded themselves into my thoughts, as I tried to assure myself that this was the way to go. I would handle everything when, at long last, I woke up, feeling more refreshed. As the dementor sucked the last of my life away from me, I was so full of hope, and I didn’t understand it for a second.

1,982 0
15 I'm Only Going To Let You Kill Me Once

“I was dead?” things were just getting gradually worse for me... I turned away from the window, where the rain started to beat down heavily on the pane of glass.

“Only for a couple of seconds.

2,039 0
16 Little Angel

She coughed, sneezed, spluttered, curled up in bed with fever. If the girl didn’t arrive soon, if she didn’t pass the test, who would she have to blame but herself? If when she finally found the great Bernadette Charvet, they were both dead in their graves.

1,966 0
17 A Welcome Burden

“Glad you could come,” her voice was barely above a whisper, and came out in asthmatic rasps.

Albus and Scorpious came up behind me now, wands at the ready, pointed towards her as she laughed weakly. “Put away your wands boys, what could I do to hurt her now? Look at me.”
“There’s nothing left of her to hurt,” Albus said.

2,005 2
18 In Loving Memory

What happened next none of us expected. As the sun seeped in, and she passed on into the next life, her body crumbled to dust in a pile on the floor as the light hit it. My skin turned paler, smoother, and the wrinkles lifted. My youth was returning once more, to what had once been considered ugly by the vainest of Hufflepuffs, who had never ceased to tell me so.

972 4


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