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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-03-22 2:24pm
Last Chapter
2011-12-11 7:26pm
Last Updated
2011-12-11 7:26pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Content

An innocent question plants ideas into Hermione's head. ideas that may lead to unpleasantries later on...

3,444 7
2 What Are You Waiting For?

Ron warns Harry of the little chat Luna and Hermione had. Harry comes across some videos and a letter from somebody from Hermione's past that worries him...

2,829 3
3 The Pressure...Is Rising

A Marriage annnouncemnt on The Daily Prophet prompts yet another article on the topic of Harry's marital status. Even though the article is filled with lies, something within it causes him concern.

2,319 5
4 Will We Ever?

Hermione goes dress shopping for Barnaby's wedding with Luna and Skyelar. Hermione confesses she's starting to doubt she and Harry dont seem to ever be likely to get married. A visit to the old cafe and Hermione let's her doubts slip out to Harry...

2,284 3
5 Scared and Scare Tactics

Both Harry and Hermione indiviudally cofess to their friends the fears they been having as of late. will the trip to Australia make things work out for the better?

1,396 2
6 Run In With Little Miss Sunshine

The clan finally makes it to Australia. Harry has an unexpected encounter with someone he had hopeed he would never see again.

1,609 4
7 Frustrations and Preparations

Frustration was something Hermione was more than expecting with the trip. However, was coming to Australia the worst decision she could have made? will the time together make them fall apart with all the weight on their thin thread?

1,687 3
8 The Ex Factor

Harry,Hermione,Ron,Luna, and Skyelar finally make it to the wedding reception. Harry and Hermione are forced to deal with the awkwardness of exes roaming about. Will coming to the wedding prove to be a bad decision?

2,339 4
9 Confessions and Plans

      Just as Hermione had feared, attending the wedding was a disaster. However, with the aid of a glass of wine, Harry learns the conclusions Hermione has come up with for the reason he hasnt purposed. will this make him see he's only hurting his relationship because of his fear?

2,881 2
10 Rekindling The Fire

Harry and Hermione are finally granted some much needed time alone but will that hinder them more than help them?

3,133 4
11 A decision Is Made

After the whirlwind that was Australia, Harry and Hermione are finally themselves and back in England. Did the trip help their future?

2,268 2
12 Birthday Dinner Party

It's Harry's birthday and the whole gang get together to celebrate it. meanwhile, a plan is brewing inside Harry Potter's head....

2,011 2
13 Plan,Plan,Plan

Harry's hard at work arranging how exactly to ask Hermione the all important question. the problem is, he's doing a very good job distracting her from his real plans. Will it end up causing more problems?

3,334 3
14 Popping The Question

The big day finally comes along!!!

6,635 4
15 The Day After

   It is the day immediatly after the much anticpated proposal evreyone had been urging Harry to do. As the high dies down, the suggestions start flooding in....

2,252 1
16 Meeting The Parents

It is time for Harry to face his future in-laws and he is downright terrified.

1,892 1
17 Big Decisions

Harry and Hermione have some big decisions ahead of them...

1,895 4
18 Work In Progress

After the storm, will Harry and Hermione finally settle their issues and get their wedding under way?

2,586 3
19 Opinionated Mothers

Hermione has to deal with the daunting task of pleasing both her mother and Mrs.Weasley

2,164 2
20 Say Yes To The Dress

Hermione goes in search of her wedding dress and she soon realises what a nerwrecking and hectic experience it can be.

2,687 3
21 Down to the Wire

The wedding is getting ever closer and there's still plenty of stress that both Harry and Hermione must cope with.

1,837 1
22 Wild night Out

With only one more day to the wedding, just how wild will the Bachelor/bachelorette parties be?

3,547 3
23 Bonded For Life

Harry and Hermione are finally bonded for life.

5,800 1
24 Happily Ever After

Sometimes, you have to go through hell to get your happy ever after....

2,404 3


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