Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Mild Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2010-03-15 21:20:00
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2011-04-17 08:40:05
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2011-04-17 08:40:05
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Arrival

A worried mother, an angry sister, a tall, dark and handsome boy on a motorcycle and one really toe-raggy surprise...

1120 28
2 Muggles And Men

We discover what potion Lily and Sirius have to make...but will it reequire constant attention? Will James annoy Lily?

1175 26
3 While the Potion is Brewing

James wants Lilys number, whatever that is. Lily explains her views on Petunia. Sirius gets scared of Mia.

1510 25
4 Muggle Movies

Mia is a little over excited, Sirius is stressed, Lily is pondering patronuses and James finds himself on a date with Lily...sort of.

2236 18
5 Marauders

James is jealous of Remus, Lily is drinking her lonliness away, James is surprisingly sober, and Sirius has a theory as to where James' parents have gone. Severus Snape makes an unexpected entrance into the story.
Peter is really just hanging around in the background.

1396 24
6 Warfare

The Marauders discuss the mystery of Lily's past, and Lily is upset at not being part of Petunia's future.

1824 14
7 Potion Cauldron Gossip

The drama begins as James reveals one of Remus’ secrets to Lily, the Marauders forget their brilliant full moon plan, and Sirius tells Lily something she doesn’t want to hear.

I wrote this for you guys please show me some love and review it :)

1309 20
8 The Triangle

Sirius talks to James, Lily sorts things out with Remus, and James accomplishes the impossible.

1777 27
9 Truth Or Dare

Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily

2063 36
10 The History Of The Snake

James talks to Sirius + Remus, Lily gets confused, and James confronts Lily about Severus Snape.

2135 29
11 Knowledge

"I will never leave you."

3203 40
12 Love and Pain

In which Lily is missing, Snape is begging, and Mia is finally told the truth about one Sirius Black.

2239 28
13 Badge of Honour

Sirius needs James, James is Head Boy, Remus is fine with it, and Lily is left alone to wash up.

1405 23
14 Epilogue

During the seventh year, James breaks a promise, which leads to disaster.

2524 36


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