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Lupin, Sirius, Kreacher, James, Regulus, Bellatrix, R. Lestrange, Voldemort, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-03-11 1:17pm
Last Chapter
2011-12-31 8:55pm
Last Updated
2011-12-31 8:55pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Hole in the Tapestry

In which we see a Prologue that takes place three years in the future then journey back to the day Sirius abandoned his brother.

2,451 21
2 Mulcibers, Mudbloods & Polyjuice Potion

In which Regulus boards the Hogwarts Express and we meet his friends.

2,358 13
3 I Want to Hold Your Hand

In which Elizabeth asks for more from her boyfriend and Regulus attempts to explain things to Topher.

2,076 13
4 Purely Educational, of Course

In which we see a little charming of one, Horace Slughorn.

1,874 13
5 Ravenclaw in the Library

In which Regulus and Topher’s poor Herbology skills lead them to a new companion.

1,841 10
6 Always Seeker

In which Elizabeth shows her distaste for certain people and Quidditch try-outs take place.

2,057 9
7 How it all Started

In which we learn how friendships were formed and enemies were made.

1,788 7
8 Distractions of Macbeth

In which Regulus is introduced to something new.

1,870 6
9 Halloween Trickery & Betrayal

In which things don’t go quite as planned and Elizabeth shows her true colors are emerald and silver.

1,991 8
10 The Weaknesses of Man

In which Regulus discovers he has an admirer.

2,001 7
11 Theories of Operation

In which the group has a little chat in the Three Broomsticks.

1,795 3
12 Even Good Guys Lie

In which Anthony’s behavior comes into question.

1,629 4
13 The Inevitable

In which the inevitable happens and Regulus reacts badly.

1,698 6
14 Cousin Bella & the Dark Mark

In which Regulus gets some news he isn’t expecting.

1,807 9
15 Just Another Day

In which Christmas comes and goes and Regulus frees himself.

2,008 7
16 He Wears Jealousy Well

In which Will’s behavior pushes Regulus close to the edge.

2,040 5
17 Time to be Honest, Sort Of

In which Regulus considers putting an end to sneaking around.

1,773 1
18 Bleeding Lips & Broken Dreams

In which Regulus learns something he isn’t able to handle.

1,391 4
19 How Quickly They Turn

In which Sirius attempts to stop a fight and Will forms a plan.

1,733 4
20 Moment of His Undoing

In which Regulus takes an unfortunate turn.

1,751 2
21 Keep Lying

In which Regulus vows to take back his life and Topher can't contain his anger.

1,806 3
22 I Hate You for Loving Me

In which Regulus debates his inner qualities.

2,007 2
23 Thicker Than Blood

In which Sirius appears and Anthony has had enough.

2,088 2
24 Here is Your Second Chance

In which Regulus is offered one last chance at redemption and Elizabeth knows too much.

1,908 1
25 Screams

In which Topher learns a lesson and so does Anthony.

2,080 2
26 This Person has a Soul

In which Regulus is faced with the ultimate descision.

2,105 3
27 Avada Kedavra

In which a devastating choice is made and not everyone lives to regret it.

2,131 2
28 Confessions, Curses & You Know Who

In which Regulus reflects on the trials he faced.

2,003 3
29 Returning to Normal

In which Regulus must attempt to resume his normal life.

2,522 3
30 Letters to Bella – I

In which Topher is given more answers than he wants.

2,296 4
31 Letters to Bella – II

In which a Quidditch spot is filled and Regulus gains some unwanted attention.

2,294 3
32 Letters to Bella – III

In which Regulus finds himself in an awkward situation.

2,454 1
33 Negotiations Over Goblin Concoctions

In which Regulus is treated like chattel and finds himself not caring.

2,185 2
34 Letters to Bella – IV

In which Bartemius finds something that he shouldn't have.

2,152 2
35 Letters to Bella – V

In which a simple key pushes Regulus over the edge.

2,040 3
36 Exactly What You Wanted

In which Sarah gets what she wants and isn't exactly thrilled about it.

2,138 4
37 How it all Ended

In which a forced farewell is made.

1,778 2
38 Stains of Dishonour

In which Regulus says far too much.

2,005 4
39 Lost & Found

In which things go very badly.

2,368 4
40 The Reality of Being a Husband

In which an old face appears with some new advice.

2,251 4
41 Brothers

In which Sirius attempts to reason with his younger brother.

2,174 5
42 Polaris Rising

In which Regulus makes a surprise friend.

2,133 4
43 All About Strategy

In which someone reaches out to Regulus.

2,108 3
44 Legilimency, Lies & the Scent of Suspicion

In which Sarah starts to have doubts about her fiancée.

2,072 4
45 I Know You Wanted It

In which someone surprises Regulus.

1,946 4
46 And When he Breaks

In which Regulus loses his temper.

2,051 4
47 Shattered Pieces Hit the Floor

In which Regulus hits a breaking point.

1,920 3
48 Diamonds in the Dust

In which someone's secret is revealed.

2,017 9
49 Flicker Back Into Darkness

In which Bartemius gets honest and Polaris is in grave danger.

1,972 7
50 Just Breathe

In which there is talk of souls.

1,955 9
51 Books & Trust

In which trust is called into question.

2,092 3
52 Another Casualty of War

In which the reality of war begins to seep into more lives.

1,716 7
53 Here's to Missing You

In which Bonnie attempts to lure Regulus back into his brother's life.

1,983 6
54 Not Strong Enough to Let You Go

In which someone must walk away.

1,988 5
55 In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

In which an old love shines new light and Regulus begins to take his life back.

2,106 11
56 Daring the Lions' Den

In which Regulus enters enemy terrain.

2,040 4
57 Poison

In which Regulus' mind is infected.

1,840 4
58 A Classic Stand Off

In which battle lines are clearly drawn.

1,670 3
59 In the Heart of the Matter

In which Orion makes his position very clear.

1,989 4
60 Must be the Wine

In which Regulus arrives in Italy and voices his confusion.

1,850 5
61 The Wicked Games they Play

In which Regulus learns a lesson and Evan gets more training than he wanted.

2,211 2
62 Worries, Waiting & a Needed Distraction

In which Regulus seeks out a little comfort.

2,072 3
63 Unexpected Assignment

In which an assignment is ordered.

1,855 3
64 Shadow of a Lost Friend

In which Regulus runs across a silvery memory.

2,009 2
65 A Truth No Longer Denied

In which Will gets honest and Regulus sinks a little deeper.

1,924 5
66 Save Me, Father

In which Regulus makes an important choice and seeks guidance from his father.

2,042 6
67 Innocent Ones

In which Regulus ventures to St. Mungos and memories of innocent times resurface.

2,163 3
68 Pride & Paranoia

In which Bartemius voices some concerns for Regulus' well being.

2,041 3
69 To Lighten His Heart

In which Bartemius offers a meaningful gift and Regulus allows happiness to take him.

1,947 2
70 Happy Christmas – I

In which Regulus leaves for Christmas Holiday and leaves Bartemius behind.

1,871 6
71 Happy Christmas – II

In which Regulus prepares for what he must do.

1,971 2
72 Happy Christmas – III

In which Regulus comes face-to-face with his brother for a Christmas to remember.

1,990 3
73 An Unlikely Saviour

In which someone unexpected comes to Regulus' rescue.

2,147 3
74 This Heart Still Beats

In which Regulus lies and Orion defies.

2,178 1
75 Goodbye Nineteen-Seventy-Eight

In which we see the end of 1978 and Regulus makes his personal loyalties very clear.

2,142 5
76 The Beginning of the End

In which 1979 begins and plans are formed.

2,006 1
77 We Could Run Away

In which things don't go according to plan.

2,055 8
78 Horcrux

In which Regulus realizes what he must do and a figure from the past comes to help him along the way.

2,269 6
79 Inside a Broken Mind

In which Regulus gets some answers.

1,982 4
80 Falling Stars

In which Regulus offers something to the Dark Lord that will seal his fate.

2,096 6
81 To the Dark Lord

In which Kreacher returns with some finalizing information and Regulus reflects back on the day his brother left.

2,236 5
82 R.A.B.

In which Regulus writes a note.

2,496 19


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