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Lily, James
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-03-09 4:51pm
Last Chapter
2011-03-09 2:12pm
Last Updated
2011-03-09 2:12pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue: Fourth Year

It started in fourth year. At the end of it. After she had begun developing the curves of womanhood, and he had grown at least half a foot. And an ego. Oh, what an ego.

1,285 16
2 Fifth Year

They were not in a relationship.

2,399 17
3 Summer

She wanted to tell someone about the emptiness, the loneliness, the ice that consumed her.

3,732 17
4 Sixth Year, Part One

Everything he did made her better. Intentionally or not.

3,525 8
5 Sixth Year, Part Two

But now, here it was, glaring at her, waving a giant red sign and screaming at the top of its lungs. She could no longer bury it, or ignore it. It was here, and it demanded attention.

3,667 16
6 Sixth Year, Part Three

One, she thought, had to be the best number ever invented.

2,782 14
7 Sixth Year, Part Four

He inhaled her scent again, completely wrapped up in the presence of her. He could feel her breath on his skin, and that was all he needed. He had found her, he realized, and both of them were gone now. Off to the secret, magical, perfect place that existed when they were together. They were a million miles away, together in his bed.

4,028 18
8 Summer, again

The three-day-flu was always vicious. It was always stealthy. It was always marked by a single sneeze. It always lasted exactly three days. And it always had impeccably awful timing.

3,546 13
9 Seventh Year, Part One

When he thought about her, and when he thought about him, and when he thought about the two of them together, it didn't make sense.

2,319 21
10 Seventh Year, Part Two

And finally, we are back to the beginning

3,663 34
11 Seventh Year, Part Three

She wakes early the next morning. The first thing in her head is a desperate hope that she has only had a terrible, terrible dream. The faint smell of James again creeping into her nostrils and the dampness of her pillow remind her that the previous nights events were, in fact, real.

1,952 14
12 Seventh Year, Part Four

Tonight, the tears stop flowing far more quickly than she expects. There is no dramatic conclusion or spectacular finality; they simply stop. One moment she is sobbing uncontrollably, and the next she is simply staring. They have been consistently shorter each night, but Lily finds it odd, that after the events of the evening it should be the shortest yet.

2,083 16
13 Seventh Year, Part Five

She sees her opportunity, and immediately decides to act on it. She rises, despite the strange looks she is receiving. “Potter!” she yells.

2,525 15
14 Seventh Year, Part Too Many

But this, she decides as the tear splashes on her knee, is the last tear she will shed for James Potter.

3,756 12
15 Seventh Year, Part Really?

Where they are now isn’t the perfect place, and it isn’t where either of them wants to be, but it’s nice. It’s a piece of beautiful scenery on the bumpy road to somewhere amazing.

3,429 13
16 Seventh Year, The End

 She loves the butterflies he gives her and the blush he puts in her face. She, though she would never admit it, loves the fact that he makes her nervous.

3,115 16
17 Epilogue: For the Rest of Eternity

 It is a splendid eternity. 

1,986 40


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