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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Tonks, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Remus/Tonks, Other Pairing
Drama, General, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-03-05 5:28pm
Last Chapter
2013-06-11 4:09pm
Last Updated
2013-06-11 4:09pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prophecy

It sounded cruel, cold, and part of Sirius wanted to yell that Trelawney was just full of crap. But he couldn’t because, deep down, he knew it was completely true.

3,498 16
2 In the Platform

That was one of the many dangers during war-time – whenever people came out of their places, they couldn’t know if they’d make it back in.

4,302 12
3 Fallen

Some are going so far as to call Potter ‘the Chosen One,’ believing that the prophecy names him as the only one who will be able to rid us of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

4,568 14
4 Memory Lane

He was up to something, she knew. Lately, he’d go out from time to time, just telling her he had to go ‘take care of something’ with that plotting grin of his all over his face

4,645 9
5 Gathering

He knew it probably had more to do with the massive amount of pregnancy hormones running through her veins than with his romantic gesture but, Merlin, had she gotten even more affectionate than usual…

4,730 9
6 Suspicions

“I’ll try not to take long,” he promised, walking his way to the corner, secluded from most people’s views by the flight of steps covering it, from where he saw Harry, Ron and Hermione emerge, visible this time around. It was like as soon as his godson laid eyes on him, he knew Sirius was aware of his little trip. “Had a nice walk?”

4,681 11
7 Protectiveness

“But…” His eyes widened when he saw her wand in her hand – she wasn’t going to curse him, was she? If that was the case, those damn hormones had just taken a turn for life-threatening when it came to him.

4,811 8
8 Normalcy

“My own daughter, an annoyingly responsible goody two-shoes,” Lulu said under her breath, shaking her head. "Unbelievable..."

4,740 10
9 Destruction

She was nearly sure it was bad news. Who could it be? Lulu? Gabe? She closed her eyes. Alex? No, not her little boy. He was safe at home, wasn’t he? Grimmauld Place was safe and Lulu was with him. Get yourself together, woman, Mia ordered herself. She was freaking out.

4,866 8
10 Celebration

Ginny didn’t want to look but her eyes wouldn’t obey and turned to face Ron and Lavender. Where was a prefect when she needed one to break it off? Oh, that’s right, he was standing right in front of her giving them all a show.

4,941 10
11 New Year

Sirius’s eyes were startled when he came awake, suddenly looking everywhere, completely confused. “Wha… what the… where’s the attack?” He looked at his wife and saw her glaring, which only confused him further. “What?”

4,907 9
12 Home

"When you’re old enough, Daddy will teach you wicked hexes to keep the…” What suitable name should he call them? “…badly-intended young men miles away from Mary. Bet Harry would help us if we asked him.”

5,095 7
13 Banquet

If everything went right, he’d know it was okay to go out every now and then and wouldn’t spend those two weeks driving her mad with fussing and pampering to the point of her wanting to use those residual hormones of hers to punch him. Badly.

5,037 8
14 Commitment

“Sorry, mate, it’s been a few months. I’m just can’t rem…” But before he could finish his words, the memory came and he stared at Remus in disbelief. “You didn’t.”

“We did.”

5,009 8
15 Poison

“You know, I still think we should have just set him loose and had a laugh with whatever he did,” Ginny whispered to Harry as she walked by his side. “He had it coming for all the bad imagery of him snogging Lavender that has been haunting my nightmares.”

5,112 10
16 Bludger

"Don’t let the fact that he’s made it into the team get it McLaggen’s head. Cocky as he is, it will swell so much people will have trouble flying near him. Then again, his big head might come handy defending the goal posts… Just be careful with him – overconfident prats often end up causing trouble.”

4,850 10
17 Darkest Magic

Mia felt tempted to try and remove the Muffliato spell altogether, which shouldn’t be hard since it had been miscast, in order to hear whatever Hermione said in the gaps but her conscience wouldn’t let her. Truth was she felt bad enough listening to her godson’s private talk even though she couldn’t bring herself to stop doing it and walk away.

5,018 9
18 Conflict

Now, his wife just stared, her mouth half hanging open as she looked at their godson. He knew by the look on her face that she had no idea what to say, so the only word that she managed to utter in a chilling whisper was predictable enough.


4,561 12
19 Blameless

He wasn’t intending to give him one of those patronizing speeches, just a little heart-to-heart with banter put aside. “A burden? What’s gotten into your head to say that, kid?”

5,151 10
20 Promises

Sirius cleared his throat as Mia headed straight to the Headmaster office’s door. “You should probably knoc…” But he wasn’t able to finish saying that as Mia simply burst the door open and barged into the room. “Oh, never mind.”

“We need to talk,” Mia announced in a firm tone.

4,932 5
21 Confrontation

“…and I demand you take an action about this, Minerva. Potter can’t get away with this!” they heard Snape saying in a stern tone.

4,722 4
22 Hidden Things

From the spot where he stood, Sirius raised his eyebrows at Narcissa’s staring and found it fitting to give her a mocking grin and a wave. At that, the blonde gritted her teeth and deepened her glare – and then, to Sirius’s surprise, started making her way to them. Well, damn, he thought – provoking her had definitely been a very bad idea…

5,591 10
23 Troubled

“What’s wrong?” Izzy asked, suddenly tense.

“No time to explain. Ginny will do it for me. I'd better go, Dumbledore's waiting,” he told her, giving Ginny’s hand a final tug before letting go of it and grabbing his invisibility cloak.

5,286 10
24 Felix

“Maybe I’m only speaking for myself but if I know I have the chance to get really lucky when trouble is coming, I take it without a doubt.”

8,181 9
25 The Last Dive

 The next thought was that he might have imagined that, in a nightmare, maybe: soon enough he would wake up with Mia’s soft form by his side and shake his head at how silly the idea of Death Eaters infiltrating Hogwarts – Hogwarts of all places! – was. That school’s protection was known as nearly unbeatable, after all.

6,602 10
26 Loss

Then, the truth was hard to deny: Albus Dumbledore was just as dead as Peter Pettigrew was. 

5,647 8
27 Insomnia

 The fact was that, no matter by how many more deaths, injuries and captured they had topped the enemy, they had lost the battle that night along with their leader.

4,911 7
28 Before and After


8,137 6
29 Request

 "If you’re aware of what they were doing, I would like to know about it.”

5,680 8
30 Illusory Confinement

 “You can start explaining what happened between you and Ginny.”

Harry hesitated. “It’s a long story.”

“Start from the beginning, then,” Mia suggested.

8,687 10
31 Meet the Dursleys

“I don’t want anything to do with your kind.” She said that last part venomously like she was referring a bunch of lepers or something of that sort before trying to close back the door. 

8,297 12
32 Memories

" I get to see, hear memories about them… but they’re never really mine, are they? I was never there to witness them"

8,740 11
33 Blood Ties

“… do you have any idea how long it takes to get here from Surrey? Ten hours! Ten bloody hours driving! And longer if you count the time we spent looking for the wretched castle! We even had to sleep in some dirty godforsaken inn to get here just to end up with some idiots telling us we can’t go in. What’s all this commotion, anyway? To protect a bloody pile of ruins? School my arse! This is a sham!”  

6,298 7
34 Falling Apart

 He swallowed hard – what he had to say was important, really important. But, Merlin, did he feel awkward at the moment… He supposed putting it off for a day or two wouldn’t harm anyone. “You know what? I could probably leave it for another time if you’re busy,” he declared, taking a step back. “I’ll just go…”

7,634 10
35 Recipe for Disaster

 All of it was a recipe for disaster and Sirius could just tell that if they didn’t fix it soon, the whole mess would blow right on their faces.

7,063 8
36 Fifth Wheel

“Come on, I’m curious! And I don’t deal well with curiosity – you’re gonna make me beg?”

She shrugged. “Sure. Beg away.” 

6,001 9
37 Apologies

 Although Mia frankly hated to admit that fact, Sirius had been completely right. Going out with Elizabeth had helped dissolve the huge amount of stress she’d been sinking under lately. By a lot.

7,997 7
38 Diagon Alley

It felt odd how quickly a couple of weeks could pass when one was fighting against time. That left two weeks to the wedding… two weeks until Harry had to leave in his crusade, two weeks to make sure he was ready… 

6,804 5
39 Paradox

 It was hardly possible that anyone in Britain hadn’t heard about the massive breakout from Azkaban. The news had been splashed on every newspaper, every magazine and every radio news report for the five days that had passed since it had happened and, ever since, a general sense of panic had spread among the wizarding community.

7,327 8
40 Baby Steps

 The baby. Merlin, Sirius thought at hearing his wife saying it. He couldn’t believe Moony was having a kid – he’d thought of that, of course, but knowing it was completely different. And, most of all, he couldn’t believe he’d done something so… selfish. Left his pregnant wife. He didn’t even know what to think.

8,029 7
41 Understanding

He’d expected yelling. He’d expected crying. He’d even expected cutlery being projected through the air. What he hadn’t expected, though, was silence. Painfully awkward silence. 

7,071 3
42 Two Days, One Note

"Mum’s not happy that you, Ron and Hermione are planning to go at all, which led her to the conclusion that the best way to get you stay is by, well, rubbing me all over you. She’s sure that either my constant presence will make you realize you’ll miss me too much or that I’ll try and change your mind somehow..."

8,614 6
43 Regulus

  Regulus had stolen a Horcrux. He’d stood up to Voldemort and that had more than likely been what had gotten him killed.

7,657 5
44 Birthday

 One might be tempted to call ‘luck’ to the fact that Harry would potentially have pleasant weather for his birthday… his godfather called it proverbial instead: the calm before the storm.

7,541 7
45 The Wedding pt 1

The day of the wedding started far too early for Izzy, never mind that she’d woken up long past nine in the morning. Basically, any hour would be too early that day as she was definitely not looking forward to it. 

10,173 4
46 The Wedding pt 2

 “That’s right. We haven’t been to a wedding since before Harry was born.” She reached back for her glass and took a sip from it. “Merlin…”

Sirius huffed. “Pitiful, isn’t it? And you know whose fault it is? Moony’s.”

10,915 6
47 Captured

 They were literally surrounded by a wall of Death Eaters, their wands had been confiscated until ‘further notice’ and there were new anti-apparition charms all over them. They were rats in a cage, for all that was worth. It killed him to know that.

10,199 8
48 A Changing Game

Everything was changing and they were all lucky they’d been allowed to go back home that night at all. If everyone had already been in constant danger before, it had only gotten worse now that Death Eaters had free reign over Wizarding Britain.  

7,039 6
49 Exile

 So, Izzy asked herself, when logic was so perfectly… logical, why did the human mind ever so stupidly insist on ignoring it for the sake of slowly cooking in a pool of simmering anxiety? She supposed that was up for the mind healers to figure out…

10,194 3
50 Deliberating

"Tell me this – if it’s all about me being underage, can you promise that in a year and a half when I turn seventeen you’ll just snap out of this and let me go take my part in the fight?” 

8,662 3
51 Those Who Go

It was the oddest thing.

Of all the things Izzy expected to bother her that day, the thought of walking into King’s Cross for the first time without Harry by her side hadn’t been one of them. 

9,207 10
52 Infiltration

Sirius looked at her in disbelief. “What do you mean by ‘Harry may have been to the ministry’?”


9,585 7
53 Action/Reaction

As much as he knew he was doing the right thing, as much as being busy with the little ones was the only thing ironically keeping him sane while knowing Izzy and Mia were miles away practically cohabitating with some of the nastiest Death Eaters he’d ever heard of, part of him couldn’t help growing frustrated that he was over there babysitting while Death Eaters were ruling the country with just a trio of teenagers actually trying to do anything about it…  

8,308 6
54 Back and Forth

Because, really, being glared and yelled at by a livid Severus Snape felt much worse than a killing curse as far as her mind could picture it. Especially, she added, with the Carrows lurking in the corner, shooting them looks that clealy said ‘I’m going to have so much fun with you lot later’… and not a good sort of fun, she imagined. 

10,311 5
55 The Way Home

All in all, it was a pretty miserable beginning to such a promising day and it sure didn’t help that it was freezing to the point of everyone’s breath creating a fog in the general area where they stood ankle-deep in snow.  

6,620 10
56 Christmas Eve

“Have I told you yet how much I missed having you here at home with me?” Mia heard her husband whispering into her ear, his arm wrapping itself around her middle as she stood in front of the wardrobe, finishing getting dressed on Christmas Eve’s morning. “Because I did,” he murmured against her neck. “I did a lot.” 

12,083 6
57 Fast Tracking

"Why is there a text book on your bed on Christmas morning?” Sirius asked. “Are you trying to get grounded, young lady?”

Izzy chuckled. “Merlin, if studying on holidays will get me grounded, I wonder what would happen to me if I ever make Head Girl.”

“Disowning, obviously,” he told her unceremoniously. “I’d have my bags packed the moment I got the badge, if I were you."

13,012 8
58 Warming Up

One day, Sirius told himself. Just one day before Mia and Izzy got home for Easter Break.  

7,989 5
59 Sidelined

“It’s Harry,” Sirius said. “He’s in trouble.” 

9,255 8
60 Saviour

 “They’re coming for you and your daughter as soon as you leave the castle. Take her and run once you get the chance.”

9,238 4
61 Saviour II

 Izzy’d only managed to get on her knees to try and push herself up when she saw a shadow on the floor from someone over herself. Before she could react, though, she felt herself screaming as two hands grabbed her by the shoulders.

7,742 5
62 Cheers

 It was only then Sirius noticed the gigantic grin on his friend's face. A grin mixed with a look of mild panic. That could only mean one thing. “It happened, didn’t it?”

“It happened,” Remus confirmed, a little stunned.

11,727 4
63 The Longest Night

Teddy Lupin was a little over three weeks old when the Blacks finally got to meet him. 

9,933 7
64 The Final Battle pt 1

“Do you think it will get that bad?” Sirius asked.

McGonagall looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “Sirius, Voldemort is just outside the school gates with the full force of his army on a tow. Since I doubt anyone on our side would be willing to hand your godson over or let Voldemort himself come in here to get Harry without a fight, yes, it may just get that bad.”


13,725 8
65 The Final Battle pt 2

It was a whole new world outside of that little safe haven in the Hospital Wing – that was particularly noticeable once they reached the Entrance Hall. Even as she followed her mother, who was already a few yards ahead, entering the Great Hall with the nurses and aurors, Izzy’s eyes didn’t stop roaming around to see all the destruction. People injured in corners, dead bodies being carried, big chunks of stone from the walls and ceilings covering the floor. It was horrifying, yet she still couldn’t look away. 

14,075 11
66 Epilogue

“What do we have to get all dressed up for in the first place? It’s just Harry…” Alex pointed out. It was beyond him why they had to get all fancy for someone they saw practically every day and who required absolutely no flourishes in their day-to-day life.

“It’s just Harry getting married, honey. You’re supposed to dress up for weddings, especially when you’re the family of the groom.”

14,005 7


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