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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Voldemort, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Horror/Dark, AU
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2010-02-28 9:50pm
Last Chapter
2013-04-29 9:18am
Last Updated
2013-05-05 3:21am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter 1 Facing Hogwarts

“Are you ready for this?” Ginny asked.

Turning to look at her, Harry had suddenly never felt as grateful for her as he did right at that moment. He wished he could put into words what it was he felt for her, but even after being together and going through so much as a couple, he still didn’t completely know what it was. Ignoring Ron and Hermione who sat across from them, Harry squeezed her hand back and gently kissed her on the cheek, his face lingering next to hers longer than necessary.

“No,” he replied truthfully.

4,741 20
2 Chapter 2 Ministry Protection

"Malfoy is just the start of your problems."

4,978 9
3 Chapter 3 The Locket's End

Well,” Harry replied guiltily, remembering what he had done whilst in Ron’s body. “I’m apologising in advance, you’re probably going to get in a bit of trouble.”

Ron was immediately suspicious. “What did you do? I mean, what did I do?” he asked apprehensively.

“You, uh,” Harry began apologetically. “You may have attacked Draco Malfoy.”

7,336 11
4 Chapter 4 Anticipation

“Even I know she was flirting with you.”


“Flirting?” Ron cried, his eyes wide with surprise. “She was not.”

4,541 13
5 Chapter 5 Confrontation

“You’d better watch her, Potter,” Malfoy added sarcastically. “It’s no wonder the Dark Lord didn’t want her.”

4,820 15
6 Chapter 6 Consequence

“What were you two thinking?” Tonks growled at them, rounding her desk and standing behind it. 

“I was thinking Malfoy needed a punch in the face,” Harry replied unrepentantly.

4,703 12
7 Chapter 7 Divided Reactions

“It’s going to be alright.”

“Stop saying that, it’s not alright!” Harry raised his voice, immediately regretful. His mind racing in confusion, he ran his fingers through his hair. “ I’m sorr-”

“Don’t apologise,” Ginny cut him off forcefully. “This isn’t your fault, you didn’t ask for any of this. You realise that, don’t you?”

6,230 13
8 Chapter 8 Damaging Readers

“Okay…let me guess, you scrubbed the Entrance Hall.”

“Yep, with a toothbrush.”

“Your own?”

“Romilda Vane’s,” Ginny admitted without remorse. “And then when I finished Filch decided the portrait frames needed to be polished.”

“I hope you returned the toothbrush,” Harry smiled against her hair.

5,203 13
9 Chapter 9 Untitled

“Harry? What is it?” Sirius asked softly.


He didn’t know where to start, or even what he was going to say at all. “It’s fine, Sirius, I-” Harry began nervously, stuttering a little. “I’ll do it.”


3,337 17
10 Chapter 10 Dark Horizon


5,368 13
11 Chapter 11 Conflicting Opinions

“I can’t trust you anymore, Harry!”


Harry stopped dead in his tracks, feeling as though he were physically winded. He stared at her incredulously for a long moment as her words started to make sense. “You think I’m cheating on you?”


5,759 14
12 Chapter 12 Words into Actions

“Hopelessly devoted, to you…” Hermione sang under her breath, confusing Harry even further.

“What on earth are you singing?” he asked, his head beginning to hurt from all the confusion.

“A song from Grease,” she replied with a smug smile, before humming the tune under her breath.

“What is Grease?”


4,930 12
13 Chapter 13 The Night is for Hunting Part I

“You’ve been quite careless, Potter,” a voice said as the light dimmed to reveal the Auror who had taken he and Hermione to the one eyed witch. “Anyone would think you wanted to die.”

10,444 21
14 Chapter 14 The Night is for Hunting Part II

“Potter! Ha, the look on your face right now! It’s priceless, isn’t it boys?” a tall young man said from beside the couch, a smug smile playing across his face as he turned to the other figures who stood proudly around the room, each of their wands either on Ron or Hermione. The young man turned back to Harry, obviously quite pleased with himself. “I’d bet yah weren’t expectin’ this then, eh?”

10,660 16
15 Chapter 15 Not Over Yet

“Isn’t anyone going to ask me what I think?” Ginny called out from the bed.

“No,” the three of them replied firmly.

5,777 14
16 Chapter 16 Patience

“Arthur Weasley has a lot to explain,” Kingsley deep voice rumbled from the seat opposite.

8,676 11
17 Chapter 17 Comfort

“Where did you go?” he asked quietly. Feeling her slip her hand into his he pulled away from her even more, unable to look her in the eye.

“I haven’t moved.”

4,875 9
18 Chapter 18 The Right Direction

“I’m scared, Gin. I can hardly feel anything else anymore.”

“It’s good to be scared,” she commented. “It means you still have something to lose.”

“Yeah,” he agreed readily. “You.”

8,745 11
19 Chapter 19 Isolation

“My dear,” Remus smiled grimly, moving away from the wall and approaching her chair. “If I were an imposter, you’d be dead by now.”

9,738 11
20 Chapter 20 Reunion

Ginny glared at him as he resumed pacing. “She hates me,” she muttered into Harry’s ear. “But it wasn’t my fault the cat caught fire!”

10,428 5
21 Chapter 21 Parting

“It’s gonna be okay, Mum,” she whispered. “He’s gonna take good care of me.”

5,863 8
22 Chapter 22 The Trace

“You’re the one full of great ideas,” insisted Ron.

“Me? You’re the genius who insisted we walk to Shell Cottage…I wanted to Apparate!”

6,785 12
23 Chapter 23 Shell Cottage

Harry couldn’t help himself, the words streaming effortlessly out of his mouth. “You haven’t changed a bit…still look like a troll.”

6,092 8
24 Chapter 24 Late Night Planning

“Oi! Could someone please explain to the rest of us?” Ron berated them impatiently.


4,721 11
25 Chapter 25 Christmas Pain

“If you don’t shut up I’ll put this fork up your nose,” Harry said sharply, brandishing a soapy fork in Ron’s direction.

10,522 6
26 Chapter 26 Departure

Harry was amazed, and couldn’t help but look at her belly again. “How did you hide that thing? I had no idea, and I saw you every day!”

6,141 7
27 Chapter 27 Diagon Alley

“That’s the Queen.”

“Ugly lookin’ thing.”

“She’s old, Ron, and on a coin! Let’s see you get your face on a coin…”

“I’ll tell you where I’ll stick your face…”

3,825 10
28 Chatper 28 Preparation

Ron shook his head, his lips pursed unflatteringly. “Then bloody stay still, you’re rubbish remember! Rubbish doesn’t move!”

6,156 6
29 Chapter 29 Padfoot's Concern

"He'd rather you pull his teeth out."

6,408 7
30 Chapter 30 The Ministry of Magic Part I

Taking a long slow breath, she tried to calm herself despite the rush of adrenaline that still held her. What did Ginny do to calm her nerves before Quidditch? Ron and Harry simply didn't eat that morning, but Ginny? She always seemed so calm, and Hermione wished she knew her secret. She had heard from Parvati that Demelza Robbins liked to meditate in her knickers before a game...but Hermione didn't fancy that at all.

6,790 9
31 Chapter 31 The Ministry of Magic Part II

“Bertie…” came the exasperated sigh of a security guard. “What are you doing now?”

9,285 5
32 Chapter 32 Kreacher's Task

“I fell….out of a tree?"

“You’re not Tarzan, Harry!”


“Why did I fall out of a tree?”

6,600 10
33 Chapter 33 Kreacher's Report

“I didn’t really eat that frog, did I?”         
Harry smirked. “You’ll never know for sure.”

6,142 7
34 Chapter 34 Malfoy's Explanation

“You saying he’s better than Dumbledore?” Ron questioned.

3,423 9
35 Chapter 35 Malfoy's Negotiation

“You have hit your mother,” Hermione interjected, her voice muffled somewhat.

“Doesn’t count when you’re seven.”

“You put her in St Mungos, not to mention the time you broke Ginny’s leg.”

7,933 7
36 Chapter 36 Risky Business

“Maybe you’d benefit from a punch in the face. I’m willing to help you out.”

9,398 7
37 Chapter 37 The Forbidden Forest

“If tea leaves are never wrong I should have been eaten by a giant marshmallow long ago.”

7,299 8
38 Chapter 38 The Finer Details

“Nearly wet his pants when he saw me come in.”

7,610 8
39 Chapter 39 Vault Seven Hundred and Fifteen

"We’ve got tiny fluff balls running amok."

5,310 10
40 Chapter 40 The Malfoy Inquisition

Chapter 40

7,412 8
41 Chapter 41 Uncertain Trust

Chapter 41

6,600 7
42 Chapter 42 The Redemption of Snape

Chapter 42

6,453 9
43 Chapter 43 Reunite

Chapter 43

6,745 11
44 Chapter 44 Catch Up

Chapter 44

8,259 10
45 Chapter 45

Chapter 45

9,850 5
46 Chapter 46 The Order Convenes

Chapter 46

6,897 6
47 Chapter 47 Malfoy Manor

Chapter 47

7,718 5
48 Chapter 48 Downtime

Chapter 48

7,145 9
49 Chapter 49 Imbalance

Chapter 49 Imbalance

8,669 10
50 Chapter 50 The Plan

Chapter 50

8,352 7
51 Chapter 51 Snape's Tale

Chapter 51 Snape's Tale

8,439 9
52 Chapter 52 Before the Storm

Chapter 52 Before the Storm

6,479 4
53 Chapter 53 The Prelude

Chapter 53 The Prelude

5,965 7
54 Chapter 54 The Battle of Hogwarts Part I

Chapter 54 The Battle of Hogwarts Part I

8,108 15
55 Chapter 55 The Battle of Hogwarts Part II

Chapter 55 The Battle of Hogwarts Part II

6,738 14
56 Chapter 56 Kings Cross Station

Chapter 56 Kings Cross Station

5,210 7
57 Chapter 57 Epilogue

Chapter 57 Epilogue

8,059 7


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