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Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC
Drama, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2010-02-26 10:28am
Last Chapter
2018-03-09 12:14pm
Last Updated
2018-03-09 12:14pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Life at 11

Try to imagine what Life at 11 means....

981 63
2 Unexpected Possibility

Uncertain life is about to take a leap...

2,536 44
3 Belonged

I tried to think about how I was going to deal with everything that was waiting for me when I reached the end of this train ride....

2,901 34
4 Vanishing Charm

Apparently it only took one line from me to make all that charm vanish into thin air. Just one.

2,464 30
5 Iron Heart

I waited for twelve days. Day and night.

3,245 28
6 September

Summer had come and passed...

3,720 26
7 Rush

I felt free and so blissfully happy from the adrenaline rush already pumping through my veins.

3,053 20
8 Enough

Sirius' POV

3,691 25
9 Crossing Borders

“Want a bite?” he whispered..

From the forbidden fruit? I wish.

2,386 20
10 Closure

“Sirius, I have to tell you something...”

His breath came out in a warm gush once more, “me too...”

4,865 32
11 Lost

"Miss Waltham, I believe you know Mr. Black?" 
I smiled...

4,551 22
12 Faceoff

 Never in a million years could I have predicted this...

3,492 29
13 Hogsmeade

 I saved the best for last. It was the grand finale. In a span of a split second my brain released the inhibition like a switch and I sprang across the vast clearing and leaped into the unknown.

6,104 26
14 Miles from Normal

His words provoked empathy within me as I wondered how far we fall when we lose a loved one...

8,117 17
15 Black Christmas

 “It’s going to be fine,” I assured him as he read on avoiding my eyes.

“You don’t know that,” he said flatly, looking up swiftly from his book, “and this is more than just dangerous, we’re breaking about a hundred rules!”

7,188 12
16 Benefit of a Friend

 Having made up my mind I took a step towards her only to be stopped by a hand on my chest.
"You sure about this?" Remus asked.

" I know what I'm doing," I nodded.

7,262 9
17 The Weasel

 “Well, I just think it’s a little strange that all this, ‘We-can’t-be-friends-because-we-are-too-close-to-each-other-and-that’ll-just-ruin-your-relationship… blah blah blah’ ” she made air quotes with her fingers, “It all started when you and Jason were getting serious right?”

7,998 9
18 Beacon of Hope

 Soon heard voices outside the portrait hole.

“Wattlebird,” said Nora’s voice and the portrait hole opened quietly.

Nora’s dark silhouette entered followed by two others.
“Why is it so damn dark in here?”

8,943 8
19 The Great Game

"The question you have to ask yourself is this: Is the thought of not finding out you weren’t good enough worth the risk of never knowing if you could’ve been great?"

9,108 8


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