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Teddy, Albus, Rose, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
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Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Angst
Next Generation
Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2010-01-31 11:33am
Last Chapter
2012-07-22 8:00pm
Last Updated
2012-09-25 10:32pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Turning Thirty

You do realize what day it is,”  Victoire said flatly, shaking her head so that her mane of blonde hair shook.

    “It's Friday, and I always stay late to brew on Fridays,”  I replied.

    Victoire groaned.  “That's not what I meant.  I meant it's October 27th!  It's your birthday for Merlin's sake!  Can't you put aside brewing for one measly day?  I mean, you only turn 30 once.”

3,936 18
2 The Study

  “Always a worrier,”  Matt muttered as we walked out to the yard to disapparate,  “Our mum.”

    “Always will be,”  I said.

4,432 12
3 Sophie Nymphadora Lupin

“You know you could've gone to Matt's and gotten the spare key.  You didn't have to wait outside.”

    “I did,”  Victoire replied as we walked inside,  “He wasn't home.  Neither was Albus.”

    “Albus had to leave again today,”  I said,  “Oh, right, Matt had to work late tonight.”

3,574 10
4 The Full Moon

“John, Kaden,”  I said as they pushed past me into the flat.

    “Matt here?”  John asked.

    “Of course,”  I said.  “But he's asleep!”

    “You sound like Madam Pomfrey,”  Kaden said as they walked towards the second bedroom.

4,140 9
5 A Surprise

“Have you got any pickles?”  Victoire asked as we were cleaning up the kitchen.

    “Pickles?”  I stared at her,  “Er, possibly in the fridge, but why?”

    “I just feel like a pickle,”  Victoire shrugged as she looked in the fridge. “Excellent,”  she grinned as she pulled out a jar.

3,915 9
6 Pickles and Ice Cream

“Amy, you're a lifesaver,”  she grinned as she pulled the top off the ice cream.  Then she took a pickle and dipped it into the container, making sure to get all three flavors of ice cream on it.

    “Vic, that's disgusting,”  Teddy grimmaced.

    “It's half your fault,”  Victoire pointed out.

2,338 7
7 Kenzie's News

“Hello?”  I called out as I let myself in. 

    “Amy?”  Mum replied from the living room.  “I didn't think you were coming over today.  Is everything all right?”

    “Fine,”  I said as I walked into the living room.  “I've got news, though.”

3,484 10
8 A Quiet Christmas Eve

I'm not sure I want to know,”  Victoire said as soon as I sat down.

    “You have to find out,”  I replied.

    “I know,”  she sighed.  “It's just that up until now I was able to think that the baby doesn't have it, but now I'm going to know for sure.”

3,212 8
9 Failed Potion

“What about everyone else?”  I asked.  “Are they all excited?”

    “Of course, they're Weasleys!”  Victoire laughed.  “That's what we do, have kids.  My grandma cried, too.  She's so excited about having another great-grandchild.”

    “I think kids that are born into the Weasley clan are possibly the luckiest kids in Britain, possibly the whole world,”  I said.

2,986 9
10 Aftermath

  “Why aren't you at work?”  she demanded.

    “Farina gave me the day off,”  I muttered.
    “Well, that just opens more questions than it answers,”  Victoire replied.

3,510 8
11 Dillan Blayney

“Morris,”  I said as he set a chart down on Natalie's desk and then picked up another.  “How is Matt doing?”

    Morris paused and set the chart back down again.  “Cancel my five o'clock,” he said to Natalie, who immediately got up and left, presumably to find Morris's five o'clock. 

3,497 10
12 Victoire's News

“Just had another Healer appointment,”  she told me.

    “You did?”  I asked.  I couldn't recall her telling me about it.  “I don't remember you saying anything about it.”

    “I mentioned it a while ago, but I'm sure you forgot after what happened,” she said.  “Anyway, they ran another test, this one to tell us the sex-”

    “Did you find out?”  I interrupted.

3,564 8
13 The Riddleless Ravenclaw

“You are a godsend,”  I said as I grabbed the dress and walked back into the bathroom.  “Where did you get it?”

    “My closet,”  she shouted through the door.  “Another one of those things I actually thought I might be able to fit into again after having Sophie but now have no hope whatsoever since having twins will surely be twice as bad for my body.”

    “Well, my wardrobe has certainly benefited from your pregnancies,”  I replied.

3,152 9
14 The Support Groups

I smiled.  “He's adorable and nice and sweet and get this, he wants to start a restaurant in Diagon Alley or some place.  A restaurant where he cooks like a Muggle.”

    “I thought you said he was a counterfeit coin checker at Gringotts.”

    “He was.  That's the job he was fired from and he actually hated it.  He wants to start a restaurant and he wants to cook me dinner,”  I said.

3,856 20
15 Falling For You

I can count on one hand the number of people in my life who can actually cook well. My mother, Victoire, Victoire's grandmother, Kaden Dursley, and now Dillan are the only people I know who can cook. And by cook I mean more than just boiling water for pasta or cooking eggs.

3,461 15
16 To Find a Cure

"We're here because we all have one thing in common. We all have a brother or sister with lycanthropy.”

“Except you,” Kate muttered as she picked at the black nail polish on her nails. “You're just some St. Mungo's witch who got picked to run this stupid group.”

3,298 14
17 Good News and Bad News

Dillan met me outside the hospital at six. I was only fifteen minutes late which must have been some sort of record for getting out of work. He was wearing an unusually large grin on his face and holding up a set of gleaming silver keys in his left hand.

3,539 8
18 Hampton Memorial

It felt slightly strange to wait in a hospital with Matt. Looking back, I had spent a lot of time in hospitals over the years not even including work. When I was a kid we spent a lot of time waiting in hospitals for Matt. I never had anyone to wait with in those days.

3,219 9
19 12:48 a.m.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion after that call. Mum set the mobile down and went immediately up to her bedroom. Dad followed. I sat for hours in the living room, unsure of what to do, unsure of what to feel. Sadness, of course. But what else?

3,140 10
20 Cinda's Will

“Cinda changed the will after Richard died?” Mum asked. “More than just switching all the assets to be in her name only?”

Peter's eyes widened. “Cinda did not tell you about the change?”

Mum's face paled. “N-no. She never mentioned a thing about changing her will.”

3,449 11
21 The Funeral

“Some of my earliest memories involve my grandmother,” I began. “My family spent Christmas with her and my grandfather every year for as long as I can remember. One of the first things I remember her telling me was 'Don't call me Grandma. It makes me feel old'."

3,396 8
22 The House that Built Me

I slipped into the dress and pulled up the spaghetti straps before zipping it up. It was slightly too big, but after looking in the mirror I saw that I actually looked decent in it. More than decent, actually, and I immediately wondered what Dillan would think of it.

4,112 10
23 Stay the Night

The evening was wonderful. We had dinner and then strolled down the streets of London, ignoring everyone else, and catching each other up on our lives.

3,270 11
24 Meet the Family

“So you must have gone to Hogwarts, then,” Matt said. “What house were you in?”

“Ravenclaw,” Dillan said. “The only Ravenclaw who couldn't figure out the riddles.”

Matt snorted into his glass and set it down. “Wait. You're the Riddleless Ravenclaw!”

4,041 9
25 Baby Shower

Everyone was looking up at me expectantly and it struck me how much these kids trusted me and relied on me. Even Liane, who had been reading the entire hour, now looked up from her book.

3,812 11
26 Remus John and Henri William

“Amy! Thank God!” Victoire exclaimed when I walked in.

“Victoire!” I replied. “When did you get here?”

“About an hour ago,” she answered. “Merlin, Teddy, quit pacing! You're making me crazy!”

“Sorry, sorry,” Teddy said as he sat down in the chair next to the bed.

3,441 6
27 Life With the Twins

“Teddy?” I asked. “You realize it's six in the morning?”

“I haven't been asleep at this hour in three weeks,” Teddy said. “But yeah, I realize it.”

“What's wrong?” I replied, kneeling down next to the floo.

3,297 5
28 The Rusty Bludger

“You know,” I began, “the moon actually makes for the worst stargazing. It's too bright and you can't see the dimmer stars.”

Dillan laughed. “We'll just have to do this again when the moon isn't there.”

4,038 8
29 The New Strain

I'd just walked out of my study when I saw Rose hurrying up the corridor, a stack of parchment in her arms. She looked slightly shocked, which piqued my curiosity.

“Rose, what is it?” I asked as she reached me. I gestured her into my study.

“I've been trying to find you all day,” she said as I shut the door behind us. Rose set the parchment down on my desk and began pacing the room. “It's the results.”

3,868 9
30 Front Page News

“You're front page news,” Dillan said the following morning, as he handed me a copy of the Prophet.

“Front page?” I asked as I took the paper. “I wasn't expecting that.”

3,686 7
31 Silas Humphrey

“What is it?” Matt asked as he sat down in one of the red leather chairs.

“Don't be upset I didn't tell you about this earlier,” I said. “But it had to be kept quiet due to the research and stuff.” I took a deep breath. “You know how it's really rare that we know who bit you, right?”

“Yeah... What's that got to do with anything?” Matt asked.

3,247 11
32 It's Not That Simple

“You okay?” I asked as I set the Butterbeers down on the table and slid onto the booth opposite Matt.

“I don't know how Humphrey can work at that place,” Matt said after taking a long swig of Butterbeer. “We were in there, what, ten minutes? My head is throbbing.”

“They had the aconite right there in an open cauldron,” I said. “It's supposed to be kept covered at all times. But are you okay, otherwise? I mean about meeting him?”

3,334 10
33 An Epiphany

I told my parents about the breakup during the full moon. In retrospect that was probably a bad idea. Mum took it poorly. I suspected she thought Dillan and I would get married and give her grandchildren, despite the fact that Mum had never voiced her desire for grandchildren before.

3,204 8
34 Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Clint

“Kenzie, I look awful in my dress,” Morgan exclaimed as we gathered in the living room before setting off for the hens night. “I just tried it on and it makes me look fat.”

“Mor, you're eight months pregnant. You're going to look fat in everything,” Mari said.

“Shut up,” Morgan said.

3,356 8
35 Change of Heart

“This has been bugging me all day,” he said. “You look so familiar.”

“So do you,” I said. “But why weren't you at the rehearsal dinner?”

“Couldn't get off work,” he muttered. “If I'm wrong about this, I'm going to get into so much trouble.... Honestly, I must be wrong. You're Kenzie's friend from England and I know there's no way Kenzie can have a friend who's a-”

3,885 10
36 Trust

“What have I walked in on?” I shouted over the vacuum.

Al shut off the vacuum. “We're cleaning!” he exclaimed.

“I got that. But why? You two haven't cleaned this flat, well, ever.”

3,464 7
37 Together Again

“Did you know that February in 1865 is the only recorded month without a full moon?” I said after a few minutes of silence.

“Er, no,” Dillan said. “That was random. Why are you here, Amy? I miss you. God, do I miss you, but I made myself clear.”

“I want to explain something to you,” I said. “If you'll listen.”

3,383 11
38 One Step Closer

I flipped to the next sheet. The one with just asphodel had failed. That meant that the snake fangs, witch hazel, and garlic passed! “Merlin, this is amazing!”

“Congratulations,” Paul said.

“One step closer,” I said.

3,245 8
39 A Good Different

I took the box and untied the ribbon. It was a a small jewelry box, like the type a necklace would come in. I opened it and saw a gold necklace with two charms. One was a crescent moon and the other was a very tiny wolf.

“It's not a regular wolf. It's a werewolf,” Dillan said. “Look closely.”

2,021 16
40 Epilogue

“Victoire!” I said as she sat down next to me. “You found a babysitter?”

“Nana Molly,” she said. “Told me she was too old for parties at pubs for New Year's Eve and would rather spend the night in with her husband and three great-grandchildren.”

I laughed. “Works for you. You get a night off.”

“I know! Haven't had one in months,” Victoire said. “I saw your article. I'm so happy for you. And for Matt.”

1,779 20


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