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1 Prologue

I sighed. This was it. The truth revealing time. Bye-bye secrets. ___________________________________________________________________

Mermaid Merlynn,” Aurora said quietly. All of them fell silent to catch her words. “ Tell us the story of Mermaid Merlynn ”. She and Alex passed a look between each other; I knew only too well why she picked the story. It wasn’t a written story, but the one they grew up listening to.

4838 7
2 Unbelievers

 It was an owl, a rare bird to be seen in daytime. Of course, she has heard the hoots at night, but this was the first time she ever saw one. It was beautiful. She hooted softly trying to catch its attention, and succeeded, to her own surprise. The owl hooted back and briefly brushed her shoulder before flying away.

She vowed to never forget the magic of that moment. Ever.

3308 3
3 Stop This Train

The hanging leaves rustled as the train gently pushed through them. It was as if they were whispering to the train. Whispering praise and wonder, and astonishment. A word of courage here and there. A signal of a new course, a new switch of the tracks. They whispered until the train completely disappeared into the cave.

5574 2
4 There's A Place

“Wow,” Maitri said at the same moment that Dumbledore drew a sigh. “What a place!”

“We call it Diagon Alley,” Dumbledore informed her as she skipped onto the nearly crowded alley, leaving him to amble in behind her. “The oldest, largest, completely magical street of England.”

4070 2
5 Somewhere Only We Know

“I’m Muggle-born,” Lily declared after a few minutes, breaking the silence. “ And I really hate that boy next compartment.” 

“I am, too,” Maitri admitted, causing Snape to look up from Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1. “A Muggle-born, I mean. Um… why?” 

3654 2
6 Hello, Little Girl

The whole Great Hall burst in laughter, and many older students shook their heads knowingly. Dumbledore had been declared insane unanimously among the students. 

Maitri smiled at his choice of words. It sounded rather like a riddle, more than four inscrutable words. She grinned wider when he looked in her direction, but her smile fell as he gave her a worried look. However, he smiled quickly, realizing his mistake, and gestured her to look in front of her. 

4503 2
7 The Headmaster Ritual

“The four founders each left behind something of theirs at Hogwarts,” Dumbledore said. “That sword over there is Gryffindor’s, And the Ravenclaw tower retains her huge personal library. Slytherin left behind a secret room in the school -” 

“The Chamber of Secrets?” Maitri interrupted him, her memory sparking. “I read something about it in Hogwarts: A History.” 

“Well, yes,” Dumbledore agreed, impressed. “and Helga Hufflepuff left behind her pet Giant Squid.” 

5057 1
8 Green Is The Colour

The whole of the common room remained silent, transfixed by the little girl in the strange posture, whispering foreign words. So transfixed, that none of them noticed their pets moving towards her until one toad hopped up to her shoulder and croaked.

5582 2
9 Interlude: 1

I was distracted by both James and Albus yawning at the same time - identical yawns to those I witnessed years ago. It was painfully familiar. James and Sirius, a Christmas dinner, a sleepy round of yawns and stories. 

1262 2
10 Idioteque

“Duelling in the corridors!” Madam Pince shrieked, giving Maitri the answer. “And Second Years - have you any discipline at all! What do they teach children nowadays in this days!?” 

Duma jumped down from Maitri’s shoulder and stretched out her small body. She sniffed the nearest shelf inquisitively and began trotting away from the small enclosure. 

6228 0
11 Life In A Glasshouse

 Even though others would say it was like being in a zoo or a museum on the other side of the glass wall, where people deigned to look at you, and never speak. Accurately right, but Maitri loved being like this. Surrounded by animals that didn’t think and discriminate her. By friends that were always there for her, never speaking, never going away.


7486 1
12 Pocketful Of Miracles

One moment there was this inhuman, skeletal man standing there, gazing through the door as if it weren’t there, and the next second, a boy, not but few years older than herself, stood in the same place, his cold grey eyes staring into her own brown ones, an expression of extreme hatred etched on it.  

6614 2
13 Interlude : 2

 “Mommy,” Rose Weasley whined, tugging on Hermione’s jacket. “Albus is pulling my hair!”

“Now, now, sweetie,” Ron Weasley pulled his daughter onto his lap. “You should pull his hair-”

“Or whack him at the back of his head,” Astoria supplied helpfully, sipping her cherry wine. 

1424 1
14 Where No One Knows

 “I wanted you to meet Mother,” Regulus replied. “She has a good voice with the Dark Lord, and she knows contacts from the Ministry’s foreign embassies. Basically, she’s the head of the pureblood society.”


7834 1
15 Trafalgar Square

 “What’s that?” Maitri asked Paul, tugging on his baggy jumper. He looked at what she was referring to, and smiled.

“You spotted it!” he exclaimed in surprise. “Mr. Aberforth, she spotted it sooner than Yvonne Braxton could’ve spotted the snitch!”

7041 1
16 Make A Miracle

 It was a ring. A strange one, that looked like a snake. Set in silver and a large green stone for the eye, the snake appeared to be closing its jaws upon its own tail.

“The circle has no beginning, nor ending,” she whispered, quite to herself. It was beautiful ring, and the stone seemed to have a fire of its own. “Thanks, Hagrid. I miss the nifflers. Can you tell them so?”

5264 1
17 Spread Your WIngs

 “Asking you to Hogsmeade?”

“On a date.” Lily added the roots ferociously to the brew, and attacked the cauldron with the ladle. “Especially when he knew I’d refuse, and that Potter was too stubborn about his big head, and his even bigger ego!”
“A… date?” Maitri repeated unsurely. 
Lily stopped midwork and looked at her friend. “You don’t know what a date is, do you?”

10148 2
18 Status : Seeker

 And Elena Rozvitz was playing for Gryffindor. Being one of the fastest seekers in the history of the red-and-gold team, her presence in the Gryffindor team made it near invincible.

“Which is why I know their weaknesses,” Malfoy informed a totally bored Quidditch team one frosty practice before Christmas holidays. Hadar Ferguson and Grus Keyser were the only ones who even feigned listening to their captain.

9193 1
19 The Best Things In Life Are Free

 He stopped suddenly and turned to Maitri, who realized it was part of a carol that he was singing.

“You know, you look like a new born camel,” Peeves commented, flipping upside down in midair. “In midst of Bethlehem.”
Maitri groaned and pushed the poltergeist away. “Go pester someone else, Peeves.”

6218 1
20 Five Days Of Glory - Part 1

“And what’s good about this week?”
“It’s Narcissa’s birthday today,” Maitri replied. Lily looked up and then around the couples-filled grounds.
“Oh, poor thing,” she said. “Imagine having your birthday on the most dreadful day of the year.” 

7115 2
21 Five Days Of Glory - Part 2


 She lost track of it, too, once, after being nearly run into by Rozvitz and a stray bludger at the same time, but both girls ducked and collided with each other instead of the bludger. 

“Awesome bludger by the highly potential Black!” the commentator appreciated. “Pity it missed its target, and good it didn't hit his own team's seeker!"

4726 3
22 A Secret Revealed

“It is, afterall, my birthday. Aren’t I supposed to get my wishes or something?”
Narcissa chuckled as they slipped into the Vipers’ panel, thankfully unnoticed, due to the recent jubilations over Slughorn’s announcement.
Well, almost unnoticed.

5520 4
23 The Harder They Fall

Maitri stayed silent, and lowered her wand. It was instantly much darker, but the girl could still make out the dark outlines of the Founders, and they, hers.
“Do I look like a human now?” she asked softly, feeling completely alien to the situation. She felt hurt. No one felt she deserved to be elsewhere, in a kinder, nicer place, did they?

6537 2
24 Inferno


But there was nothing but a bundle of soiled green cloth. Maitri recognized it as her own Quidditch scarf, something she must have forgotten in the Commonroom during the last time she was there. But what struck her was what it looked like it was stained with. Dark, forbidding and fresh, it looked like blood.


9274 2
25 Song Without A Name

 "Was it a... song?"

7911 2
26 Heaven Out Of Hell

 The Penseive was a beautiful basin, as big as a baby’s tub. It had some beautiful swirling material in it, which seemed as light as a feather and as liquid as oil. It moved even if she blew at it from the distance of a few feet.

Dumbledore promptly told her she must play with that silvery fluid, because they were thoughts. Memories. Incidents in remembrances that which had to be taken out to give more space to new ones.

5792 1
27 Interlude : 3

 The other kids were happy with the story. Perhaps, someday, they’d get to know the whole version, but, for now, this substitute would do.

“Lame story,” he said, disappointed. “Is she still there?”
It took me a moment to figure out that it was a hidden compliment.

1099 0
28 Bodhisattva

“Come on, Akka,” he pleaded. “Let’s go to the ground. I’ll teach you how to play tennis, and you can watch me do my famous moves.”

4980 1
29 Bodhisattva - Part 2

 Maitri watched as the Bodhisattvas erupted into form in each species. He was a pigeon, a hawk, a sparrow, a fish, a deer - and so on. In each birth, the Bodhisattva was exceeding singular, and easily distinguishable from the rest of the herd, pack or shoal, with his pure white skin, and the beaming benevolence that radiated from him.

3032 0
30 Watching Rainbows - Part 1

“There have been bad happenings in the Wizard world, too,” he said in a low voice. “Not only muggles; Woodlewart’s hunting muggleborns, too.”
It was Maitri’s turn to smile. “Voldemort, Paul; he’s calling himself Voldemort.”
Paul grinned. “I know. But my name for him is just cooler.” 

4570 8
31 Watching Rainbows - Part 2

"Grandpa, about the wedding – it was like nothing I know! We were only a few of us – the Prewetts, the Weasleys and Ted Tonks’ Muggle sister, and me. They screamed a lot, cried a lot, and laughed a lot, that I wonder how we were never discovered by the Death Eaters all the way down the country. Magic, I suppose (!). 

7457 8
32 Message in Blood - Part 1

“Ta DA!” a voice shouted as the compartment door opened and a burst of smoke issued forth. Both Maitri and Severus shot to their feet, their wands in their hands, reacting to unusual stimuli as instructed by Professor Fenwick, whereas Lily remained seated - her expression slightly manic.

8059 1
33 Message in Blood - Part 2

 Peter refused to be pulled by her. “No,” he said in a slightly panicky voice. “They will only humiliate us further if detentions fell.”

“Then, let’s fight them!” she cried. “Duel them and teach them not to act like a pack of wolves upon a single person!”

3896 2
34 Silent Scream

“I read a lot.” Maitri sniffed a little, pausing. “It comes in handy when you have people ‘round you who want to mess up your life.”
“Maitri, Ms. Black is here,” Albus Dumbledore announced loudly, making her stop her rant and go limp again.  

3339 4
35 Nature's Law

“I, Regulus Black, am not an insensitive hypocrite!” her friend declared, puffing out his bony chest.
 “Jump into the water.”
 The poor boy looked taken aback. “What?” he croaked nervously, certain that he had misunderstood Maitri’s words.
“I told you to jump into the water,” she repeated, looking at him seriously.

5491 6
36 Shadowland

Maitri blinked, running her mind through all possibilities. Though she could come up with only muggle solutions – a tape recorder of sorts – but they were incredibly expensive and not fit for magical use. Perhaps, a charm or two – on a parchment, with an Infinite Ink Quill, activated by the sound of human voice or some password; after all, she had researched quite a bit on password charms… 

6164 4
37 Somewhere I Belong

The elf and the boy pointed their fingers at each other and cracked an identical grin that was almost shocking. Then, both of them looked at each other, and realizing what they had just done, frowned at each other and shook their heads solemnly. And then dissolved into laughter.
Maitri blinked. Life at Hogwarts couldn’t get any stranger.

6427 4
38 The Boy In The Bubble - Part 1

“Because you instigated this system?”
“Initiated it, Ms. Harys,” Sirius corrected her smugly.
“Stop sounding like a house-elf, Black,” Maitri and Alex scoffed him immediately. 

3547 2
39 The Boy In The Bubble - Part 2

“But yer still not going ter ride on them again,” Hagrid told her firmly. “If someone sees yer… and yeh can’t get too attached ter them. Yeh’ll be leaving in a few years time.”
“Not if I also build a cottage next to yours and stay on as the Assistant Groundskeeper,” the girl argued. “So, if we can move to the Hippogriffs next…”


3613 3
40 A Rose For Emily - Part 1

“Where on earth do you even get these weird ideas, Alex?”
“From Witch Weekly, of course,” he answered coolly. “Alice keeps up a whole stack of them for bedside reading whenever we go to live at the Malfoy Manor.”
“Oh, I can imagine.” 

4421 2
41 A Rose For Emily - Part 2

It had never occurred to her that she could be of help to others who couldn’t duel as well as she could – she had taken it for granted that Lily Evans and Dorcas Meadowes and most of the other chosen captains were all for that role; so what was indeed different about her?
Wasn’t it only a few days ago that she’d argued that people had treated differently because they discriminated her? Now, she was setting herself aside, ripping off the only chance she had in associating with her classmates. 

4717 0
42 Once Upon A December

“That’s…” insane, stupid, silly, crazy, extremely far-fetched, annoying, idiotic, so funny as hell, downright ostentatious, frilly, eighteenth-century Crusader-style, ancient pharaoh-style, green-fingers-style, eco-conservationist-ic, phenomenally obsequious; Alex had more all the more words in his head, but refrained from any of the negative ones, and settled instead for a positive one. “Fine. You guys must know to namesomething.”

7548 2
43 Once Upon A December - Part 2

“It’s a little freaky, Evans,” said a voice behind them. The girls whipped around to meet the silhouette of Sirius, who smiled at them cockily. “Never took you to be a vampire.”
Maitri rolled her eyes. The British and their vampire jokes. Sirius Black nodded at Maitri, who nodded back to him. 

5559 3
44 Salvation


“She’s wonderful, isn’t she?”

Charlie stirred at the sound of Andy’s enthusiastic cry, and snuffled against Maitri’s neck, before his eyes opened to let his vision fall on the newborn girl in the witch’s arms.

“Ba-wee,” he stated softly, his fingers curling and uncurling from his tiny fist. “Ba-wee.” 

8393 4
45 Witchcraft - part 1

Then, quite suddenly, something hit his shoulder. Stunned, Sirius turned around and picked up the object. Now, confused, he stared at the lake, rubbing absent-mindedly at the spot that smarted on his shoulder.
How did the stone he kicked into the lake come back out to hit him? 

4816 2
46 Witchcraft - part 2

“Move, Maitri,” Severus ordered through gritted teeth. “Don’t meddle with what’s not your mettle, girl!” 
“Not unless you put down your wands,” Maitri said firmly, even though her voice held the slight tremors of fear that coursed through her.  “No one needs to fight now,please.”
 “Yes, we do,” Potter snapped at her. “Get-out-of-the-bloody-WAY!” He reached forward and shoved at her.

3018 2
47 Fall of the Peacemakers

“‘Nobility’, ‘loyalty’, ‘resourcefulness’, etc.”
“Not to mention ‘serpentility’!”
“Bah!” Severus said, snorting humorlessly. “Our reptilian fame precedes our human qualities. Yes, definitely, ‘slithering, shimmering serpentility’.” 

8110 1
48 One of Us

"Why would someone you never know not introduce himself by his name?”
Maitri looked at Alex, frowning. “Why is it assumed that it is a ‘he’?”
Alex flashed a grin at her. “Coz witches can’t stop themselves from telling others who they are,” he reasoned, earning another jab from Maitri’s irate wand.
“Ouch-och! Stop it, you stupid spirit wood!” 

9645 12
49 Silent Eyes

The unicorn’s horn, though fully developed, rested lightly on the top of Maitri’s head. The beast itself breathed in the same rhythm as the girl, who couldn’t help but notice that there was some overpowering familiarity in its beautiful, deep, amber eyes, and the way it met her gaze. 

7965 7
50 Greenfingers

"You start with getting the word out about it.”
“Me?” Regulus asked, incredulous. “Why me?”
“You have influence,” Maitri pointed out easily. “And people find the impulse to listen to you, that’s why.”
Maitri smiled at the hope in his voice. 

5347 2
51 Interlude : 4

I laughed. I think I like this girl.
“I heard George Weasley is coming for breakfast,” she said, looking at me as I cleaned the coffee pot away with my wand. “If I were you, I’d make sure the kids don’t get too many ‘gifts’ from him,” she finished enigmatically. 

1131 3
52 Indian Summer

“You can see it your way, Maitri, but the day will surely come and when it does, you will still yield to your parents’ words. What difference would it make if you considered the option now, or five years later?”
Maitri was on the verge of horrification. Complication of matters of the heart was the last thing she wanted on her mind between Voldemort, Magic and the Recent Fiasco of a certain Gideon Prewett. 

5082 0
53 Curses

A pale witch sitting three chairs down turned and bared her teeth at both of them, neatly establishing the fact that iced dragon blood didn’t do much for her vampiric thirst. Paul Trump hastily pulled Maitri off her seat at the Leaky Cauldron and into the Diagon Alley, safe in to the sunlight. 

10308 3
54 Rose's Turn

“James Potter will not join your ranks,” Maitri pointed out. “He hates you more than anything.”

“Then Mr. Sirius Black will die,” the Dark Lord replied icily, with a smirk. “For forfeighting the promise his father made for him.” 

7271 3
55 In Only Seven Days

Before him stood a person Sirius would not understand, despite the fact that Regulus was his own brother,and more than a year younger. However, Sirius couldn’t figure out who was the bigger person in that moment – his own angst-ridden, lovesick self, or the boy who had pushed away an entire lifetime of beliefs just in order to help a brother who had publicly treated him lesser than he would treat a disobedient house-elf. 

9093 3
56 In Only Seven Days - Part 2

Maitri’s strength waned. Her hands shook as she gripped Emily’s shoulders. Her vision became blurry and hazy. She was about to fall over when a hand grasped her shoulder, preventing her collapse. 

4364 5
57 Dead Flowers

“The color does narrow the nature – and the speed, down,” Holmes assured her. “Perhaps the Spellogists will be able to work out the kind of curse that will give out a green color, be dark and aim to hurt. Unless, of course, it was the Killing Curse, then we just found a new way to counteract with the deadliest curse in Latin.” 

7715 4
58 Virtual Insanity

Hagrid took a step back. In all his life, he had never seen or known a creature that could be a talking leopard one moment, and just transform into a near-extinct creature in the next.
“Something you have never come across, biped,” the lion remarked, the voice deep and strong enough to rumble the earth under Hagrid’s feet. “You will do good to not bother me in the future.” 

7038 4
59 How can we be friends?

"If you could just look up on Mermish activities, you’d find that they are, among other magical water creatures, the most skilled in healing, speed and plant-care. Selkies are also reportedly the most intelligent creatures underwater and are said to be as wise as centaurs pretend to be.”
“So, you’re saying…”
“Hello, Mermaid-ette Harys. I hope everything in your life is swimming in absolutely fine waters.” 

9198 2
60 The Great Compromise

Tom Riddle seemed to take half an eternity to revert back into the mask of Lord Voldemort, his eyes brightly alit as he scanned the faces of the uptight witches and wizards who fancied themselves part of his army. These were insufferable fools he was looking at, but nevertheless, his means to achieving the end that he had spent most of his life working towards.

8854 1
61 The Great Compromise - PART 2

“A changeling is a wild child – a human child of inhuman origins,” Salazar explained. “It was the term anyone would call a child that exhibited signs of magic that couldn’t be called wizardry or witchcraft.”


3663 1
62 Definition of Wrong - Part 1

“That’s the panic uninhibitor,” Maitri replied, still looking at the vial. “It’s a prolonged spell that an ingredient is exposed to in order to weaken the barriers between the panic centers in the brain to reduce the stress. It sort of works like a weak Veritaserum by loosening the thought barricade in the brain – the voluntary action of holding back –,”
“Shut up,” Sirius snapped at her suddenly, smiling wryly. “I can’t understand a word of that.” 

5793 1
63 Definition of Wrong - Part 2

“I was just swimming,” Sirius replied, feigning a look of innocence. “I suppose she came after me before it was after curfew, and, well, she’s a sodding perfect prefect.”
“He scampered after seeing me come after him,” she explained. “It was natural to think he was doing something against the rules, so I chased him to ask what he was doing. And to put him in detention or something.”
“Fortunately for me,” Sirius said, grinning. “Or something is delicious.”

7087 4
64 An End Has A Start - Part 1

The girl in question sighed and put her hand to her face before answering. “It felt like kissing a brother or something,” she admitted. “And we both had a good laugh over that for a week.”
“Why didn’t he ever tell us?” Peter asked Remus, who shrugged in reply. 

7889 2
65 An End Has A Start - Part 2

Good and evil was inside everyone, Slytherin or Gryffindor, and he or she who chose which side to follow never thought their way was the evil one—
“The last half an hour,” Professor Flitwick announced, jolting Maitri back to her senses. Worriedly, she checked her answers, hoping they were alright, despite her wandering mind. She bit down a groan as she spotted a couple of mistakes, and shook her head clear of thoughts about evil and good. Right now, her priority was her exam. 

5614 1
66 Atlantis

"This theory, also known as the Paradoxia Existentialis Magus, states that life-magic, especially the root of existence for wizards and witches to be what they are, must also have such a super-being or race, like dragons to fire, or krakens to water, in order for magic to run in our veins and not harm us as it would a muggle." 

6897 3
67 Rainbow Veins

“Well, I’m sixteen, your sister and I are in the same academic year, we have classes together, and she may be famous, I guess,” Sirius replied in a single breath, reaching out to tickle the fruit that will open into the kitchens. “Now, you shouldn’t be scared, there are some tiny people in this room who look like—,”
“House-elves!” Chandru completed the sentence, excited at the sight he could see when the kitchen was finally open.  

10048 7
68 If Tomorrow Never Comes

Uncertainty twisted with intrigue wove around her insides, and after a long moment, she slipped her school shoes off, softly, and then the green and silver socks. The floor, that looked so cold, felt warm under her toes. And sure enough, a dull glow grew under her feet as well.
“You are from the motherland,” Rowena Ravenclaw breathed out. Oskar’s eyes snapped away from Maitri to the portrait. “You are one of them."

8606 2
69 Manifest Destiny

“You’re right,” Sirius admitted in a small voice. With a swish of his wand, his trunk closed and locked itself shut. “Come with me, Reg.”
“Let’s leave together,” Sirius said, the unease in his face hardening into determination. “Come with me, and you can also escape this madness.” 

9455 1


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