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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Angst
Next Generation
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2010-01-30 1:34am
Last Chapter
2014-09-09 7:03pm
Last Updated
2014-09-09 7:03pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 When She Was Born

Rose Weasley's birth brings some tension between the Weasleys and the Malfoys. 

2,680 42
2 15 Years Later

Rose and Scorpius are now 5th years and they hate each other more then ever which results to a nasty fight.

2,178 26
3 Situations and Punishment

Rose and Scorpious are in for along punishment and their parents are in for a reality check.

2,478 20
4 Friends and Other Company

The aftermath of the meeting.

1,203 10
5 Chit Chat and Detention

The first of many detentions. Things become pretty heated during their first detention, Rose and Scorpius realize that being in detention together wont be as easy as they thought for two people who absoluty loath each other.

3,785 14
6 Pushy Friends and The Enemies Talk

Its a big Quidditch game and Rose and Scorpius have detention along with an actuale conversation.

4,688 30
7 In the Bird Cage

Some interesting things happen while Rose and Scorpius are forced to clean the Owlery as their detention.

5,700 24
8 Are We Friends?

Scorpius and Rose finally answer the question are they friends and they both understand why they shouldnt be friends.

4,115 27
9 Skipping Class and Some Awkwardness

Rose and Scorpius skip class together and talk about their lives. Rose has a very odd dream.

4,422 21
10 Forgotton Birthdays With Unexpected Reactions

It's a birthday that Scorpius will never forget,

5,149 20
11 Are We On Trial

What happenes when McGonagall ask them some on the spot questions.

3,524 12
12 A Lot Can Happen in a Year

What happenes when some time passes.

3,488 14
13 Pushed Together

Scorpius and Rose get thrown together again and end up sick.

5,082 18
14 I'm Here For You

Rose and Scorpius talk and figure some things out.

2,583 28
15 I Want You

Scorpius spends a lot of time thinking about Rose.

3,168 20
16 Time to Move On

The quidditch game is coming up and Ben gets a tuff life lesson. While Rose has some feelings that she is not sure about.

4,379 25
17 Secrets and Dancing Kisses

Scorpius' true feelings come out and what Rose's reaction is.

3,959 43
18 Collision

What happened after the kiss.

3,805 29
19 What is Love?

Rose avoids her problems through a lot of sleeping while Scorpius hangs on to some hope. And special moment at the end.

5,706 38
20 Running Around

Rose and Scorpius find ways to be together while hidng from others. 


3,345 28
21 Issues

Rose and Scorpius have troble keeping things a secret.


3,901 19
22 Flying Off the Handle

Rose finds herself in situations that she is not sure how she got in to.


4,260 49
23 Paranoia and Secrets Revealed

Rose feels like someone is watching her and some people accidently see Rose and Scorpius.

3,889 37
24 Game Time

It is the big game and Rose has a confrontation whith someone.

3,045 25
25 Complications and The Truth

Bryan talks to Vivian, and Albus learns the truth.

5,596 44
26 Insight With Downfalls

Rose and Scorpius deal with their parents.

3,097 29
27 Staring Eyes

How they handle everyone knowing.

2,980 29
28 Burning Fire

More and More drama

2,537 31
29 The Letter

Rose reads the letter.

2,834 16
30 Breathe

Rose and Scorpius talk.

2,022 36
31 Forgiving and Understanding

It's a month after the break up.

3,907 15
32 Bitter Sweet Talks

Rose and Scorpius Talk

5,357 13
33 Epilogue

The last chapter

3,237 33


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