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    Molly, Draco, Teddy, Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Hugo, Rose, Victoire
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing
    Humor, Romance
    Next Generation
    Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2010-01-17 10:28pm
    Last Chapter
    2013-07-02 7:20pm
    Last Updated
    2013-07-02 7:20pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 New Neighbors

    “What just happened?” Fred asks me in monotone, too shocked to put emotion in his voice.

    “It’s the Apocalypse,” I explain.

    A Big Blonde Apocalypse.

    4,902 24
    2 The Cook Out

    “Rose,” Albus starts, turning to the blonde before him. “You know Scorpius.”

    Time is moving so slow, I can feel the rotation of the earth.

    “Uh.” My mouth snaps shut and then back open and then the cycle begins again.

    7,739 20
    3 Muffins And Chicken

    Albus Potter moves towards me and sees my reaction and follows my eyes. He spots Lily getting up and getting into the water right behind Scorpius, no questions asked. Albus shakes his head too, except he’s laughing.

    “Maybe we should just get her a cardboard cut out of him.”

    “So she can pray to it at night.”

    “And make a shrine and collect his blonde hair.”



    8,953 32
    4 Teenage Tricks And Aussie Flicks

    Oh, when life was simple and no one had to wax their private areas…

    7,970 20
    5 Malfoy Family Drama

    You do not tell a woman like Astoria Malfoy that you won’t go into her house.

    5,134 23
    6 Bloody Noses

     A month has gone by since we first arrived at Big Blue and not once has he looked at me the way he is now. My cheeks grow hot but I can’t look away (to my utter embarrassment). I’m flushed in a matter of seconds. He sucks. Scorpius Malfoy is the absolute worst.


    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    6,567 9


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