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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Drama, Angst, Young Adult
Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-12-18 9:07pm
Last Chapter
2010-03-19 7:28pm
Last Updated
2010-03-19 7:28pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Disarray

       Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny are all set to live together in Grimmauld Place. Harry and Ginny remodeled the house while Hermione was away with Ron in Australia restoring her parent's memories. However, Ron comes back rather dissapointed on how much Hermione's parents asked them about Harry...

2,082 6
2 We Might As Well Be Strangers

  Things are getting much more complicated at Grimmauld Place, and Hermione just keeps acting stranger towards Harry. Will anyone

1,176 4
3 In Another Life

Harry finally confronts Hermione after growing tired of the odd feeling between them. Will the talk solve all the problems or just cause more?

1,574 6
4 Can't Stop

Harry and Hermione avoid each other after their kiss, which just makes things even worse then they were before....

1,611 5
5 Stolen

Harry and Hermione decide to take a break from studying for their N.E.W.T's and relax in a park outside. Despite overcoming numerous awkward slips of the weeks prior, the feelings just can't be hidden.

1,336 3
6 Hanging By A Moment

Harry and Hermione are finding themselves spending more and more time together. That is, until Ron starts noticing....

1,295 5
7 In A Second

It's the morning after Harry and Hermione unintentionally fell asleep together on the living room couch. As to be expected someone becomes to overwhelmed by the sight of them together...will  this force Harry and Hermione to stop being the close friends they are?

1,325 4
8 Out Of The Blue

A seed of doubt gets planted in Ginny's head, which makes her fel more anxious about being away from Harry. In the meantime, something Harry never said is starting to bug Hermione...

1,506 4
9 Happy

Harry comes up with a rather stupid solution for his and Hermione's problem, and Hermione lets him know it.

1,801 4
10 Now You Know

Hermione finally got tired of keeping her feelings to herself. What will Harry do about it? and will this confession change everything for the worst?

1,166 2
11 Danger Zone

It's Christmas and alot more than presents are exchanged...

1,246 2
12 Dangerous To Know

Keeping things secret is taking it's toll. On everyone. Will Harry and Hermione be forced to end it all?

1,802 3
13 The End Where I begin

Growing tired of the less than pleasant situation, Hermione makes a decision. A haste decision that could ultimatley change everything...

1,159 3
14 Where I Stood

A break is decided. A mutual decision made for the best. However, it's a decision that will not last very long...

1,776 2
15 Mouth Shut

Harry finally faces Ginny with the truth. Hermione moves into her new flat...and when Ron talks about the future she starts realizing things have gotten too out of control...

2,239 4
16 There For You

Harry helps Hermione in her time of need, but will that add more guilt to the already overflowing amount that they had before?

1,524 3
17 Loose Ends

Ron comes around, in more ways than one, while Hermione is offered an opportunity she could not refuse...

1,346 3
18 Come Back To Me

Does distance make the heart grow fonder? and will it finally put things into perspective?

2,202 4
19 Be Still

A letter forces a reunion of friends and creates a pardon for others to become much more.

3,039 3
20 The Real Thing

Five years later, Harry and Hermione find themselves the beuaty Australia has to offer and Harry has a very important gift to give Hermione on her birthday...

1,926 9


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