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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-12-13 1:25am
Last Chapter
2012-12-27 5:31pm
Last Updated
2016-08-03 7:01pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Final Days of Summer

“They still haven’t found him.” Hermione said under her breath as she picked up the paper and began reading the article. “Escaped prisoner, Lucius Malfoy, has eluded Aurors for nearly two weeks to the day… Reports from local Little Whining witch state a sighting of Malfoy… Presumed to be extremely dangerous, do not approach this man or attempt to arrest him yourself…Please contact Ministry Officials with any new information.”

2,230 11
2 No Rest for the Weary

The pitch black sky wept freezing rain making Harry’s clothes cling sickly close to his body.  He squinted upwards into the abyss above him, not a single cloud or star to be seen.  As the moon cast it’s gleam onto the ground, Harry followed the lighted path to a ghostly heap of clothing and hair.  With a painful swallow, he kneeled and gently pushed the white hair to the side.  He tossed to the side and vomited at the horrid sight of his late Headmaster’s death frozen face.  

2,738 6
3 Eyes Wide Shut

As if without a need of ordering, Draco watched as the sickening green light struck his mother from where Voldemort was looking. Voldemort released her and let her body collapse in a heap onto the stone floor. Draco scrambled away from her dead lifeless eyes as they stared at him and stood himself up. Two strong hands grabbed onto his shoulders and he whipped around to meet his father as he tucked his wand away.

3,162 9
4 Suspicion

“Something happened to me this summer, and I’m not sure quite what.  It’s like there is something fueling me, fueling my magic.  I lost it, and I went completely mad and didn’t know what the bloody hell I was thinking or doing.  You know me, Blaise.  I would never save that wretched Mudblood and her boy toys.”
“The only question I have is how are you alive and breathing right now?"

4,021 16
5 Settling

“Never let that name fall from your lips again, you filthy Mudblood.” Malfoy spat pushing her harder against the smooth stone.  “It was a mistake, understand?  A mistake that I can easily reverse at this very moment with the smallest flick of my wrist.” He threatened and Hermione could feel a tingling electricity course from his long fingers into her skin. 

2,732 7
6 Mocking Birds Don't Sing

“Perhaps I’d let you out for her, though I think you’re too dumb of a creature to follow orders.  Probably turn on me before you could even find the wench and kill her.” Draco whispered more to himself that he hadn’t noticed the intent interest he had sparked in the creature before him.

2,771 8
7 Ice Dragon

Sick enough to vomit in my own mouth at the sight of him. Hermione thought bitterly thinking more about the veratim than the actual boy.
“I’d like to see that.” Malfoy said with a humored smirk causing her to stop dead in her stride. He crossed his arms as she whipped around on him with anger mixed with a fear he’s never recognized in her before.

3,406 6
8 Invasion

“What the hell have I done?” Draco whispered to the empty shower stall.

2,997 6
9 Abraxus Malfoy II

“Oh,” Harry said and his smile fell slightly.  “So what does this mean for us?”

“Maybe nothing,” Hermione said honestly but bit her lip as she watched Harry eye her closely, “Or it could mean everything to this fight.  If the Malfoy’s have another son that no one seems to know about then maybe he’s a weapon.”

3,859 3
10 Heart Failure

“I’m not – I wasn’t –” Hermione stuttered.  She wouldn’t have noticed the small tears in his eyes if he hadn’t pushed so close to her.  “I’m sorry.” She said it before it registered in her mind, I promise, and his expression shifted immediately.  The angry lines over his forehead smoothed and the scowl fell into shock.  Hurried steps echoed down the aisle and Madame Pince came into view.

4,057 8
11 First Signs

“Earlier I was so jealous when you took Parkinson from breakfast.  I wish you had taken me like that.  I think about you so often that it’s impossible to not want things from you.” She flirted and moved her hand to his chest and ran her nails over his chest and stomach.
“Ah, so the almighty Granger isn’t immune to temptation after all.” Draco said with a smirk and shivered as her hands playfully ran around his neck. 

4,684 6
12 Healing

Stop worrying over me, he forced into her mind as she reeled over his limp, the blood splotching across the bandages, and the sweat accumulating on his brow from struggling to walk.  Her eyes went wide for a moment before calming and she smiled lightly. 

2,870 5
13 Res Ipsa Loquitur

“It would expect the master knows where it is and is coming for it.” The veratim said and the smile spread back over its face.

“Shit,” Hermione whispered to herself and ran from the kitchen to the bottom of the stairs.  “Harry, Ron!  Everyone needs to get out now!” Hermione screamed as loud as she could up the staircase.

3,606 3
14 Vivid Dreams

“The veratim that was caught was taken somewhere safe.  I spoke to it last night.” Draco finally looked up with curiosity and kept silent.  He had no smartass comment to make, and he surely didn’t care if she knew how much he wanted her to explain.  The blasted creature nearly killed him after all.  Knowing why could never hurt.  Hermione inhaled slowly and glanced around the room for a momentary distraction, but found nothing.  “Who’s Abraxus II?”

2,466 6
15 Electricity

“Harry and Ron left,” Hermione offered in a small voice.  She hated how her confidence faltered in his presence lately.  Scaring him off was always so prevalent and becoming unsure and soft was becoming a nasty habit for her.
“That isn’t all you came to say.” 

4,204 5
16 His Amendment

His chest tightened and he felt a tremor roll down his back and her fingers instinctually pressed firmer into his shoulders in comforting reassurance.  She had been found in this situation before, Draco thought.  Every motion she made and small noise she whispered was focused on soothing his burnt out mind.  Nothing she did was judgmental or laced with hesitation.  She was moving for him, speaking for him, and no one else.

2,608 6
17 Shutting Doors

“The Ministry of Magic has been conducting many examinations of our precious school this past year since our Headmaster’s tragic death.  It seems as though the Minister has deemed Hogwarts a target for Deatheater attacks and does not see us fit to properly protect the students.” A shudder of mumbles rippled through the crowd as students began to worry.

3,343 5
18 Desperate Need

“Why are you doing this?  There is not one reason that you could have to want to help me.” Draco asked feeling almost angry that everyone he had hurt, mocked, and condemned for the most horrible of deaths were turning to pull him from the darkness.  First Hermione, and now the Boy Who Lived himself.

4,158 10
19 Almost

There was no reason for him to want this girl so badly, so desperately.  He slid her hand across the sheets toward him, pulling her to lean into him.  Her eyes fluttered shut and his heart pounded out of his chest.

1,959 10
20 A Funeral for the Papers

For nearly half an hour she sat in the dark room staring down at her hands, running over everything in her mind. If Draco was a danger, they would force him out so as to not risk the lives of everyone else. Then what would happen to him?

3,128 2
21 Words

“It came from Seamus on a rush order.” Draco quickly scanned the scribbled words as her quiet tears leaked through to his skin. I don’t want to worry you…heard news today of an attack…Farnham…can’t remember, but don’t you live in Farnborough?...Please write back if you’re okay.

“You’re parents.” Draco said heavily with realization.

2,537 5
22 Going Home

Her only flaws were being too smart and caring far too much. But, those weren’t even flaws to be ashamed of. If anything, they were her best qualities as well. And her eyes. It was nearly impossible for him to form a proper thought while gazing into their depths, but he would stare until his eyes fell out if he could.

4,012 11
23 Insight

“Open your eyes,” Draco whispered with surprising command.  A small gasp trapped in her throat with how close he was.  Bright blue eyes had her caught up in a cloud of nothing but him.

“What are you doing, Draco?”

2,305 7
24 Raid

“Kill the girl,” An icy voice demanded from the growing crowd of Deatheaters around them. Harry choked as he fell to the ground beside Ron. Hermione scanned through the black mass and found long platinum hair and a malicious sneer greeting her. “Now!” He roared as wand flashed at her. Her arm stretched out with a tremendous spell on her lips.

3,380 11


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