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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-12-02 5:19pm
Last Chapter
2011-04-02 9:38pm
Last Updated
2011-04-02 9:38pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Arrival

Malfoy and Snape arrive in Snape's home town. Hermione comes home from Hogwarts.

Disclaimer: I am not J.K. Rowling and do not own Herry Potter. Only the plot is mine.

611 4
2 The Witch on the Mountain

Hermione is practicing her dueling up on the mountain.
Draco is stumbling around, looking for something to do.

1,013 2
3 Veritaserum

Draco is waiting for Hermione once more. 
Hermione finds him and hears the real truth.

1,492 5
4 Snape’s Truth

Snape confronts Hermione

784 3
5 Draco's World: Upside Down

Draco's beliefs, feelings, and his daily routine have been thrown upside down when he comes to Hermione's house for dinner.

1,597 5
6 The Deal

Hermione and Draco finally come to an understanding.

955 2
7 The Daily Prophet

The Daily Prophet comes with news meant to be a sign of hope, but it isn't for Draco. He must find his hope by other means: Hermione.

3,221 1
8 Other Friends

Harry and Ron come for a visit and everything else is thrown to the dogs.

2,637 4
9 Letters

Draco is trying to explain himself

1,631 5
10 The Clearing

Draco finally does something notably courageous

559 2
11 Mr. Malfoy

Snape finally has a plan

983 1
12 The Malfoy Mansion

Draco spends his time at home.

1,522 1
13 Gifts

Draco comes home and Hermione leaves

1,318 4
14 The Burrow

Hermione is staying at the Burrow

619 1
15 The War Begins

Draco's POV. Hermione is caught up, and Draco is pulled away.

1,285 2
16 Grimuald Place

Hermione is hiding things that Harry is trying to find, and Ron gets the wrong idea.

815 3
17 Draco

The truth is finally let out. As expected, it isn't as pretty as one would hope.

1,620 5
18 In the mean time

Ron is still gone, as is Draco. Hermione and Harry are coping with things on their own,

909 5
19 Ron's Acceptance

Ron confronts Draco and both of them decide to find Hermione.

1,927 6
20 The Proposal

it's pretty self explanitory.

2,043 4
21 Pansy

Draco is back at the mansion, being hot and bothered. What does it mean?

Just a short chapter.

744 6
22 A Narrow Escape

Corresponds with book 7 chapter 23.

Ron, Harry, and Hermione are brought to Malfoy Manor and Draco's watch is explained.

1,834 7
23 The Last Visit

Draco gets clingy. The trio continues on the quest.

1,045 3
24 After the War

The battle of Hogwarts is won. Voldemort is dead, and now it's time to get on living. Or can they?

941 5
25 The Trial

Draco's day finally comes in court.

657 5
26 Epilogue

the last chapter, awe heck yess!

539 19


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