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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Neville, OC, Remus Lupin, Ron, Snape, Voldemort
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action, Humor
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-03-10 2:21pm
Last Chapter
2005-04-06 3:28pm
Last Updated
2006-01-09 7:32pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The House of Echoes

Sequel to The Beginning of the End - Harry Potter's sixth year is filled with challenges and romance. A Rogue Witch has been captured by the Ministry and she is sent to Hogwarts. There her complicated quest becomes intertwined with the lives of Harry Potter and his friends including Phim, Sirius's son. But a Rogue Witch can never be entirely predicted and Nadia a girl with a with desperate mission may have to sacrifice all to accomplish what she must do. Can Harry help her honor her family and se

2,027 50
2 King's Cross and Chaos on the Train

As the students get settled on the train, Harry finally meets Phim but only after Nadia and Phim have an encounter with a certain set of Slytherins.

4,079 17
3 Arriving at Hogwarts

The core group meets to discuss Nadia on the train and the students finally arrive at Hogwarts. We find out that Phim is a bit more like his mother than we thought.

2,924 9
4 A Sneak, A Sorting Hat and Neville Surprised

Harry and friends are betrayed. Phim meets Snape for the first time. Phim and Nadia are both sorted and the DADA teacher comes as something of a shock to all of them.

3,066 10
5 Getting Settled

As the students get settled in for the start of term we discover a student that is missing and why.

1,696 9
6 Megan's Letter

Severus Snape reads Megan's letter.

2,371 8
7 The Keeper of the Flame

Nadia's dreams come back to haunt her but Hermione is there to help. Ron, Harry and Phim accidentally overhear their entire conversation....and a bit more.

3,256 8
8 Tests, Truth and Consequences

The prank Harry, Ron and Phim played is revealed in full. Harry, Ron and Phim go searching for information about Rogues while Hermione actually finds it. Nadia is tested by the staff.

3,945 7
9 The Telling Orb

What Nadia saw in the telling orb. Reading this chapter is the only way to understand anything about the rest of the story.

2,968 7
10 Potions and Defense

Phim, Ginny and Nadia have their first class with Snape. Later Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville and Nadia discover the Snape isn't the only professor willing to play favorites in Sophie's first class.

5,064 7
11 As Things Begin to Change

A very short chapter that contains a couple of key elements about what will eventually transpire.

644 4
12 Atop the Astonomy Tower

Sophie discoveres Harry and Nadia in a decidedly compromising situation. Moving backwards and forwards we find out how they got a chapter in three parts.

3,727 7
13 More Advice

How Nadia and Harry ended up in the Secret Room Continues to be revealed. Remus Lupin is summoned by Sophie to help her.

4,587 3
14 Harry's Quest

We're still tracing the events of the previous chapters.

3,237 3
15 On a Broomstick!

We finally come full circle and find out how Nadia and Harry ended up in the Secret Room.

4,003 4
16 Playing Dress Up

Everyone dresses up for the Yule Ball and ends up making discoveries. Warrington and Pucey finally capture Nadia.

5,418 4
17 Harry's Revelations

As Nadia is rescued, Harry has trouble controlling him temper. Phim wakes up, and eventually reveals a long kept secret to Harry. Harry realizes something he has said to Phim has great significance.

3,669 8
18 Harry's Best Christmas

As the students prepare to depart, Nadia tries to overcome her fear. Harry ends up having the best Christmas he could have ever imagined.

6,680 9
19 The Voice of the Dead

After the hoildays, Phim tries to give Nadia something she has asked for but a bird interrupts their meeting. A bird with the power to carry messages from the dead.

2,409 4
20 The Lawbreakers

Harry and Nadia continue their relationship and the crimes of the rogues are revealed.

2,060 5
21 When Time is a Factor

Harry and Nadia continue their relationship. Nadia begins to fear that she will have to leave soon and has no hope of returning.

1,144 2
22 The Goblin Still Guzzles

As Phim searchs for more information he meets an old friend of the Order while on his first date with Ginny. Nemono Burtrid, the eccentric owner of the newest pub in Hogsmeade .

1,911 4
23 The Crestmoon's Song

The Crestmoon sings its song.

1,109 2
24 The Gathering Storm

Feelings of confusion and betrayal abound as Nadia prepares to leave.

1,694 3
25 Let the Vengeance Begin

After kidnapping Draco Nadia discovers she is not alone by the rock. The ritual of the blood vengeance begins.

2,230 2
26 The Blood will Flow

Nadia exacts her revenge upon Draco as Phim and Harry watch helplessly.

1,837 5
27 Trials

Back at school for Harry, Phim and Draco. Meanwhile, Nadia continues on her journey.

2,885 2
28 Loyalties in Question

Phim struggles to find a way to help despite his own growing anger. Ginny may be his only hope.

1,986 2
29 Past and Present Confusion

The ancient telling Orb begins it's tale. Ginny speaks with Phim and finds out a lot more than she thought she would. The picture finally comes back into play.

3,925 4
30 Whisper of Danger

Back at Hogwarts Harry and his friends search Phim's room. Sophie remembers something forgotten. Meanwhile, the tale of the original keepers plays out.

3,947 11
31 The Joining

Phim finds how he was manipulated. Sophie's decision to become inolved causes concern. Harry and his friends fact finding mission proves sussessful

5,862 10
32 Blood Ties

Nadia realizes how much danger she is in. The truest of the Rogues is revealed. Harry and company arrive in possibly the worst situation they've ever faced and to all that you can add a renegade band of Centaurs and Death Eaters.

7,003 16
33 Intent of the Heart

The true joining - As Nadia faces the gathered. Death Eaters assemble. Renegade centaurs converge upon the rogues and Harry Potter turns out to have the solution within his heart. Bellatrix Lestrange finds the rain of fire and more than one old nemisis.

8,021 13
34 End of Days

An ancient prophecy begins to unfold as Harry, Hermione, Ron and Phim search for Nadia with the help of the Rogues. However, the balance rogues come under attack from Death Eaters. Nadia listens to the voice of the wronged.

8,158 8
35 Listen to your Heartbeat

Nadia's decision brings about a battle against Voldemort unlike any the group has faced. Only if Harry can find it in his heart to access justice can the lives in the forsest be saved.

5,023 15
36 Sacrifices

As the solution to the ancient prophecy becomes evident and two sacrifices are revealed.

7,297 10
37 A Pocket in Your Mind

The students return to Hogwarts and face less discipline than they had thought. Explanations abound but so does the impending arrival of various parents. Go ahead and guess who shows up at the end of the chapter. If you've read the prequel then you know.

6,521 20
38 Need

Megan begins to understand a few things including the nature of Harry and Nadia's relationship.

7,304 6
39 Need Part 2

Same summary...I just sort of exceeded the word limit and had to cut the chapter in two. In this one ...Megan speaks with Snape. Megan also meets up with former keeper of fire. ...Oh and loads of things happen.

5,672 23
40 The end of Quest

The characters all play a part in bringing this story to a close.

8,723 49


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