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Harry, Dumbledore, James, Lily, OC, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Snape, Voldemort, Tonks
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action, Humor
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Strong Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-03-10 12:56pm
Last Chapter
2004-08-14 5:19pm
Last Updated
2004-08-14 5:19pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Fleeing Filch

++ Story Completed - Repost of the original story. The tale of Lily, James and their friends beginning in the 7th year. James and Lily begin their romance. After graduation the original Order begins its sometimes grueling work. However, everyone finds time for lighter or more personal moments as the first war commences. All Marauders are included as well as new characters. This is an Action/Adventure Tale also. This story contains everything up to the present day. The Rating reflects later chapters. Humor, heartbreak, horror and hopefully heartwarming moments.

3,925 90
2 Teaching and Watching

In Transfiguration, Professor McGonagall decides to see if there is any real reason to be concerned about Lily Evan and James Potter's possilble attracation.

2,768 42
3 Conversation

In Professor Binns Class Lily talks to Amelia about Remus. Later she meets up with James for the conversation and Severus Snape ends up in the picture also ***** At the very beginning of this chapter there is something that won't become important until much later :-)

4,283 23
4 The True Seer

When Lily's makeover of Amelia goes wrong we end up learning more about Megan Hogan: Specificallly she can see the future. Including Lily and James' This chapter fully introduces one of the most important characters in this novel length fic.

3,109 18
5 Segue the first

Lily and James continue down their road towards a relationship. Sirius can't help but notice Megan and Remus finds himself drawn to Amelia. Peter's confusion deepens.

1,851 18
6 Segue the Second

Futures are decided: As James and Lily come to terms with what their future will be, Remus struggles with a decision and Megan fears she has no future at all.

4,293 22
7 After the Ball is Over

After the Yule Ball James and Lily spend some time together, as do Amelia and Remus...and Megan and Sirius. Snape returns from the Christams breaks as a Death Eater.

2,965 17
8 Discoveries

Lily begins to suspect that there is something wrong with Megan. Megan pleads with Dumbledore to allow her to tell her friends about the Order.

2,971 16
9 The Hospital Wing

As Megan recovers in the hospital wing she realizes one of the consequences of her gift. Meanwhile, Lily and James, Amelia and Remus talk about what has happened.

2,094 20
10 NEWTS and New Places

James and Lily graduate and the Order gathers at the home of James Potter. Megan meets the Longbottoms.

2,898 9
11 Loss vs. Gain

Lily's parents are both killed in an accident. James and Megan both struggle to help her find a way of coping with the grief....that won't involve calling off the wedding.

2,283 5
12 Until Death do we Part

Lily and James marry. Amelia considers the future and Megan misses her chance to read Peter once again.

1,159 3
13 The Deadly Raid

The Order learns firsthand how dangerous a battle they are fighting.

2,510 5
14 Remus Reacts

Remus reacts to Amelia's death. Alice blames Megan and James tries to comfort Lily. We find out that not all Death Eaters are what they seem. Haryy enters the least, in a way. I think every author has a favorite chapter in a long story...this is definititely one of my also contains a quote that is key to understanding the rest of the story.

2,890 3
15 A Happy Christmas

For once, nearly everyone is happy. Lily has a very special Christmas Gift for James. Megan and Sirius enjoy their holiday also.

3,476 8
16 The Veil Flutters for New Year's

James and Lily receive devestating news. Alice rings in the New Year with Remus and Megan tries to figure a way out of her exile.

1,969 2
17 A Visitor for Lily

Lily is surprised by a visitor to Godric's Hollow. Megan begins to put her plan into place.

2,453 5
18 The Traitor's Decision

As Lily waits for James, Megan's plan for the Death Eaters is executed. Peter finally comes to his fateful decision.

3,827 6
19 The Birth of Hope

Harry is born on the same evening that the Order is attacked as they try to rescue a family named Fobbes.

3,526 5
20 A Traitor Suspected

The Order begins to suspect there is a traitor amonst them: Megan

2,857 3
21 Of Visions and Vermin

Megan and Sirius arrive at headquarters. As the Mauraders practice dueling, Megan informs Dumbledore of her decision. Decides to finally hold Harry and makes a fatal mistake.

2,623 5
22 In Voldemort's Lair

Megan awakes to find herself in Voldemort's clutches. Meanwhile, the Order discovers that Elizabeth and Megan are missing. Snape finds himself facing his worst nightmare.

3,303 3
23 The Desperate Search

As Megan finds a way to block out Voldemort the Order searches desperately for her....and finds an ally in Thomas Grupp.

2,662 2
24 Resistance, Rescue and Repair

The Order sets off to rescue Megan and face Voldemort.

5,020 9
25 The Guzzling Goblin & The Sliverton Estate

James, Sirius and Remus meet up at a strange pub. James and Lily go on a holdiday at Sliverton's estate. Finally, an almost entirely happy chapter!

4,327 1
26 Going Home

As James and Lily finish up their holiday, Sirius tries to get his house in order because Megan is being released. Once again, a happy chatper :-)

3,039 3
27 A Battle at the Fortress

The Order gathers for an Easter celebration and finds themselves under attack. This chapter brings in the original members of the Order according to Rowling's canon

2,162 2
28 Victory in the North.

Lily races to save Harry. Megan encounters Bellatrix again. James, Sirius and Lupin find themselves surrounded by Death Eaters.

3,471 5
29 Seeing in the Garden

Megan's suspicions are confirmed when her niece and nephew come for a visit.

2,473 3
30 Truth and Traitors

As Megan confronts Dumbledore, Peter is found by the members of the Order.

3,432 5
31 Pairs

Lily and James spend time together, as do Sirius and Megan. Remus Lupin finds his friendship with Sophie to be solidifying, perhaps not in exactly the way he had thought it would.

3,666 10
32 A Birthday Party

Harry turns one. Again, for once an entirely happy chapter.

1,119 4
33 Two Close Calls

Remus and Sophie face some Death Eaters and some decisions, but not in that order.

1,390 3
34 A Spy Revealed

Lily believes she has worked out who the spy in the Order is but she and Megan end up finding the identity of an entirely different sort of spy.

3,512 8
35 Galaxy Gold Dust

Lily and Sophie meet up at the Guzzling Goblin to discuss.....Remus.

1,606 4
36 An Ending and a Beginning

The Original Four meet in a tower room to discuss the changing of Secret Keepers. They also discuss the end of Remus grief and the beginning of his new life.

3,867 3
37 Partners in Secrecy

Megan and Atticus decide to keep a secret from Sirius

1,674 4
38 Brewing Betrayal

As Lily and James enjoy their time in Godric's Hollow Sirius continues to doubt that he is the best choice for their Secret Keeper and makes a fatal mistake.

2,742 11
39 The Rat Spy

Peter sets destiny in motion as he takes on the secret and quickly acts like the rat his is.

1,754 8
40 At the going down of the Sun

Voldemort kills Lily and James. This story is not over yet though.

888 3
41 Allies

Megan finds an ally in her quest to prove Sirius innocent. Remus hears the news and Harry begins his life at Privet drive.

3,984 14
42 The Heart's Proof

Megan and Atticus speak to Dumbledore. Remus finds proof of something of an entirely different nature.

2,569 5
43 The Price of Tripping

As Atticus pays a desperate visit to Sirius in jail...Megan is sent on a task of her own

5,595 2
44 Sophie vs. Bellatrix

The Order captures Bellatrix but must pay a price to do so.

4,217 6
45 Seraphim

Megan gives birth to Sirus's baby and time marches on.

4,228 12
46 A Raven for Remus

When a tutor is needed for Phim, Remus and Sophie find themselves face to face with several truths.

3,143 6
47 The Distant Woods

Sirius sets out to seek out Megan and finds more than he bargained for in the process.

2,995 3
48 Seeing Sirius

Megan finally sees Sirius alone.

5,807 7
49 Sirius in the Land Invisible

Sirius finds out what happens after death and sees many a familiar face, including James and Lily. But it isn't until he stands on the shores of the land invisilbe that he understands all that is possible.

5,169 7
50 Harry and the Order's Gift

Harry is still grief stricken, but the Order figures out the one thing that may be able to help. Megan finally meets Harry again and reads him.

6,581 88


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