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Bill, Fleur, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance
Next Generation
Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-11-13 10:34pm
Last Chapter
2011-02-07 9:32pm
Last Updated
2011-02-07 9:32pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 First Meeting

I turned around, to continue walking when he called out, “Weren't you walking the other way?”
My cheeks reddened. Merlin. I turned back around, still embarrassed. “Yeah. Thanks.”

1,343 11
2 No Last Name

An annoyed groan escaped my lips and I asked, “What about your last name?”
“You never gave me yours.” He pointed out.

1,852 9
3 Confessions

“Why didn't you tell me?” I asked rather infuriated.

Louis' eyes glanced downward to the floor, as if the carpet had the answer. He took a deep breath, trying to find a way to explain. I hoped it was one heck of a good explanation.

2,878 9
4 Explain

My body trembled for a second as he leaned down in slow motion. Time seemed to have stopped as my legs became jello, shaking and a bit scared. Was he going to do what I was thinking of? My heart pounded furiously, begging him to do it.

2,611 10
5 Dinner And An Invite

The blood running down my arms froze as he brought my fingers to his lips. In a hushed voice, he spoke, “I thank Merlin everyday, that I met you.”

2,815 10
6 Scared and Sick

Then I heard an angelic woman's voice speak with a French accent, “Louis, we thought you'd never get here! I see you brought Stephanie!”

2,864 10
7 Meeting the Weasleys...

He bit his lip, running a hand through his dark hair, “How's your mother doing?”
“She's doing okay,” I quietly answered, hoping the touchy subject would be dropped.

3,607 6
8 If Only this would last..

I hadn't realized I was trembling until I felt his fingers rub my arms. His voice was dripping with heartache. “Please, don't push me away like this, Stephanie.”

2,574 4
9 It Only Lasts So Long...

Yeah, right. I was not stupid, and I knew something was wrong. I sighed, sitting on the edge of the couch. “Louis, please be honest with me. I was honest with you and I trust you. You can trust me.”

2,248 4
10 All My Thoughts

I motioned to Louis to come over and he did, and my mother gazed at him curiously. I quickly said, “Mommy, this is Louis Weasley.”

2,658 2
11 Holding On

I knew he was worried but I could not help feeling a little hurt that he hadn’t thought to ask me to go with him. I pulled away from him and said with an edge of hurt to my voice, “Well when you figure it out, just let me know.”

2,284 6
12 My Other Half

I felt tears in my eyes as I stood there in the doorway. I wasn’t just leaving Louis behind; I was leaving half of my heart and my soul behind.

2,292 5
13 Always There

He placed my hand near his heart, my palm feeling the warmth of his skin and the rhythmic beating beneath. His warm hand loosely covered mine, his thumb rubbing my smooth skin in a circular motion.

2,012 7
14 I Love You

By now, tears were spilling down my cheeks and the pain in my heart was weighing me down like a lead weight. My fingers gripped his as if I were holding onto the last lifeline I had.

3,013 4
15 Breaking Point

“Stephie, you need to try.” My mother touched my head, stroking my hair.

1,772 4
16 Finding Him

 They would only stop me from going out. I knew I still was sick but I didn't care. I had to find him.

1,894 3
17 Together

 Louis bit his lip, sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch. “I have hurt you one too many times, Stephanie.”

2,192 4
18 Epilogue

I bit my lip, looking at Louis, “I suppose we could tell her.”


1,716 7


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