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McGonagall, Snape, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, Romance
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-11-09 5:38pm
Last Chapter
2010-04-28 2:07pm
Last Updated
2010-04-28 2:07pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 0. Prologue and 1. Convocations

Prologue: Snape wakes up in St. Mungo's. Minerva and Harry visit him independently.
Convocations: Snape returns to Hogwarts and new teachers are introduced.

1,454 5
2 2. First Observations and 3.Through Wilderness

2. First Observations: Snape observes Professor Nichols teach potions and provides his opinions.

3.Through Wilderness: Professors Snape and Nichols walk to Hogsmeade.

1,707 4
3 4.Through Ice and 5.Discretion

4.Through Ice: Much to his surprise, Snape enjoys a snowball fight. 
5.Discretion: Someone observed Snape leaving Professor Nichols' room after curfew and reports it to McGonagall.

1,474 4
4 6. Through Absence

6. Through Absence: Does the heart grow fonder? While Snape spends Christmas at Hogwarts, Nichols goes magical plant-hunting in Malaysia.

1,767 3
5 7. The Match and 8. Through Earth

7. The Match: Snape snogs.
8. Through Earth: Snape explains how he failed to die.  Love is discussed.

2,399 3
6 9. Quarantine Breach and 10. Second Observations

9. Quarantine Breach: What better way to strengthen a relationship than by fighting off dangerous magical creatures and saving the school?
10. Second Observations: McGonagall observes Snape's DADA class and decides he's healed enough to share his Death Eater history in an interview with South.

3,354 5
7 11. Through Fire, 11.5 Through Friends and 12. Through Water

11. Through Fire: Snape and Nichols come to an agreement.
11.5 Through Friends: Snape shares information.
12. Through Water: Snape and Nichols travel to Crete and meet her family.

3,239 3
8 13. The Wedding

13. The Wedding: The chapter title's a bit of a giveaway, really.  Includes Snape poetry, Unbreakable Vows, Seduction with Legilimancy. 

Let me know if it's over the top...

1,922 4
9 14. Through Air and 15. Through Presence

14. Through Air: Is there a new heir of Slytherin? Severus and Miranda's first really big row.
15. Through Presence: Final chapter. Miranda frets about memories of Lily.  A very subtle bedroom scene.

3,476 9


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