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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Sirius, Bill, Molly, Fred, George, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-10-21 6:57pm
Last Chapter
2013-05-07 7:07pm
Last Updated
2013-05-07 7:07pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Bedtime Stories

"Who you are is falling over me,
I'm hoping, i'm waiting, i'm praying,
Yeah, i'm hoping, i'm waiting i'm praying, you are the one...."

- Falling Over Me, Demi Lovato
Entry 1


899 21
2 Pickled Toad

"I think it was the summer time
when I laid eyes on you
I didn't even know your name..." Love Story, Katherine Mcphee
Entry 2

1,047 15
3 Breakfast Woes

"I can't keep myself from doing something stupid,
Think I'm really falling for his smile,
Get butterflies when he says my name,
He's got something special..." He Could Be the One, Hannah Montana
Entry 3

1,499 9
4 Chamber Scars

"Lost and insecure
You found me, you found me
Lying on the floor surrounded,"
 You found me, you found me" -You Found Me The Fray

New SCENE ADDED! What really  happened when GInny threw the Dairy at Myrtle?

3,994 12
5 The Potter Pattern

"He's magic and myth, an equisite extreme i know,
He's tragedy with, more damage than a soul should see,
And if i try to save him, my whole world could cave in,
I't just ainn't right,
But he's so beautiful, he's a beautiful disaster." Beautiful Disaster Kelly Clarkson
Entry 5


9,105 10
6 The Broken Hearted Resolve

"She's can't see the way your eyes light up when you smile,
She'll never notice how you stop and stare whenever she walks by,
And you can't see me wanting you the way you want her but you are everything to me,
 Invisible- Taylor Swift
****New scene added!!!

4,829 15
7 The Horse and the Stag

"Don't wish, don't start,
Wishing only wounds the heart,
there's a girl i know,
he loves her so,
I'm not that girl." I'm not that Girl- Idina Menzel

2,247 14
8 A Marauder's Promise

"Wait, I'm wrong, should have done better than this
Please, I'll be strong, I'm finding it hard to resist

Save me, I'm lost
Show Me What I'm looking for-Carolina Liar

** New Scene added! How did Ginny find out that Sirius Black was and innocent man? And Who really named the D.A.?

7,984 15
9 Princess Cries A Lot and the Pink Toad


 "Go on and hold her 'til the screaming is gone 
Go on, believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong 
But I'm the only one who'll walk across a fire for you" 

"I'm the Only One" -Melissa Etheridge

9,858 0
10 The Chocolaty Defeat of Cho Chang

 "Don't tell me not to fly, I simply got to
Who told you you're allowed to rain on my parade…"

Don't Rain On My Parade, Barbra Steisdand NEW!

9,581 0
11 A Silver Statement

Even through a storm on the darkest night
don't you ever give up the fight
Play on- Carrie Underwood


3,877 11
12 A Silver Statement Pt. 2

 "We are invincible ,we are who we are 
On our darkest day when we're miles away we will find our way home, 
If you're lost and alone or you're sinking like a stone, 
Carry on -FUN"

4,924 0
13 Definitions of Phlegm and Feelings

Set me free,
Leave me be,
I don't wanna fall another moment into your gravity
Sara Barellies, Gravity

10,456 15
14 All is Fair in Love and Quidditch

How did you get here under my skinSwore that I'd never let you back in
Should've known better then trying to let you go
Here we go Again
- Demi Lovato

8,888 15
15 By the Lake

Who can save me now?
I'm fighitng my demons
I've been looking for someone like you
Someone like you- Boys like girls

9,596 14
16 Someone Else's Life

Before i fall, too fast
Kiss me quick, but make it last
so i can see how badly this will hurt me, when you say goodbye
-Catch Me Demi Lovato


4,512 13
17 Another Broken Piece

"Tell me your secrets and ask my your questions,
oh let's go back to the start,
nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard"
-The Scientist Coldplay


6,542 10
18 The Stupid Noble Reason

When you cried I wiped away all your tears

When you screamed I fought away all your fears

I held you hand through all these years but you still have all of me

My Immortal- Evanescence

5,030 12
19 The Secrets of Potato Peeling

"If anyone asks, I’ll tell them we both just moved on

Whenever I see you I’ll swallow my pride and bite my tongue

Pretend I’m ok with it all; act like there’s nothing wrong…"

Cry, Kelly Clarkson

8,761 14
20 Gold; The Color of Firewhiskey

"So iIll let you go I'll set you free,
I'll be right here waiting to see,
When you find you, Come Back to Me..."
-Come Back to ME, David Cook


9,345 19
21 Perks of Playing Nice

"When you ask me who I am, What is my vision and do I have a plan,

I stand for the power to change; I live for the perfect day

I love 'til it hurts like crazy; I hope for a hero to save me"

-I Stand, Idina Menzel

9,236 10
22 Not Nearly Rock Bottom

“There is no guarantee, that this life is easy.
Yeah when my world is falling apart, and there's no light to break up the dark,
That's when I, I, I look at you."
When I Look at You- Miley Cyrus

8,344 12
23 The Breaking Point part 1

"This is a call to arms, gather soldiers,

Time to go to war.

This is our battle song, brothers and sisters, time to go to war..."

-Vox Populi 30 Seconds to Mars

9,032 7
24 The Breaking Point Part 2

"Do you want to be free, do you even remember?

Do you want to surrender of fight for victory?

Here we are at the start, I can feel the beating of our hearts..."

Vox Populi 30 Seconds to Mars

4,531 8
25 Grasping Smoke and Chasing a Myth

A warning to the people, the good and the evil, this is War
To the leader, the liar, the honest, the victim, this is War
To the prophet, the pariah, the victim, the messiah, this is War
“This is War” 30 Seconds to Mars

8,264 13
26 A Bloody Midnight Game

"The moment to live and the moment to die
The moment to fight, to fight, to fight,
To the right, to the left, we will fight to the death..."
-This is War, 30 Seconds to Mars


4,914 10
27 And the Games Twists

"To the edge of the earth
It's a brave new world
From the last to the first..."
_30 Seconds to Mars This is War

4,444 6
28 A Brave New World

“I do believe in the light, raise your hands up to the sky
The fight is done, the war is won
Lift your hands, towards the sun…”

-Thirty Seconds to Mars, This Is WAR

7,618 10
29 Finding Our Future

"I don't quite know how to say how I feel,

Those three words are said too much they're not enough,

If I lay here, If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?"

-Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars

9,340 10
30 The Last Entry

"Oh, you stand, by me,

I'm forever yours...


-Faithfully, Journey

3,013 43


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