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Scorpius, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Rose/Scorpius, OC/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-10-13 8:59pm
Last Chapter
2012-02-08 9:39pm
Last Updated
2012-02-08 9:39pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Visions, Full Names, and Silent Conversations

Whoever said blondes were dumb is a blithering idiot.

5,207 86
2 Quidditch Matches, Giving Up, and Mentally Unstable Quidditch Captains

 “I know you want me, Jones.” I opened my other eye just in time to see Potter waggling his eyebrows at me in a very nauseating way. I whimpered and buried my face in Al’s chest so I would never have to see that disgusting image again.
“Make him leave.” I moaned, my voice muffled by Al’s shirt.

4,528 118
3 Lemonade, Tarturus, and Swine Flu: The Inner Ramblings of Artemis Selene Jones

Ahem. Henceforth, you shall all address me as: (cue impressive thunder clap) ARTEMIS JONES, THE WISEST SEER OF THEM ALL.
Yes. In all caps. And, you have to use a deep, impressive, thundering voice.
It's vital that the voice be thundering. Yes, really.

3,432 84
4 Scarring Information, Wise Words, and Essence of Dom Snot

Must. Resist. Ridiculously. Infective. Laugh.
Dying puppy, dying puppy, dying puppy, dying puppy, dying puppy, dying puppy, DYING PUPPY!

4,686 54
5 Awkward Silences, Broom Closets and…Doodie

Why do people always expect us to be snogging in broom cupboards? I personally cannot find anything even remotely romantic about closets that are designed to hold cleaning implements, but, hey! If you want a steamy love scene in a broom closet, go right ahead. Live the dream, Broom Closet Girl. Live the dream. 

5,293 66
6 Tension, Confessions and Intense Hair Stroking

Once again, I’d like to take the time to send my deep, sincere thanks to the Fates for making my life living hell. Thanks, girls! I appreciate this!

3,561 83
7 Arguments, Blatant Snogging and Atrocious Cases of Very Heavy Fog

I rue the day I chose to take Divination.

4,618 54
8 Computer-Fights, Bunny Slippers, and Dumbledore’s Sexy Portrait

Oh, no, Fred, I’m trying to woo you right now, whilst computer-screaming at you in apparent rage. Is it working?

5,446 55
9 Staring Contests, Quidditch Games, and Bipolar Disorder

"It’s true that you never realize how important something is until you lose it, but you also don’t realize how important something else is until it arrives."

3,106 54
10 Pessimistic Poopyheads, Twin Radars, and Dom’s Sandwich of Death

Dom's nutella-mayo-pickle-onion-crisp-chocolate chip-ketchup-lettuce-mustard-peanut butter-tomato-mashed potato-pudding-frosting Sandwich of Death, to be precise.

8,327 74
11 Ice, Hurt and Electric Shocks

Why am I such an oblivious idiot?

3,705 118
12 Time, Stars and ‘Panda-who’s?’ Box

There is nothing more repulsive than watching a person that you consider a younger brother try to be seductive to the opposite gender. Nothing.
I’ll never be the same again. Good-bye, youthful innocence.

3,098 79
13 Kisses, Ranting and Our Freak Circus

New best friend. Sixth Year. Male. Preferably not insane.
Owl Scorpius Malfoy if interested.

5,755 79
14 Morpius Salfoy, Date Sabotaging and Barbie

“Yeah?” I shot back, hands on my hips. Quick, brain, snappy retort! “Well, whatever!
My brain is as sharp as a knife. I really don’t know how I can manage to come up with such brilliancy.

4,615 86
15 Friends, Love and Secrets

“It’s like…how do I explain it?” Jason sighed and looked at the water as he sorted his thoughts. “It’s like…nature moves on. Even though humans have huge problems that seem like the end of the world to them, everything just keeps moving. The sun doesn’t stop rising and setting. The birds don’t stop singing. The moon doesn’t stop shining. Life goes on.” He said, shrugging. “The world doesn’t stop for your problems.”

4,330 105
16 Self-Inflicted Comas, Flying Boogers and ‘The Attic Guy’

“His name is Atticus Finch!”

4,453 105
17 Thor, PMS-ey Teachers and Forgiveness

I mean, why should life be simple for me? When has life ever been simple for me?

Let me answer that one myself: that would be – oh yeah! – never.

4,005 72
18 Tablespoons, Soup and Damsels in Distress

Q: How many magical teenagers does it take to figure out how to cook?
A: Apparently, a whole classroom full.
Geniuses, we are.

2,163 108
19 Danger, Fear and Dancing Green Lights

“We were wondering…” Ella started, a mysteriously devious look on her face.
“If you would let us in on something.” I finished, my own expression just as mysterious.
We should be secret agents.
“Are you dating Freddie?” Dom blurted.
Maybe not.

3,379 75
20 Yoga, Sarcasm and More Broom Closets

What is with this school and broom closets?!

3,594 87
21 Flabbergasted, Ninjas and Sarah-The-Evil-Barbie-Cow-of-Evilness

 Fred looked at me with an eyebrow raised. “Why a detective ninja?”
I shrugged. “Ninjas are cool.”
“Ah. That explains everything.”

3,622 101
22 Agent Names, Target Barbie and War

 Oh, how I love the ironies of life.

3,820 66
23 Parchment Textures, More Visions and Decisions (Hey, That Rhymed!)

 Prepare to meet your doom, Sarah-The-Evil-Git-Cow. Prepare to meet your doom.

3,258 98
24 More Pranks, Christmas Dinners and The Almost-Full Truth

He turned his accusing expression to me.
“Oh, look, is that soup? God, I sure do love me some steamy hot soup,” I announced, leaning across the table to avoid his eyes.

I am the master of subtlety. I should get a badge or something.

4,296 144
25 Unicorns, Seething and Mistletoe

Apollo picked up a marshmallow, licked the side of it, and stuck it on Jason’s forehead. We all contemplated it for a second.
“You’re an idiot,” Apollo promptly decided.
Jason crossed his eyes desperately to look at it. “That is so not cool, Apollo! You’re such a meanie.”

3,518 161
26 Time Passes, Stuff Happens, and Life Still Sucks

Who died and made you boss of All Things Quidditch?

3,052 190


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