Draco, Hermione
Romance, General
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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First Published
2004-03-08 19:55:48
Last Published Chapters
2004-03-26 14:35:33
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2004-03-26 14:35:33
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Love in One Sight

Hermione is back for her 7th year and realizes how somone has changed.....including herself.... can u please review? If you like those Hermione Draco stories than this is a good romance... although it's a little too serious maybe.....perhaps a review or two? i am going to write more......

1166 20
2 Rain Drop Love

Draco notices Hermione...somewhat....

893 10
3 The Window

Hermione finds herself expressing her feelings....

621 5
4 Warm Breath

After almost getting caught, he goes to return what is hers.

495 12
5 Never More

Draco tries to numb feelings he has never had for anyone before.......

875 13
6 'My favorite Game'

Hermione is shocked by a request by Draco....

1369 11
7 Never Loved

Draco tells the truth to Hermione in a letter that he delivers to her himself...Although as he does he finds himself lying to....{READ to find out the rest....=)....}

2044 15
8 A Strained I Love You

Draco finds himself...in a pretzel....RATED PG-13, but i think it should be rated R....oh well

1384 13
9 A Wall Gone

A wall between Draco and..... (hehe, you must read to find the rest...muahahahahaha...aren't i good at torchering readers...)

2154 10
10 Lost Passion Secrets

Hermione finally tells Draco how she really feels about....(haha read to find out..muahahahahahahaha...*ahem* sorry....)

1613 9
11 Losing Everything But You

Draco finds himself...( ahh just read on...i promise this is a good chapter, it's the end, now i am writing a new story now...but it was time for this one to finish...)

1429 8
12 What happens in the future

*you have to read to find out duh*......

822 33


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