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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, OC
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Drama, Mystery, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-10-03 10:55am
Last Chapter
2011-04-26 2:31pm
Last Updated
2011-05-05 8:50am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Don't Even Think It!

Here we go. A true heroic figure is someone who grows in tragedy. Harry and Ginny are two very heroic people. One wishes he was able to move on with his life – while the other wants him to do the same – and not forget why he came back.
Remember! We live for reviews

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2 Back to the Burrow

Okay - My fantastic BETA sanidad said I needed to break up my chapter - I trust him - because he's just that good. He knows how to spell too! Anyways, here's chapter two - I hope you liked the first chapter enough to keep going.

3,937 7
3 Because I Love Her

So, as you can tell, I'm running Harry and Ginny down a much different path than expected. I don't doubt that you'll learn to hate Healer Garzino - but at least give him the benefit of the doubt. Hate the hater, not the fic writer - Don't forget, I respond to all of your reviews - you may not like what I have to say, but that's why I get to write back 
I almost forgot - BETA love!!! You really need one if you write a fic - Mine keeps me in the lines.

3,914 6
4 Sorry About That

Here we are. I love reading and responding to reviews - don't worry, I won't throw a garden gnome at you :-) I will however answer as many questions and concerns as I can. So now Harry's isolation begins to come to an end...Read on.

5,991 4
5 Getting to Know You is Half the Fun

Back again - I thought I'd recognize my beta talent - I have two now - one who is my language and canon guru and the other who gives me language and feelings. I highly suggest having a couple of editors - they make me sound brilliant!
Please review - I'd like to know what you think about the fic. I do answer almost every review - some more than others.
I warn you this is a kind of fluffy chapter -
Oh yeah - there may be some larger gaps between postings - I'm in Afghanistan and internet connections are very bad. Wish me luck.
Now, get to reading.

9,499 4
6 Intimidation Won’t Work

Thanks to all of you who have reviewed. I really appreciate it. Much thanks to Sanidad for his beta prowess.

9,346 2
7 A Brother's Surprise

So this is turning into a career getting this chapter uploaded - first, I put up the wrong chapter, then I can't get the tags right...blah, blah, blah. Oh well, here it is now.
Thanks to my incredible betas Sanidad and Tom NotRiddle - both are excellent writers in their own rights - read some of their stuff! And now with further ado - do do do write a review when you are through!

8,754 4
8 Molly's Wrath

Well my dear readers - Thanks for holding on. I'm writing as best I can - and updating as best I can as well. I ordered a new computer so I could write without going to the internet cafe - amazing the things they have in Iraq - but Circuit City went out of business and seems to have lost my order - Cracks me up! Maybe they'll find it before I leave - LOL! Go on, read away - remember, make sure you leave a review - that's the only payment I get.
Love, Peace, and JOY

2,613 2
9 You Even Broke Their Dragon?

Many thanks to my Betas who keep me from going too far off the deep end - Sanidad and Tom Not Riddle.
THERE IS A BAD WORD AT THE END OF THIS CHAPTER - so if you are offended - I'm sorry. It was one of those places that it needed - nay, screamed, say a really bad word.

10,916 4
10 Another Reunion

Thanks as always to my betas Rich and Tom - you both make me a better writer - Now get back to work on your stories :-)
Please leave a review - Even if you hate it - I'd like to think there are more people out there ;-)

5,089 2
11 Did This Really Just Happen?

See - This didn't take too long. Well long enough I'm sure. Thanks to everyone who reviewed - As you can see, I try to answer back as soon as I see them - please continue. The only pay I receive is your reviews.

3,790 2
12 The Defender of the Light’s Opening Act I

I originally submitted this chapter before I left Baghdad - I was so happy that I was rambling - I just got my return orders and was sweating from the heat.  Then I got home WITH REAL INTERNET. Thanks so much to those of you who have sent good thoughts - I very much appreciated your concern -- It really helped!   Now I'm in Kabul where I just about am out of time to write - AH THE LIFE OF A SOLDIER!
Okay, now on with the story. Please don't forget to review - we are about to enter some drama and action/adventure.

7,555 2
13 The Defender of the Light’s Opening Act II

Okay, I had to break this chapter into two pieces.  Enjoy and review!  Come on...It's not like you are paying for this.

8,696 4
14 The Enemy Plans

Here's yet another installment - You may be able to tell it was written using some of the cool experiences I had while in Iraq. I love the reviews - see if you can identify where the story foreshadows the plotline - I like most of what you see because if I didn't put it in...and I really like it...I steal it.

3,282 4
15 The Dagger of Fear

Okay - so I'm actually writing faster than this - but I'm having issues with my tagging skills. Please enjoy and those of you how are on my list of favorites - PLEASE leave a review.

10,506 3
16 The Royals and the Sword of Gryffindor

Hi everyone!  As usual, thank to Sanidad and Tom notRiddle for their beta and story help.  Please take a moment to let me know if you are enjoying the fic.  I hate begging - right now, though I am having a very nice conversation with Vicky - sorry about your i-phone.  You know if you leave a little message, I might use it in future chapters - or even another fic.  I have been thinkiing about using a certain character I know here in Kabul - he might fit nicely into the next chapters.

5,929 6
17 The Dagger of Misery in the Mind

I was walking on patrol we came up to a bazaar that reminded me of something out of Indiana Jones. I went into the bazaar and found the hand-blown glass bottles I’m writing about. To make things stranger – hey what could be stranger than a U.S. Soldier walking around looking like the terminator, with body armor, helmet, gloves, eye shields, and rifle? – the guy selling the bottle just about looked like he came from Diagon Alley. When I approached and picked up one of the bottles, the story surrounding them came to life. I wasn’t expecting this.

6,105 5
18 The Dementor’s Fear

Well – here I am…Still in Afghanistan. I know the news seems bad. But, it is all just a media construct. Sure bad things happen. But we are in control and will stay that way as long as people realize that this truly for the best. 
And then there is my friend Harry. He too is fighting…again. My grammar beta is on vacation or something – and my story beta just about threw a chair at me for this chapter. He was very confused – tell me what you think? Am I still going in the right direction?

5,360 4
19 What’s Really in Your Heart

Well Then...let's try this again, shall we.  I've posted three times with no success.  This time should be the charm - From my friends here in Afghanistan - ala Kah Farihm.
Okay - please don't forget to review.

5,018 3
20 Foolish Isn’t the Word I’d Use

Well, what can I say?  I've been writing along - mostly stuff unrelated to H/G.  But hey, that's the problem with having a real job to pay for my hobby.  For those of you who celebrate Christmas - Happy Christmas - in the U.S., Merry Christmas!  I decided to cancel the bazaar here in honor of Christmas -- and take my own day off - I think I deserve one.  
Hey, if any of you happen to be in Kabul over the Hols - drop me a line.
Well, go on and read - don't forget to leave comments. 

4,094 3
21 Playing Jax Can Be Dangerous

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated – things in Kabul have finally started to settle down a bit.  I think it’s because of the snow – come on snow!!  Here’s another chapter. I’m leaving a trail of bread crumbs for you – someone has already started following them.
Please leave a review. I get as much pleasure reading them, as I hope you are getting from reading my fic. Don’t worry, I have a thick skin AND I normally answer every one of the reviews.
Okay, run along and let me know what you think.

3,697 5
22 No Introductions Necessary

Hello my friends!  I am back home finally and writing…somewhat.  My beta told me that my writing is a bit off in this chapter.  I sort of agree.  BUT, that is what this site is for – improving your writing while providing cheap entertainment for all.  Well, maybe not, but that makes me feel better.  Please leave a review – especially now – I need a little help.

5,670 6
23 The Homecoming

Well here's the next chapter - I'm posting here first because this seems to be where I get the most feedback.  So, please continue leaving reviews.  I do read them and answer them as well - and sometimes I take ideas and write them into the story.

4,715 5
24 Voldemort’s Rage

Here's another building chapter - WHEN WILL I START TEARING DOWN THE SETS?? I don't think like that.  As always, Beta love.  My beta is TomNotRiddle.  He's the best.  While I sometimes ignore his comments, I find the majority of them make me think more like a reader, than a writer who already knows what he's why can't EVERYONE understand. 
Okay enough of me.  Read on and let me know what you think.  Reviews are the life blood of fanfics.  Donate often.

6,212 1
25 Now This Can’t Be Good

We're moving toward the finishline...Leave a review...PLEASE.

7,450 3
26 The Leader

So begins the ending.  I want to get at least two more chapters in surrounding the wedding and New Year's day. 

I've loved your reviews - so I'm going to post here first and wait for the first review - hopefully so you can catch on to what's happening and squeel at my little gift.

Go on -- read away - review away - see if I wrote in any of your suggestions.

9,693 3
27 The Ties That Bind Us

I can't believe it! I received so few reviews before posting this one. That hurt my feelings - I really liked that had everything - love, drama, angst. Well, then forget it, now I'll just make the characters beg you to review. Well, maybe not.
Okay, enough whinning. Move on to the story - with so many who claim favorite story status, you would think you'd at least say hello.
read away!

6,797 4
28 Let’s Get It Started

What happens after an attack - a Counterattack, if you are able...if not?  Let's allow Hermione to figure that out, shall we.

Okay - don't forget to review. 

I'd like to thank my beta - Tom NotRiddle.  He's a great help.

6,902 3
29 She Won't Lose

Read and Review - Thanks

6,174 4
30 There’s Another One?

And the hits just keep coming!

6,902 3
31 What Did You Expect?

More of the same - no cliff hangers...I think

7,372 4
32 Mother Knows Best

There are many things in this world which we cannot explain.  These are the things we cover in mystery and superstition so we do not cause ourselves so much pain as to wonder their true origins.  Most times, the origins of our fears are simple.  You should fear the shebear when her cubs are at stake.  She will fight to the bitter end.

A review or two would be appreciated.

3,505 5
33 I Found a Way In

Okay folks – this is a very dark chapter.  I want to know what you think about it, so pull out the tissues and curl up tightly.  The when you are finished, write a review ;-)

6,492 11


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