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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Hermione/OC
Drama, Romance, AU
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-10-02 5:27pm
Last Chapter
2011-01-16 7:50am
Last Updated
2011-01-16 7:50am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Feeling Sorry

His best friend Hermione Granger had announced her engagement two weeks ago. Caden Miff was the lucky man’s name. She had met him on her second trip to America. Of course, it was love at first sight, at least the way Caden tells. 

1,325 6
2 Caden

“Not now dear, your father’s about to burn his eyebrows off.” Mrs. Weasley said in a rush before she was out the door. 
Ron looked startled and glanced off at Hermione, whose face was flushed red from the laughter. “Your father has decided to try out the grill Harry gave him for Christmas last year.” 

1,413 5
3 Family Dinner

Ron muttered, “It’s not like he writes the damn things.” Luckily, Ginny seemed to be the only one who heard him. Unluckily, this earned him a swift kick under the table. 

2,535 7
4 Some Girl Advice

“Oo, she has sparkles!” Harry mocked with fake enthusiasm, a grin plastered on his face. 

3,884 6
5 Shotgun!?

"I’d rather not think about that, thanks." He coughed, running his other hand through his messy hair.

2,013 4
6 Awkward

She glared at him soundly. Harry raised an eyebrow, “He’s still alive, isn’t he?”

3,210 5
7 More Like Pissed

“Hey pot, the kettle’s calling.”

2,055 4
8 A Bit Mental

"Don't be so modest, dear Harry!  I'm sure the Miffs would love to hear of your adventures with good ol' Voldie." 

5,671 6
9 A New Set of Guinea Pigs

Harry was blushing, as he walked shamefully past the twins.  “Um, good room in there.  Very… spacious.”

4,381 3
10 What A Row

She glanced at Ron, he was grinning at her. “First love never dies, isn’t that what your muggle stories say?”

3,017 7
11 Just A Little Push

“We had to say something didn’t we. We may not be the only smart ones in the family, but we’re by far the smartest.” 

2,721 6
12 What If's and How So's

"He’s a good man on paper, but maybe that’s all he’ll ever be."

1,776 6
13 Assumptions and Accusations

"An American? You do like foreigners, don’t you? Why didn’t you tell me?” Parvati asked, her words going at a mile a minute. “I’m sorry for the confusion. But you have to admit, everyone’s likely to assume that you and Ron…”

6,169 6
14 Wedding Bells

'It was something she had to do. “Gryffindor, don’t fail me now…”'

5,388 10


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