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Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-09-28 1:33pm
Last Chapter
2012-01-31 2:24am
Last Updated
2012-01-31 2:24am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Birthday Celebrations

First chapter, not exciting at all, but necessary for the story. It's just the introduction of our main character

4,199 11
2 First Meetings

“Hello, nice to meet you.” Lily said kindly.

“Lily is a beautiful name.” James blurted out stupidly. Immediately Lily’s pleasant smile dropped from her face and was replaced by an uncomfortable looking frown as Sirius snorted in laughter.

7,868 8
3 Train Rides

“Bugger Black, are you trying to kill me?” Samantha groaned as she sat herself up. Sirius only looked at her quickly, a smirk rising on his face and then both their attention was brought to the young boy they had crashed in to.

3,977 6
4 Friendships Formed

“I am not a midget. I’m eleven. I’m supposed to be short.” Samantha shot back. “Unlike you, are eleven year olds supposed to have noses that big?” Samantha asked, causing Sirius’ smirk to drop into a scowl.

“I do not have a big nose.”

“Do to.”

“Do not.”

“Do to.”

8,638 5
5 And So It Begins

“Mr. Lupin? What on earth are you doing?” She asked. Remus put his hands on his knees, exhausted from trying to get here so fast, before he took a deep breath and stood up.

5,444 2
6 Changes

“Oh. My. Godric.” Marlene breathed.

“What? I don’t see anything! Who are you talking about?” Lily asked, trying to find who Marlene was staring at.

4,895 5
7 Fan Clubs and Crushes

“Women are bonkers.” He finally muttered, but a wide grin was spread across his face when she had finally left the library.

4,573 5
8 James Bond

“Oi, Hart, do all girls where pajamas like that?” Sirius asked his friend, who was still crouching behind James, completely forgotten by Lily.

“Shut up Gonzo.” Samantha stuck her tongue out at him and Sirius just laughed loudly.

“Stop staring!” Lily shouted at James, who was still in a stupor.

4,198 9
9 Secret Affairs

“Diggory? You and him flirting like, like Padfoot and his bimbos!” James exclaimed, almost causing Samantha to laugh and Sirius to shout.

“Oi! I am not like Diggory!” Sirius said, looking at James as if he had been betrayed.

7,132 2
10 Christmas is a Time for...

“Er, Marcus, I think we should go…” Lily suggested as she also began to gather her things. James looked at her in shock.

“Why? We were having a lovely time! Besides, your lunch hasn’t even arrived yet!” James said, his own date, Karen from Ravenclaw, looking at him with disappointment.

“I didn’t order lunch.” She said, hurrying even more now to get out of there.

7,879 3
11 The Truth Hurts

“Brilliant idea Moony! You know, I bet Lily knows how to ice skate, maybe if she comes to the party this year she’ll go skating with me!” James said, leaping to his feet, no doubt a plan forming in his head while his friends just sighed.

“Er, Prongs, do you even have any ice skates?” Peter asked and suddenly James’ good mood was diminished.

7,985 2
12 Forgiveness

“Samantha, I’m sure they’ll get over this. They’ll have to understand.” John said, reaching out to hug his sister. She only flinched away.

“No. No, he deserves to be angry. I deserve everything he said to me. I never should have lied to him like this.” she said, and before her brothers could try and comfort her anymore Samantha had stormed out of the kitchen, needing to be alone.

6,525 3
13 The Rise and Fall of...

“How are you passing this class?” Sirius asked incredulously and Samantha only looked up and smiled at him.

“Easy, I write all my essays with you.”

“Well that’s not fair, I should get something in return!” Sirius argued.

“You get the pleasure of my company.” Samantha said simply and turned back towards the book.

“That barely counts as compensation.” Sirius muttered and Samantha sighed in annoyance.

5,648 4
14 New Names

“How many school rules have you broken?” She snapped at him.

“Er, well, I couldn’t tell you. But since you’re prefect and all, you should know.” Lily’s eyes widened in shock. James had very nearly just talked back to her, causing her to be speechless.

7,432 6
15 Summer Lovin'

“You bounced her down the stairs?” Lily asked, absolutely astonished that he would think of such a ridiculous thing.

“Yeah.” Sirius said simply and shrugged.

“You know, that’s a good one. I wonder how high you could get a Slytherin to bounce down the stairs at Hogwarts…” James mused, completely ignoring the glares he was getting from Lily.

6,051 6
16 The Untouchables

“Shh, if we’re caught we’ll be murdered!” Samantha hissed as they crept along the hall of the boys’ dormitory.

“Oh calm down Sami. Sirius and James are both at quidditch practice and Remus and Peter are in the library.” Marlene said.

“Why are we doing this? I have no interest in seeing their dorm.” Lily snapped, looking behind her to check (for the seventeenth time) that no one was around.

6,125 8
17 Parties

“Remus! Lovely!” She said as she gave him a big kiss on the cheek and willingly took her drink. Remus only smirked at the boys in the corner who had frowned after seeing Marlene’s show of affection.

“You look wonderful love.” He said as he wrapped an arm around her waist and Marlene smiled at the compliment.

“Of course I do. And I must say, you look rather fetching yourself!”

5,122 7
18 A Little Bit of Everything

“Lily?!” Every single one of them chorused as James fell to floor in complete shock that all of his wildest fantasies were actually coming true.

Hesitantly Lily crossed the threshold into the boys’ dorm and waved at each of them, deciding she’d rather ignore James who was on the floor wrapped in blankets.

4,619 8
19 Revelations

“Oh you’ve got to be bloody kidding me.” Sirius nearly growled as his eyes moved over to Diggory who was looking incredibly smug.

“Honestly didn’t see that one coming.” Marlene muttered, and without the boys seeing her and Lily shared a brief glance before looking over to Sirius.

4,853 9
20 Little Things

“So you also know that the apocalypse is coming. You can see it outside, trees are on fire and the Giant Squid is practically slithering across the front lawn!” Samantha said dramatically, even pointing out the window.


“Sirius Orion Black! What the hell is the matter with you?!” Samantha suddenly snapped as she thumped him on the head with her text book.

5,488 8
21 Interruptions

“I do believe you’re right Ms. Hart. You catch everything don’t you?” Marlene said and Lily only rolled her eyes.

“She doesn’t catch everything…” Lily muttered, and Samantha shot her a look.

“What?” Samantha asked, raising her eye brow at the red head who suddenly looked rather flustered. Marlene was trying to hide her smirk as she once again buried her face in her book.

5,630 10
22 Lonely

“Sirius, if you get caught do you have any idea how much trouble you’d be putting yourself in? And what about Sami?” Remus hissed, lowering his voice as he heard someone outside of the compartment.

6,077 8
23 Morning After

“Sami, get out of the way.” John said, still glaring at Sirius who wasn’t exactly sure if he should try and explain or not.

“No.” She snapped at him and John finally brought his gaze to his little sister.

6,090 9
24 Secrets Revealed

“Oh sod off, I do not fancy him, never have, never will.” Samantha and Marlene only sighed. “While I may admit that he’s growing on me a bit I don’t think I could ever see myself in a romantic relationship with him”

“Liar, I caught you ogling his bum the other day with my own eyes.”

6,212 12
25 Full Moons

“Right, any ideas what last night was about?” James asked sleepily.

“Nah, but Sami was acting weird. At least, I think she was.” Sirius pondered, his eyes also closing so he didn’t notice James nod in agreement.

“She was, all over ya mate. Not to mention for the most part it seemed as if she knew something…” James thought out loud.

5,081 15
26 In the Know

“Marls, just give me a minute. Please?” he seemed to beg, the look of confidence he had when he had first come over completely gone now.

“Remus. I do not want to talk to you.” She hissed at him and Lily and Samantha swallowed audibly as they watched Remus’ face turn into one of irritation. This could not be good.

6,102 15
27 Stubborn

“Sirius. Listen to me, and listen to me closely.” James interrupted, suddenly gripping Sirius’ shoulders and staring him straight in the eye. “This is Sami we’re talking about. Not just some other girl who is just some passing fancy, this is Sami. The girl who would do anything for you.” Sirius’ eyes widened at the serious tone in James’ words and he only nodded dumbly.

5,357 15
28 The Hunt Begins

“Sweet Merlin, when am I going to find a bloke like you two have?” Lily asked, frowning at Marlene who only smirked.

“Lils, you’ve already found him. It’s just a matter of admitting that you’re incredibly attracted to him and desperately want to rip his clothes off as much as Sami wants to do to Sirius.”

5,384 12
29 Hide and Seek

“Er, she’s hiding from you Padfoot.” Remus said uncomfortably and Sirius’ gaze locked on Remus’.

“What do you mean she’s hiding from me? We have plans.” Sirius said suggestively and Remus continued to look even more uncomfortable.

5,823 12
30 The 'B' Word

“You can take that goofy grin off you face Padfoot. We have things to discuss.” James said easily when he stood next to his best friend, Remus right behind him smiling smugly.

“What goofy grin?” Sirius asked as he continued to look towards the staircase, said ‘goofy grin’ still on his face.

5,613 10
31 Sweethearts

“You’ve always been the worst liar Evans.” James sighed but smirked as her cheeks reddened. “But don’t worry love, that’s a good thing.”

“Go die.”

“As long as you’ll go out with me first.” James winked and her cheeks turned red again.

5,704 11
32 Enemies

“Hurt my feelings? Sirius Black, you’ve called me fat, stupid, incompetent, clumsy and loud more times than I can count. How exactly would this have hurt my feelings?” She asked, raising her eyebrow at him as Sirius looked decidedly uncomfortable.

6,294 11
33 Confrontations

“Sirius is up in his dorm. He wants to talk to you.” Marlene said quietly and Samantha sighed before glancing towards the boys’ staircase.

“Right, shouldn’t be surprised.” She muttered as she began to walk towards the stairs slowly.

8,351 13
34 The Marauders

“Well, we might as well ask them now that we’re up here! We’ve got nothing else to lose.”

“Except our dignity.” Marlene muttered.

7,308 15
35 Valentines

“Wait, I’m sorry, I must have misheard you Marls,” Samantha gaped, “did you say you were the calm and rational one?!” Samantha demanded, her expression a mixture of amusement and disbelief.

“Well, that may have been a bit of an exaggeration but—“

9,514 18
36 All About Lily

“Where were you that whole time?” She asked again.

“Oh, I can breathe underwater.” He stated simply and Lily scoffed.

“Be serious Potter.”

8,259 12
37 Rule Number 237

“Evans, don’t do anything hasty now.” Sirius said, in what he hoped was a calming voice.

“Don’t patronize me Black.”

7,258 15
38 Seventh Year

“Well Prongs, I doubt you and Evans will be ready to move in together that quickly, so having somewhere to stay in between would be very smart don’t you think?” Sirius replied.

7,191 18
39 Green Eyed Monster

“Padfoot, you’ve got to be kidding me. I’m very nearly positive my manhood is at stake in the proximity of her.” James hissed and Sirius cringed before quickly shaking his head.

8,114 20
40 Dating Games

“We’ll talk later. Right now, I have to make my lady love fall in love with me.” James said, and Sirius sighed.

“You’ve got to stop calling her that mate.”

7,510 13
41 Meal Plans

“Evans, how do you feel about doing rounds by broom tonight?” James suddenly joked and Lily only rolled her eyes, still smiling, while everyone else just chuckled.

“I don’t think so James.” She shook her head as she reached for some treacle tart.

6,979 24
42 Six Years

“Are you gonna snog him?” Samantha blurted out, and Lily’s cheeks instantly turned red.

“Well, I mean…um, that all depends on…and if—well, it really matters if…”

6,696 22
43 Breaking Up is Hard to Do

“Lily fancies him too. So it may have gone bad, but it couldn’t have gone that bad…” Remus said and Sirius and Peter sighed before they hesitantly walked towards James, all being very cautious not to make any sudden movements.

9,048 20
44 Deadlines

“You’re just a kid! You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into!” Patrick was practically shouting now.

8,090 25
45 The Calm Before

“Yes. Really. I’ll have to snog you senseless after I see Madam Pomfrey.” James deadpanned and Lily smirked, bringing her face closer to his.

5,756 18
46 Dangerous Threats

“Well, where is she then?” Marlene asked, only taking a moment to understand the nervous hesitation in Lily.

“I don’t know, but I just don’t feel right about it.” Lily mused, once again looking to Samantha’s bed. Definitely not slept in.

7,447 22
47 Family Fights

“Sami, please.” Patrick jumped in, begging. “Think about this. Really think about it.” His eyes were wide as he reached for his sister but she shook her head, stepping back from him.

6,837 22
48 Broken

“Sirius, I’m sorry.” She said flatly, swallowing down another sob as she willed herself to step away from him, but her body couldn’t. She had never been able to resist him and now was no exception.

7,905 22
49 The Order

“You can’t even look at me?” he asked in horror, seeming positively broken at just the thought. “Sami, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.” He snapped, his grip tightening.

6,496 33
50 Beginning of the End

“Professor, they deserve a life better than the one they’re about to embark on, better than one surrounded by death and fear.”

Dumbledore paused, pressing his finger gently against his chin as he nodded, his eyes watching Samantha shrewdly.

6,343 50
51 The Passing of Time

“I’m sorry James.” Samantha stood up, her eyes watering as she stood in front of someone she had always considered family and who was now looking at her like she was the enemy.

5,742 11
52 Coping

“James Potter, you’re awful.” Lily laughed, as she slid off his knee into the now vacant seat.

“Eh, that’s nothing Evans. I suggested he fight him.” Sirius said, a broad smile on his face.

5,793 19
53 Stunned

“Sirius.” She breathed, the word a plea. But Sirius wouldn’t give in to her, he wasn’t going to feel sorry for her.

6,404 44


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