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Dumbledore, Lupin, McGonagall, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC, Other Pairing
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2009-09-23 11:07pm
Last Chapter
2012-03-15 6:37pm
Last Updated
2012-03-15 6:37pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One: The Beginning

Turning around I saw Dom gaping at something, mouth open. Confused I followed her gaze and gasped, my insides turning to ice. In front of me were huge lush green grounds and standing tall and proudly over those grounds was a castle and not just any castle: Hogwarts.

2,716 30
2 Chapter Two: Here To Stay

“Omg, sorry!” I knelt down and gathered the books and standing to my feet I met the dark eyes of...
“Professor Snape!”
He looked at me weirdly, and I realized I was talking to sixteen-year-old Snape, I quickly fixed my mistake.
“Er, I mean, Severus S-Snape.”

3,961 22
3 Chapter Three: Awkward Entrances

“Just face it, your both Squibs.”
The table shook, as Dom jumped to her feet, I stood too, everyone began gasping, and I noticed why, the candles were flickering.

2,902 17
4 Chapter Four: Diagon Alley

“I swear I just had something ghostly swirl around me and it knocked into my shoulder.” I said, I put my hand out and swished it in the air, but there was nothing there.
“It's prolly your imagination, we're tired as and we've had a long excitingly stressful day...”

2,048 17
5 Chapter Five: Sorting Us Out

“It says here - and in bold writing I might add - that students who have not had their forms signed by a parent or guardian will not be allowed to attend.” Dom finished.
I read over and sure enough it did say that. “Professor, we don't have our parents here, or any guardians for that matter.” It really hurt saying that.

4,332 20
6 Chapter Six: Making Friends...or Foes

“Don't worry,” I said weakly. “I'm doing just fine.”
“Are you sure, have they made you feel welcome?” Dom asked.
“They are just so inviting … oh man, Dom they hate me,” I said, pouting. “Especially Lily!”
Dom rolled her eyes.“You serious? I thought Lily would have been the first to jump at the chance of being your friend.”

3,384 9
7 Chapter Seven: Hogsmeade Mischief

I spun around to see Dom coming out from a sea of people. Pulling Regulus with me, I rushed over to meet with her.
“I've been looking everywhere for you!” She said, she paused when she saw Regulus. “Who is this?”
I smiled and I pushed him in front of me, and I rested my head on his shoulder cheekily. “This Dom, is Regulus Black.”

6,009 11
8 Chapter Eight: Classes Begin

“Peter, hi!” I said enthusiastically.
“Sophie, I'm sorry, Sirius and James said I couldn't talk to you,” He squeaked, trying to rush past.
“Oh really?” I said, blocking his path and putting a hand on my hip. “Well what they don't know won't hurt them.”

3,204 10
9 Chapter Nine: Friendships and Disapprovals

“Say it again Miss Adams,” Professor McGonagall said swiftly.
I refrained from groaning and running a hand through my hair I looked back at the book. “Lap-Lapifors? Is a spell used to transform small objects and creatures, into rabbits.”
“Repeat the spell.”
My fists clenched with frustration. “I can't!”

5,066 10
10 Chapter Ten: So Close Yet So Far

“I'm so glad you're back Mary, we missed you!” Lily said joyfully.
“I missed you all too!” Mary said, with a heavy scottish accent.
“Awww, how are you feeling? I'm surprised Mulciber wasn't expelled for what he did to you,” Kim said, as she gave Mary another hug.
“I'm feeling better now, I mean don't exactly remember what happened, so I'd like to leave it that way,” she said.

4,942 9
11 Chapter Eleven: Locked Out

Dom nodded. “Exactly what Steph said, I said Mary was cool because she was around.”
“We were walking towards Potions!” I snapped. “She wasn't around, Dom!”
“Sophie just shut up! You overreact to everything!” Dom spat. “You're just being a Mudblood lover!”
Ouch. I just stared at her, Stephanie laughed and Dom's face fell when she realised what she had just said. “Sophie-”
She tried to grab my arm, but I pulled it back and turning on my heel I stormed off.

4,913 13
12 Chapter Twelve: Clean Slate and a Sirius Dare

“You didn't rehearse that apology did you?” I asked laughingly.
Sirius looked appalled. “Of course not!”
I raised an eyebrow. “Remus helped you, didn't he?”
Sirius' eyes adverted. “He may have - but most of it came from me, straight from the heart!”
“Now I have a few requests if we are to start on a clean slate,” I said. “You must apologise to Dom, and you must talk to your brother.”

3,869 21
13 Chapter Thirteen: Fitting In (Well, Sorta)

I shrugged. “Guess I'd have to wait until that day. Now, please, let this be the first and last fight.”
Regulus smiled slightly. “Yes, let this be.”
I smiled and gave him a hug. “Now, let's go find Matt and Christy and see if they want to hang!”
“Actually, Yo, Reg and I have to do something,” Dom said, there was something in her voice that hinted it was Slytherin buisness and I couldn't believe she wasn't going to tell me about it. I was a little worried and annoyed to say the least.

3,871 15
14 Chapter Fourteen: Of Weeks Past

“Right, boys across from girls and two steps to the left!” Slughorn said with a clap of his hands.
We did as instructed and lining up across from Snape, I gave him a slight nod of thanks and he returned it, I smiled slightly and then moved two steps to the left and looking up I came face to face with my new Potions partner.
Sirius Black.

4,537 19
15 Chapter Fifteen: Confessions and Mayhem

Sirius didn't say anything; instead he shoved his hands into his pockets and silently walked towards the boys' dorms.
“Padfoot, where ya going?”
Sirius stopped, but didn't turn around. “I remembered I had to do something.” Then he disappeared up the staircase.
“Well, I'll come too!” James yelled after him, then he turned to me and smiled. “Maybe we can go on a double date, Kim won't mind!”

3,042 18
16 Chapter Sixteen: Signs

“Makes me sick!” Sirius hissed. Suddenly there was a splat! And I jumped back to see cream dripping off Matthews cheek.
“Ha!” Sirius smirked, placing his wand back into his pocket. Everyone roared with laughter and Matthew rolled his eyes as he wiped it off.
“Yeah, yeah, Black,” Matthew said. “And you think we're sick.”

4,472 21
17 Chapter Seventeen: Coming Clean

I felt it then, the spark. My lips turned into a small frown. I wasn't happy for this girl, in fact I hated to admit it, but I was downright jealous. I didn't like this at all. Luckily I wasn't Dom, otherwise Sirius would have been confronted and the girl would probably have to be reported missing.

3,452 20
18 Chapter Eighteen: Not So Sweet

“Yes, really. I just wanted to be honest, I'm so sorry, Matthew...” I apologised sadly.
“Well, that just changes everything, doesn't it?” he spat.
“I'm sorry.”
“STOP saying sorry,” Matthew cried. “You're not sorry! Black had this planned all along and you purposely fell right in!”

5,121 25
19 Chapter Nineteen: Picking up the Pieces

Matthew just waited patiently. He was always patient; so understanding. All I did was break his heart.
“What does your heart want to say?” Matthew finally spoke.
I looked at him in shock. “W-what?”
“I said: what does your heart want to say?” Matthew repeated his face tight.
What did my heart want to say?

3,525 21
20 Chapter Twenty: When Things Change

Giving her a confused look, I quickly followed her gaze to the two people who had just walked through the doors and were now making their way hand in hand towards the Ravenclaw table. My mouth too, dropped open when I saw who it was.
Matthew and Christy.

4,145 20
21 Chapter Twenty-One: Walking on a Dream

When we made it back to the common room, I jumped beside the fire and Remus rushed up to the boys' dorm. Rubbing my hands to warm them up I smiled, I wanted Remus to be happy and so I was going to somehow get Dawn and him together. Finally Remus came backdown with something in his hand and I gasped when I saw what it was.
My iPod!

4,224 14
22 Chapter Twenty-Two: Heart to Heart

With everything happening, I felt a little guilty when my heart and mind suddenly agreed on something, depsite being so conflicted before. I hated myself for agreeing, because I knew my family were looking for me, and no matter how much I missed them or loved them...
I didn't...I didn't want to leave.


3,482 13
23 Chapter Twenty-Three: The Deepest Cut

“HEYYYY!” An all too familiar voice cried. James appeared beside me, and motioned a hand towards Regulus. “What's this Sophie? Interacting with the opposition, fraternizing with the enemy!”

3,809 23
24 Chapter Twenty-Four: Tea Leaves and Goodbyes

I couldn't do it...I couldn't let this win me over, I would fight to the end to win back my best friend and here I was ... doing exactly the opposite. I was mad, don't get me wrong, I was so mad I wanted to die. There was no use of trying, Professor Valaria was right, I couldn't stop the inevitable. I couldn't stop the stupid portal from coming back, and I couldn't even get my best friend back.

5,113 39
25 Chapter Twenty-Five: Only a Lifetime to Heal

I narrowed my eyes at James in confusion – until it hit me. “HOLY CRAP!” I exclaimed, my cry echoed off the pitch and off the entire universe. James nodded. “Yup, holy crap. We barely have a week and a half.”

4,084 4
26 Chapter Twenty-Six: Keeping Secrets

“Nothing, Sophie, just a little something for the party, that’s all,” James said, feigning innocence and pulling out his wand and waved it, the box glowed and I decided then it wasn’t safe to touch and it was best not to ask what was inside.  

3,867 8
27 Chapter Twenty-Seven: A Night to Remember

Mary even chirped in some gossip that left us laughing, but when I looked at Sirius, my heart dropped slightly, he kept his composure, but his eyes said it all. He was upset that we brushed off his birthday.
If only he knew.


4,640 4
28 Chapter Twenty-Eight: When Things Go Wrong

However, when I closed my eyes, for a moment in Transfiguration, a pounding came into my head. It was slight at first, but then it grew and soon it was painful. I tried to open my eyes, but they refused to do so. The darkness refused to go. I pushed and pushed and finally I managed to open my eyes, only to find.
I couldn’t move my body.


2,904 6
29 Chapter Twenty-Nine: Life's Precious Gifts

Life’s precious gifts, where could I begin?

1,472 9
30 Chapter Thirty: Lost in Magic

The end.

3,730 27


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