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Lupin, Snape, Sirius, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, Lily, James, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Remus/OC, Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-09-17 10:03pm
Last Chapter
2010-09-23 5:44am
Last Updated
2010-09-23 5:44am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Home Agian Home Agian Jiggity Jig...

Lily boards the train for her first last time, and has several unwanted surprises.

2,757 9
2 Potter?! and Lilyland

Where Lily yells at everyone, the same everyone's play catch-the-Lily-and keep-her-from-touchig-the-ground, and Lily falls into Lilyland for a flashback.

2,787 4
3 Bloody Great

The carriages, the orting, and an unwanted reminder.

2,865 3
4 Head Dorms

Lily sees her dorm room, and the bathroom... uh ohs!

2,303 3
5 Potter's View

A little bit from James after a long morning...

3,043 2
6 Forest Secrets

Lily's morning, partners with Potter, Holly's POV, secrets of the forest....

4,058 3
7 Brittney's Secret

Secrets are revelaed, Sirius is attacked... Lily ends up in James' room?

2,642 2
8 Explanations for Sirius

Brittney explains, this summary sucks, read away, please!:)

1,724 1
9 It's Potter Agian

Lily rants about Potter- and the Room of Requirement- and... well, yeah. you know. its... go ahead and read!

2,898 3
10 Nightmares, SHow Offs, and Confrontations

Lily has a horrible dream, jumps off a thirty nine foot in the air balcony, eavesdrops on James and Remus, sneaks into the hospital wing, has a long conversation with Brittney, and wins rounds one and two, all after she almost tackles Rose... oh, and dont forget the tickle fight... 

4,231 4
11 One Girls Night With Extra Chocolate Coming Up, Ma'am!

Blown up beds, lingerie, belly dancing costumes, sneaking to the kitchens, gymnastic routines for the house elves beifit, and a shock for Potter... courtesy of the Flowers!
Not to mention Brittney running from Sirius, and locking the portal so no one could get in OR out!

3,505 7
12 Sirius's 'Sister' VS Bellatrix

End of a much enjoyed and quite wicked girls night, Lily and Holly lie and prank their way into class so as to not get caught sneaking in. A long talk with Sirius results in being saved by Brittney, and Lily almost spilling the beans about what she knows....
Not to mention the deadly battle between Lily and Bellatrix, and the new DADA teacher...

6,012 8
13 Rewinds, Headaches, Just Friends, and Perfect snogging

Lily wakes up in the hospital wing, and gets filled in on whats been going on from Madam Pomfrey.
REWIND TO WHEN SHE GOT TO THE WING- Sirius and Brittney surprise
Rewind again to same spot- Remus and third yr Nymphandora
Rewind agian!- James and Peter in the Room of Requirement

3,903 5
14 Sleep, Sunrise, Remus's Problem, and Bra's

Lily gets out the hospital wing, shares a touching 'moment' with James, becomes friends with him, and then personally decides to kill him after he calls her flat chested... bad idea. Not to mention planning to go out that night.... Full Moon.

5,349 7
15 Note Passing can be Siriusly Over Dramtic

Potions with Sirius, Lily trys to kill James (nothing new) they pass notes in Transfigurations (this is a bad summary, good chapter) and then Sirius and Britttney embaress themselves in front of the entire class. Nothing new there...

3,483 5
16 Poor, Poor Remus

Lily gets her mysterious gift, from James of course, and then the girls have a water fight,e aves drop on nick and jace.... and then Lily confronts poor, poor remus.

3,034 6
17 Escaping From Sirius

The Flowers escape to the TREE, Sirius is distracted by Brittney, full moon night!

3,610 3
18 I Hate Hangovers!

The girls manage to stumble back to the castle after their wild night out, and while Rose and Holly and Alice are passed out on Lilys bed, lily and Brittney have some pool time. Oh, theres also some running (stumbling) from James and Sirius, and a lovely argument between Brittney and an  angry Sirius....

4,238 6
19 Invisible Eavesdropers and Party Preperation

Lily and Brittney are listened in on by who they are pretty sure are James and Sirius, answer some awkward questions, almost have a fight, and play dress up for Dumbledore's dinner party.... yeah. talk about an emotional chapter!

4,628 5
20 Showdown With The Minister Of Magic

The dinner party, Brittney totally goes sissy bear when her brother is threatened. Sirius breaks the news, Lily agrees to stay with the Potters for Christmas... and more, of course:)

4,584 6
21 Dance Off Challenge and Horrible News

James critisizes Lily's music- big no no! So, after a lot of back and forth... suddenly they're having a dance off at supper!? But by breakfast time, calamity has struck, and Holly and Luke are gone for a while, and then Rose, too. SO it's up to the remaining Flowers.... to do whatever comes next.

3,121 5
22 Manic Monday? More like Sunday!

Lily has a very interesting and aggravating and deffinitely unusual sunday morning with James... and some unexpected visitors....kinda not really visiotrs...

2,904 6
23 Hogwarts First Ever Official Dance Off

The Dance off i promised... this is one triple x chapter.... please, if nothing else, read, because i was desperate to finsihe it!:) Geese... who knew dance off's were like this....

5,185 8
24 Kidnapped First Years

Major! MAJOR! Theres 8 kidnapped kids to save from Voldemort, a strange connection between James and Lily.... MAJOR!

5,025 8
25 Voldemort's House

this is the captured part- part of it... erg. WHo liked being captured? Not Lily!

4,179 10
26 How To Escape (The Odd Way)

sorry it took, had toruble posting! But heres what yoou've all been waiting for! The great escape! Saved by girls, boys? why, yes, yes they were.... and that makes no sense. so read away and know once and for all!

3,054 8
27 Mobbed At Homecoming

So, they're back, and they get 2 Hogsm,eade, but it seems that people are being completely rude and mobbing our four until four people and a small army of children come to the rescue! and then its back to Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy warty Hogwarts.... btw, this is a longer chapter.

4,848 6
28 Breakfast Built Of Flashbacks

K, so theyt get woken up- bad idea! but them James and Lily almostkiss, Lily goes down flashback lane, Brittney and Sirius are thought to do the nasty (THEY DONT) and Sirius tackles the breakfast table because he likes chocolate prune juice. you know, nothing major....

3,701 8
29 Back In Action

Well, GETTING to class is certainly easy enough- if you count jumping bannisters and sprinting and sliding and flying EASY- but the student body seems amazed at the four home comers to be alive- and are shwoing it. Followed by a little water time in the Black Lake after kidnapping Luke... and a kiss? Maybe.... but maybe still not! ;)

3,991 9
30 Dueling Couples, Massed Mobs, and The Newest Quidditch Legend

After Lily comes SO close to realizing she's in love with James, Brittney and Sirius have their duel in DADA, and the mobs attack the quidditch team. and Lily Evans plays now say what?

3,805 7
31 Admitting To Love.... Kind Of....

Ok, so, I aplogize if this chapter seems to be lacking some spunk, but i had to write it at school while this... boy... was looking over my shoulder- and I could NOT let him see what i was writing. The two of us have a slightly competetive histyory

Anyways! I finally think love is in the air bewteen our favorite Lily and James! SO click and read and review please! 

Also a picture of Brittney, pic of Lily in chapter one if you missed it...

4,795 13
32 To Begin At The End, Reverse Reverse!

ok, so i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry this took forever! i had a lot of validation issues. but on the bright side, it is the longest chapter yet! and i think a lot of your dreams are coming true in this chapter..... so read away! and once agian, i sncerely apologize!

7,315 12
33 Pre-Game Love, Right?

sorry it took! Updating issues, and time. not long, but im ready to post agian as soon as this is up! agian, i'm really sorry! anyway, brittney and sirius are crazy, lily has great friends, a sad holly moment, and running aorund half naked. yup, nothing major!

4,059 8
34 Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw

all right, this is what most of you have been waiting for! sorry for the unfaithful waiting periods, but i'm trying to keep a steady going now, so i should be ready to post soon! I've just had so much to do lately! SO agian, i'm really sorry, and this is one of those chapters that i think you'll adore

6,277 13
35 Cheater, Cheater?

Once Brittney sees something that Sirius will live to regret, even though he couldnt have prevented it or suspsected, a certain engagement might be off.... did he actually cheat though?

6,096 9
36 Of Replies, Flowers, and Broken Hearts

WHile Brittney sleeps away, the other girls may appear to go crazy.... but then, Brittney wakes up. does she know whats going on? 

tihis must be the worst summary i have ever ever in a milllion years done..... so just read please?

5,209 8
37 Midnight Warfare And Dreams

attack at five am leads to a not so happy group of girls.... yeah, horrid summary, i know! but its an ok chapter! promise....

4,090 8
38 Horror Pancakes and Confrontations

Lily goes barmy because of pancakes, 
Rose and Holly about kill her. 
Do Brittney and Sirius finally make up?
Lots of James and Lily, thats for sure!
~cruddy rhyme by yours truly!

5,358 6
39 Muggle London, On the Rocks

SORRY FOR THE WAIT!!! LONGEST CHAPTER YET!!! lily and James start out just joking around, but end up going to muggle london with sirius and brittney. cruddy summary, please read though!

6,633 4
40 After-London Mornings

Morning after the night in london

5,900 3
41 Potato Castles and Things that go BOOM!

Supper time has never been quite so crazy, with the nine foot tall potato castle, a nervous McGonagall, and a strange Thing that bursts into the great hall filled with two crazy kids

5,791 4
42 Book Induced Dreaming and Compulsion

sorry for the wait! major computer crash that made me loose everything and had to send it in for repairs. but long chapter! Lily takes to reading in class, and some dreams shouldnt be remembered. A fashion show is planned, ancient most likely illegal spells are used, and shouldnt we all know not to wake Lily up?

4,796 4
43 A Fashion Show

Bit of a filler, but it'll do!

2,763 14


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