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Hermione, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Blaise (M), Draco, Luna, Krum, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure, AU
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-09-15 5:23pm
Last Chapter
2011-10-03 4:47pm
Last Updated
2011-10-03 4:47pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Dead Geranium

Even as every night whittled down the probability further, she defied statistics and she defied the ruined world she stood in, and hoped...

2,217 38
2 Supplication

Outside, pale forms flickered like fireflies, fighting a dead war with their dead hands...

1,997 22
3 A Farther Room

“Frightened?” he said.

“More repelled.” She surveyed him closely, marking new details. Dark shadows lined his eyesockets; his lips were bitten. “Exactly what do you do for You-Know-Who, Malfoy?”

2,570 16
4 Each In His Prison

And then things moved so fast she could barely keep track – a scraping sound, her feet knocked from under her so she fell to her knees, a hand yanking her hair, and suddenly, a prick of pain at her throat.

She gazed up at Draco, her neck at such an awkward angle that she could barely breathe. The sun was directly above him, and it threw a narrow white line about his silhouette. He was reduced to a black form, his fingers digging into her scalp, the hand that held the knife at her throat absolutely steady.

2,907 23
5 Sparrows In The Gutter

“I could break her,” Bellatrix said reflectively, and her fingers fluttered like rain on the back of Hermione’s neck, then closed about it.

5,169 15
6 Beauty In Terror

“Tell me, Granger, do you trust me now?”

She wanted to say yes, she should have been able to say yes, but instead she found herself reflecting upon the Vow he had sworn and wondering where the loopholes were in it, where there was a crack wide enough to slide a knife into her back.

5,147 19
7 Savagely Still

One massive paw dashed it aside – she was trapped, fire at her back, the manticore blocking her escape. Its eyes gleamed with satisfaction. The tail raised, bowed over its head like a spear poised to strike.

She felt the terror of death, the deep and ferocious desperation of life, and for the first time, an Unforgiveable Curse rose in her throat like poison. It seemed for a peculiar moment that they were equal, she and it – weapons chosen, the only end the death of one of them.

6,099 30
8 The Unattended Moment

It was the first time she had seen anyone from Hogwarts other than Draco. It made her feel queerly dizzy, as if it had not quite been real until now. Blaise Zabini.

It occurred to her that if he worked for Voldemort, she might be forced to hurt him. To kill him.

6,474 35
9 Lost Sea Voices

Draco skidded to a halt. A plethora of emotions crossed his face, savagery, bemusement, a mask of composure.

“I was expecting to see hordes of ravaging maniacs,” he remarked.

Hermione swallowed. “Bad dreams.”

She was too aware that she was in nothing but the sheet, and right now, it felt about as substantial as a cobweb. The shadows that yawned between them could have held anything: a thousand words neither said, prophecies of tomorrow, broken promises. What they did not hold enough of was distance.

6,933 41
10 His Soul Stretched Tight

Everyone had seen Potter overthrown outside the walls. There had been only the soft thud of his body crumpling senseless to the ground, glasses askew on his nose, and then a vast, terrible silence. Everything seemed to stop: heart, breath, hope.

7,275 62
11 The World's End

As the gates opened with the wail of rusty hinges, he heard the noise of the inmates: the susurrus of moans and whispers and weeping, rising up over the crash of the sea, the sound of people drowning in something far colder and deeper than mere water.

It did not touch him today. Their despair rolled off him, turned back, denied. Draco went into Azkaban like a living man into the underworld, untarnished and bright, daring to hope, daring to dream.

7,904 52
12 Change

"It was months before they left. And I was frightened. So when I did send up the signal, you might not have seen it. Then one night..." Hermione thought back, and the realisation of just how little time had passed startled a laugh from her because it seemed a land of once upon a time and far far away. "Last week, actually – that night, I sent it up when the sky was dark."

It was fire in her memory, emblazoned on the black canvas of the sky.

"And someone saw. A Death Eater."

8,624 67


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