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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lucius, Narcissa, Blaise (M), Draco, Ginny, Pansy, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Lucius/Narcissa, Ron/Lavender, Ron/OC
Drama, General, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Contains Slash (Same-Sex Pairing), Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2009-09-12 12:46pm
Last Chapter
2014-01-20 8:48am
Last Updated
2014-01-20 8:48am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Secrets Are Hard to Keep Hidden.

At her parents' will reading Hermione discovers something which never in a million years did she expect to hear or see someone she ever expected to see again.Edited  16/1/2010 please re-read as some changes have been made.

2,666 20
2 Family Dinner

Open-armed welcome to the family?

3,080 19
3 Good Morning To You As Well

“Ron- what the hell are you on about?” I asked groggily my head still felt like a lump of lead on my shoulders from just waking up. Mentally thinking- ‘A good morning would’ve sufficed.’

1,845 34
4 Getting to Know Each Other

“Draco, do me a favour?” I asked he looked towards me. “Shut up.” He smirked as I sat down opening the files.

1,961 29
5 Patners?

Draco goes to see Harry...

1,346 15
6 Sudden Announcements

"You are in so much trouble." I cursed him under my breath.
"Why would that be?" He asked almost innocently, I glared at him, something which didn't seem to have any effect on him.
Why did he have to be so breath takingly beautiful?

1,858 16
7 Planning and Arguements.

"Sweet Lovebirds"

"Shut up" Draco snarled.

1,856 13
8 Knowing.

The saying goes, hold your friends close but your enemies even closer.

1,806 19
9 Of Nightmares and Healing.

 I wrapped my arms over his making sure he wouldn’t let me go. If he let me go now, I would fall and I would fall hard.
Healing takes time.

1,855 16
10 Unexpected Guest.

“Thank you Narcissa.” We both said at the same time as each other, whereas his was only slightly forced I was practically lying through my teeth something which Draco had picked up on and was trying not to smile too much.

1,816 22
11 Questions, Answers and Chimeras?

Questions, Answers and Chimeras?
Questions are asked by Hermione.
Answers are given by Draco.
And the Chimeras, well read and find out!

1,982 19
12 Dancing Date and Troubles.

"Hey, that was slightly uncalled for.” He laughed with me as I gently shoved him he didn’t move very far but just enough for him have to think about not over balancing and landing on his very cute backside. “Oooh you’re in trouble!”
“Only if you can catch me!” I yelled.

1,998 14
13 Sisterly Affection.

An idea from macerinut for Hermione to have a heart-to-heart with a member of her family. 
Hermione and Astoria talk on the night before the Ball.

1,617 14
14 Presentations...

Finally here we are at the long waited Ball scene, surprises and drama in store.

2,802 23
15 ...Of Heartbreak

The second half to the Ball scene.

2,294 30
16 Burrow, Girly Plans and Make-up.

Burrow, Girly Plans and Make-up.
Hermione and Harry go to the Burrow.
Ginny decides on some girly plans
and make-up isn't Hermione's idea of fun at the best of times.

“I’m already afraid.” Harry and Ron said. Hermione looked at them in disbelief.

“You’re afraid? You don’t even have to suffer this torture.”

2,003 19
17 Clubbing and Surpries.

“You look familiar.” I had definitely had too much to drink I was getting this guy confused with Draco. Platinum white hair check, gorgeous steely silver eyes check, and a physic which made every guy around him feel completely inferior check. Not to mention the casual aristocratic air which he radiated. Check and double tick that box.

“Maybe you do know me.” He smoothly told me. “Would you like to dance?”

1,789 23
18 Waking Up.

What the hell had I done?

2,074 20
19 Illusions- Not all is what you think it is

“What are you doing here?”

Illusions make everything appear magical so what happens if you take away the illusion?

2,260 16
20 Trapped and Rescues.

It only takes someone to realize that not everything is as it appears on the surface. The same person is the only person who can rescue them both before it’s too late and the damage is done.

2,676 29
21 Conferences.

I hate Harry.

2,488 18
22 Invitations.

Meetings, Plans and a little surprise... or two.

2,120 24
23 Loves will out.

A chapter in which the course of these two people is decided.

“Draco... am I dreaming?”
“Well I hope not.”


2,044 23
24 Telling.

Mum, Dad we have some news.

Yes Mother, Father some really wonderful news.

2,345 25
25 Injuries.

I'm so sorry 'Mione

1,966 19
26 Christmas.

“You look absolutely gorgeous.”

“You’re not doing too badly yourself.”

2,285 19
27 New Year Surprise?

“Mione I need your help.”

“Why Gin what’s wrong?”

2,226 20
28 Wedding Surprise?

Molly crushed Ginny before giving Harry a bone crunching hug. “I’ve been waiting for this day for years.”

1,983 14
29 Valentine's Day.

An almost perfect day....

2,605 15
30 Wedding Planner.

Hermione always had wondered what it’d be like to be a wedding planner and now she wished she’d never wondered.

1,760 14
31 Remembering.

To learn, and to think, remembering.

2,045 12
32 Jitters in the Morning.

It shows when you have doubts, Ginny’s have just decided to confront hers.

1,074 9
33 Decoration Perfection.

Mornings of weddings are often stressful, joyous occasions, but for Hermione it’s becoming a strange combination of both.

782 9
34 Wedding Perfection.

Waiting, still waiting, worried.

1,991 11
35 Perfection Reception.

Those two are going to be heartbreakers when they grow up.
“Oh I don’t know, I can see plenty of the bridesmaids doing that already.”


“Oh you know my heart belongs to you.”

1,962 12
36 An Evening at the Burrow.

An evening at the Burrow, making plans, and a few laughs along the way.

1,180 18
37 Babysitting 1.

Let the fun and games begin!

1,418 15
38 Babysitting 2.

The fun and games continue, with a surprise along the way before relaxation can occur.

1,210 8
39 Babysitting 3.

Hermione introduces Teddy to some very interesting characters from the 100 acre wood.

1,350 11
40 Babysitting 4.

Hermione and Draco’s last day of babysitting Teddy commences earlier than either of them wanted to know about.

1,770 9
41 Returning Home.

Did you survive?

1,038 9
42 Six Months, Part 1.

½ a year, 6months, 182.6210994 days, 4382.90635856 hours, 262974.383136 minutes, and 1577862.98816 seconds. Happy Anniversary Hermione...

1,050 13
43 Six Months, Part 2.

½ a year, 6months, 182.6210994 days, 4382.90635856 hours, 262974.383136 minutes, and 1577862.98816 seconds. Happy Anniversary Hermione...

1,241 10
44 Six Months, Part 3.

½ a year, 6months, 182.6210994 days, 4382.90635856 hours, 262974.383136 minutes, and 1577862.98816 seconds. Happy Anniversary Hermione...

1,136 17
45 Of Patience and Waiting.

Patience escapes us at the best of times.

856 12
46 Sleeping Beauty?

You know, perhaps I should have taken you to see Sleeping Beauty...

1,015 15
47 No buts...

“I swear if you fuss one more time!” I threatened, Draco was doing the most brilliant impression of a mother hen since Molly Weasley.

701 13
48 Sweet and Sour Chicken?

First day back, some interesting reasoning, and just throw in some sweet and sour chicken.

1,218 13
49 How about this?

How about this?

1,034 18
50 Family.

So what do you get when you mix four Greengrass’s, three Malfoy’s and a Zabini? Well read and find out.

890 21
51 Family Part 2.

OK so what do you get when you mix, 4 Greengrass’s, 3 Malfoy’s, a Zabini together? Well I think you may just get this...

1,048 17
52 Getting Along?

There were times I was so glad that super-heroes and villains didn’t exist in the magical world.... especially when my sister was around, somehow Daphne with laser’s in her eyes didn’t seem like a cheerful prospect when she was angry with me.... Fortunately, sarcasm always helped as a backup plan when staring your infuriated sister in the face.

1,087 13
53 How to worry Draco, Part 1.

Hermione was happy... strangely happy... secretive happy... this is bad....

790 13
54 How to worry Draco, Part 2.

Hermione was happy... strangely happy... secretive happy... this is bad....

1,055 12
55 Catch-Up Time.

“Now, promise me you’re going to be good tonight.” I murmured to Draco as he hugged, although it was more like a crush, me to him.
“Of course I will.”“Well then, please make sure you keep an eye on Blaise as well...”

1,363 8
56 Revelations.

“Sorry to break this lovely little chat up... But it’s time for me to go, or do you need me to stick around?”

1,314 11
57 Hold Me.

Hold me please.

2,028 9
58 Help!

Summary- Teddy it’s not quite like that....

1,639 9
59 So?

So, you haven’t told us, did anything interesting happen whilst we were away, or were you hiding in a library somewhere?

1,978 7
60 Decision of Confession.

“You know you’re going to have to tell them what’s really happened whilst they were away don’t you?”

1,697 7
61 Coming Clean.

“Can I allow Harry to explain this time, or shall I get Ron?” I asked her, as I turned around, to see her eyebrows shoot up into her fringe.

“Ron KNEW?!”

2,133 6
62 Teasing and Interrogation.

“Asking Astoria what?” Came Daphne’s question, and I began to laugh once more- this time at the confused look Daphne was giving us both, alternating between Astoria’s blushing face and my laughing one.

“Asking Astoria who her crush is.” I explained as Daphne sat down a moment later, opposite me after ordering some drinks from Madame Rosmerta for each of us.

1,571 4
63 Making a Decision.

“Hey.” I called out softly to Draco. “I’m back... that is if you hadn’t already guessed.” I grinned across the study to him as I leant against the doorframe, watching him as he sat at the desk.


1,269 9
64 Results.

As it was at the moment, we were sat inside from the heat of the Italian sun, in our luxurious villa looking over a vineyard valley, on our final week to Italy.

1,480 9
65 Dinner Surprises.

I wasn’t expecting you!

1,614 9
66 Italian Ice-Cream and Other Things.

“What’s this film about?”

“Oh, you’ll see, it’s hilarious.” I told him as it began.

1,671 10
67 Welcome Home.

Now I was home, all I wanted to do was sleep. So with the last bit of strength I had, I made my way up the stairs down the corridor and into my bedroom whereupon I collapsed on the bed.

830 6
68 Celebrations- Of Sorts.

“Are you still complaining?”

1,242 7
69 Just Relax.

“Although, you’ve never done this before, what’s happened?” I asked, suspiciously.

“So I’m not allowed to massage my own fiancé’s feet now am I not?

978 8
70 Plans, plans, plans.

The thought of traipsing around shops, trying on dresses and being cooed over, sounded like the worst kind of punishment anyone should endure.

1,785 7
71 Old Friends.

“Oi, me sensitive?” He scowled at me.

“Yep, you, don’t you remember how nervous you got and how worried you were about when we had to go to the celebration ball? Oh do I look manly enough Hermione? Harry are my dress robes appropriate? Do I look alright?”

1,245 9
72 Dresses.

“I don’t want to get married Ginny.” I pouted, as she handed me my dressing gown and I pulled it on as I stomped towards the en suite bathroom.

“Yes you do.” She soothed as she pushed me over the threshold of the bathroom.

“Alright, maybe I do.”

1,706 11
73 Drowning in Dresses.

"Hermione, calm down, it's only trying on a few dresses."

"Oh, of all the times to strangle you I have to choose this."

1,120 28
74 The Hen Night

 "We are going to behave ourselves right?!"

1,818 0
75 Wedding Bells

 “It's time.”

4,339 5


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