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Grindelwald , OC, OtherCanon
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Drama, General, Horror/Dark
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First Published
2009-09-03 12:41pm
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2011-01-06 3:19am
Last Updated
2011-06-26 11:50pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter I: Auf Wiedersehen, Herr Schwalbe

MASSIVE DISCLAIMER: I do not sympathise at all with Nazism in any way, shape, or form – this story is simply an attempt to depict the lives and motivations of the people on the other side of the war. I warn you in advance that my main character, Dieter Heydrich, is very anti-Semitic, racist, sexist, homophobic, and exceedingly prejudiced against anyone he sees as not being 'Aryan'.

1,326 10
2 Chapter II: Düstere Nacht

NOTE: This chapter contains Nazis, particularly my main character. Understandably, this chapter (or rather, the rest of the entire story) will not concern happy topics.

2,723 6
3 Chapter III: Schnee-Krieg

I do not own Harry Potter. There is no obvious magic present in this chapter, but rest assured that it will turn up in later instalments.

And yes, this chapter has lots of little Nazis in it too.

3,182 4
4 Chapter IV: Die Eule

For those of you who might be wondering if the events in this chapter are possible, I believe that Grindelwald's ideology was very different from Voldemort's. Most Grindelwald fanfiction I've read make him out to be just another Pure-blood maniac, but I beg to differ.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and enjoy! All reviews are appreciated and will recieve a response.

5,070 2
5 Chapter V: Der Zauberer

Another chapter! Enjoy!

4,785 2
6 Chapter VI: Gellert Grindelwald Platz

The part of the story where we finally see the wizarding world... oh what fun!


6,554 2
7 Chapter VII: Beobachter

That obligatory filler chapter...

5,599 4
8 Chapter VIII: Die Seeschlange

We meet our first canon character in this chapter! Don't blink, otherwise you'll miss him/her/it!

7,298 3
9 Chapter IX: Treppen

Another chapter! Enjoy!

6,961 1
10 Chapter X: Untermenschen

Things get a bit nasty in this chapter with the Nazi stuff.

8,148 6
11 Chapter XI: Angriff ist Verteidigung

Dieter at school...

7,016 4
12 Chapter XII: Meldungen

Wow. I totally fail at updating promptly. Please accept my apologies for forgetting to upload this chapter for a million months.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading! I admire your patience.

~ Tim the Enchanter

6,942 5
13 Chapter XIII: Treiber und Klatscher

Hurrah, another long-overdue update!

6,827 2
14 Chapter XIV: Duelle

Sorry about the wait. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

~ Tim the Enchanter

7,811 3
15 Chapter XV: Schmerz

Thank you for waiting so patiently for this chapter. I'm sorry it took so long. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this dramatic instalment!

No, I am not J.K. Rowling. Speaking of which, I have no idea how she would react if she were to read this story. Would she be freaked out?

Thanks to Molly (OliveOil_Med) and AidaLuthien for beta'ing this chapter. Also, more thanks to Molly for conceiving the character of Sille, though my interpretation of her has deviated a bit from the original.


~ Tim the Enchanter

4,087 5


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